Boss ODB-3 Bass OverDrive
Boss ODB-3 Bass OverDrive

ODB-3 Bass OverDrive, Bass Distortion/Overdrive from Boss.

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All user reviews of 2/5 for the Boss ODB-3 Bass OverDrive

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jjdin's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss ODB-3 Bass OverDrive
See other reviews say it all


easier you die
a mold with an IQ oyster comes out no problem


Well, the uh ...... well then here's what.
Purchased on the basis of opinions of Af, the result means, pretty disappointed with the sound
of being pushed a little breath ca, ca hisses, I tried everything to turn breath, nothing to do
some say qua ca fuzz, when everything is pushed, maybe but then the sound becomes a slurry informed, just good to play a note and still
I actually use as a booster with a level a little above, a tad of overdrive it gives a crunch, a low growl to who do not have


I 2 months ago, a friend had lent me a boost I should buy him
least: generates noise unbearable not true bypass pedal background
most: solid known machine (Boss)

I do it again this choice? : Ben she remained in my pedal board because I do not use one with low indeed. I keep it if not for the distant and hypothetical day I'll need a sound distortion hyperfroid and impersonal

Nesseria's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss ODB-3 Bass OverDrive
MODEL classic trs, trs used. The CHARACTERISTICS tehnique are sufficiently explicit on the previous ones posts.


The pedals sound gnre consquent a crachoullis enough teacher, and many mchants feedback. Even with a reasonable gain.
The mids are not enough models.
Unlike some opinions, I can not find the pedals limit choices distos. It's big enough to Paser time.
The manual is useless.
The PDAL is a boss, solid level anything.


With a low in mid grants, or at worst a tone and a half below is correct; DEFINITIONS lack of research but which can be quickly becomes ugly if you want a heavy distortion. But the crunch is more dtour on the pedals.
Agreement below, this is useless pedals. The definition gnrale trs becomes insufficient. It's muddy and noisy beyond the acceptable, the saturation distortion lgre complte. All tests with a high end Warwick and MMstingray, with a few watts derrire, nothing given for these tunings.
I therefore deprecated those who want a distortion of a low enough Submitted given below.
5 grants with a low not too low / 0 with a low of 1.5 beyond tones underneath.


I find the drive / low distos rarely satisfactory. I think it's idalie obtained by saturation with a good bass amp lamps. I think one of pedals drive / distortion to give just a substitute.
I test this MODEL in condition, and then got DCID EBS MultiDrive a much more suitable. The BOSS canned low as promised, the BSE also, but with a good grain diffrent, treble cut a fairly well thought out.
But everything can be a matter of tastes.

madnazgul's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss ODB-3 Bass OverDrive
It has an overdrive SPECIFICATIONS bass.
The PDAL is an analog input and output jack.


Usage is quite simple, however, find the desired sound is quite difficult. but a lot of adjustment by the hard right. the manual is clearly nothing to say.


The sound is OK too cold for me ... TO ADDRESS THEM I but the tonal background and my bass has the mike I cut treble.
the pedals and not very diversified settings allow the fuzz, overdrive Submitted trs, the crunch is not possible and the big sound in the metal genre is impossible to find also.
you can always used the form of boost which is very practical. (I served as a treble booster).


I is useful for 1 year and a half. I use it in booster and as an overdrive following the tracks.
the pedals are a bit expensive for its quality but the sound is correct. I think I will buy another if I could PDAL I will buy a big muff electro harmonix or otherwise of the mt-2 boss how much is this guitar pedal has a more than correct on bass and provides more possibilities and with the heat of mid rglages ....

Return: 2011
I do almost the User, the DCON switch and the sound is really cold today jOperation a Z-vex or a big muff in parallel.