Behringer Bass Graphic Equalizer BEQ700
Behringer Bass Graphic Equalizer BEQ700

Bass Graphic Equalizer BEQ700, Bass Eq/Enhancer from Behringer.

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Average Score:3.8( 3.8/5 based on 14 reviews )
 4 reviews29 %
 7 reviews50 %
 1 user review7 %
 2 reviews14 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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yoTrakkz's review"grab this"

Behringer Bass Graphic Equalizer BEQ700
The Behringer Bass Graphic Equalizer BEq700 is a graphic equalizer pedal that is designed specifically for bass guitar. It is an analog unit that has both a 1/4 inch input and a 1/4 inch output and is powered by either a 9 volt battery or power supply. It is not a rack mountable unit as it is a stomp box.


The make up of the BEq700pedal is quite basic as it simply has seven sliders at fixed frequencies and another slider for overall volume level. While each frequency is fixed, this isn't too limiting because each is at a frequency that is related to the bass guitar. The pedal is overall easy to use as you simple use the sliders to get your desired cut or boost. I don't have the manual for the BEq700, but it really isn't necessary as it is simple in make up and use.


The sound of the BEq700is more than adequate and provides more than enough control over your sound. While this has a good inherent tone, its all about how you want to use it and what you want to do with it. It has the ability to add to your bass guitar sound on the stage and in the studio, but I would really only recommend it for live shows. I love the sounds I get from this pedal when I plug in my Fender P-Bass into it and always feel that I get the most out of this pedal.


I've been using the BEq700bass guitar EQ for about two years and I definitely recommend it for the bass player looking to get a bit more control over their tone for live shows. While it is suitable for studio use as well, I only use it for live shows as I have other options for EQ in the studio. The price of the BEq700 is about average but is definitely a good deal. Behringer makes reliably built pedals that are priced right and will last a long time. Overall, the BEq700is worth checking out for all bass players.
Audiofanzine FR12/05/2008

Audiofanzine FR's review

Behringer Bass Graphic Equalizer BEQ700
(Originally written by jhorloger/translated from Audiofanzine FR)

Boss pedal copy.

Cheap and breakable device.

No control detent at 0, faders feel too soft.


I connect it before my Big Muff and use it to reduce the low frequency level so that the BM sounds better.

Considering the poor manufacturing quality, I let it always on in a switchable FX loop.

Very easy to use.

But I still don't understand how to open it in order to replace the battery. Luckily I use it with an external PSU.


It does its job (I also own the Boss GEB-7).

The quality is enough if you don't change your settings often and if use it only for one particular application.

For intensive use buy the Boss version.

I didn't notice that the pedal adds any noise to the signal.


I've owned it for several days and I already took it to a gig.

It's much too breakable so don't use it with your foot.

It's worth its price but you'd better spend more money and get the Boss if you plan to use it intensively.

It's ok for what I use it but it can't replace the GEB-7 Boss.

Guillaume2776's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" To troubleshoot"

Behringer Bass Graphic Equalizer BEQ700
It is an analog tape EQ7,.
On paper it looks cool.


I do not remember having manual, but remove or put a battery galley especially we are afraid to fart plastic thing that takes the lid each change, but I recommend the use with battery (as in other pedal elsewhere).


Frequencies are wrong in my opinion (they are the same as the boss) already missing infra (not setting around 30hz), but above all it lacks the high midrange we go from 800 to 4500 Hz direct, damage for me who loves a little boost to 1.6 khz.
No cares for attenuating frequency, against to amplify it saturates quickly (even with some passive basses) and a very unpleasant. Impossible either to use boost otherwise horrible distortion. It also color the sound a bit low even with everything 0 (middle), it's not ugly, but for me eq must be neutral.
Against by virtually no wind.


I never use my amp because if it has everything you need with eq bcp more neutral and comprehensive.
I do that to me is when I play with headphones (bass, eq, di, mixing desk, headphones).
Despite the value for money is good, mine works tjrs as a first good she not come to me either.
The quality ratio is good because it is cheap and the sound is exploitable.
I do not think I do it again this choice, but to troubleshoot it remains correct.

vsoleil's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Unbeatable for the price"

Behringer Bass Graphic Equalizer BEQ700
Copy of the Boss, more cheap, but much cheaper, even occas'


Placed on my pedalboard, it does not move, and just serve me cut toue kind of acute ... for a very dull and serious sound but no drooling ... It works fine


Very decent sound quality. Never used in the studio, but the live, there is no breath, the effect works nickel ... frankly what more?

Used with several types of bass, active or passive, it works nickel!


I bought used '10 € on the right corner ... it fulfilled its mission, equalizer, simply but effectively.
Frankly, the boss may be better, but who can really hear the difference?

At that price, for a live or even to correct its use it works very well.
It's plastoc, but we know, and this is not the kind of pedal that you jump in with both feet ... it is not a distortion: D

Frankly, for informed amateur use (20 concerts per year) I think she filled her taf without problems. The rest is just snobbery, and then have to take a little care of his gear. And if one day I have plenty of gold coins, bah I would take something else ... but for now BEQ 7 rules!!

CautionHot's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer Bass Graphic Equalizer BEQ700
Fragile plastic pedal .. and a beautiful and masterful "Schchtouiinnggg" when it operates ..
It would have cost 100 euro ... I would have laughed!
But since this is the quarter of the price ..


Who knows set (more or less) an amp, this pedal can regulate ..


Excellent ... I expected much worse from Behringer while .. It is not entirely his work.


I use it for 8-9 months .. I bought it from the perspective of boosting the bass in my little 20 watt amp Harley .. It is nothing: it was the amp, which fairs. . But it runs perfectly with something else (the pocket pod or v-amp) ..

If I were to resume equations' bass I would take perhaps the Boss ... But it's just out of curiosity.

Bullterrier's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer Bass Graphic Equalizer BEQ700
Trs classic


Warning VERY FRAGILE (full china)
Cursors are handled with prcaution!
Case sensitive but much less


It does its job well and instead trs (with low 4, 5 or 6 strings)


Price or it is found (Thomann ...) while bass player should take one.
it is super sensitive but given its price and its usefulness when it needs one,
buy without hsiter

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer Bass Graphic Equalizer BEQ700
The plasticky bobot dcline Behringer 7-band graphic equalizer eb is the classic is the plastic ...

That said, I possde a PDAL Behr who is 7, and aside from the LED a little tired, it works ...

Connectivity classic pedals jack / jack / power supply, 8 for plastic.


Config breeze. You raise or lower the frquence DSIR. The cursor "level" gre volume.
With 7 sliders 0, served as "boost", if you had said ... The sliders seem a bit more fragile than a Boss. To see ...


Sound quality over any supper. Like the post before having collgues, hear the diffrence with the Boss Relva feat: there is none. N'coutez not disgruntled and snobs who Tranent down here (and elsewhere), for once, Behringer provides.
Their distos and overdrives are crappy (you see, I have no shares in them), but, it works really well;)


Overall opinion: less than 20 in Bavire, buy something else Relva is snobbery, or an unjustified lack of confidence for the coup.

Faust8's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer Bass Graphic Equalizer BEQ700
It is a esqualiser 7bandes
good but the description has already been done, we go!
I put 6 because the box looks really fragile.


Setup could not be more simple: 8curseurs, a slider = a frequency and the 8th is the overall volume.
Manual level .... I did not actually find! XD


His level ....
Then all at first, you must know that she was so Thotho 12euros50 in this notice shall be compared to the price.
The pedal is fulfilling its job, no problem ca Scult sound very well. An equa V perfect for a well rounded, more medium if you want to play media.

But there is a problem on mine, I do not know if it's general.
If I go certainne compared to other frequencies, the sound becomes ugly and compress.
But ill compress it seems to be a bubble bursting. It may also comes from my amp (Harley Benton that's when one is broke ). I would do an edit with my Rumble 100 after Christmas.

But there is a good trick to avoid this! Just down the general volume fader with the 8th and we find the original sound. So it's probably a story peamp.


I've had a week to 12.50 euros, well worth the money.
The effect works really well and this compression problem can be solved by a decline in general level.
With the experience I would do that choice.
9 / 10 for the report qualitprix.

malakian76's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer Bass Graphic Equalizer BEQ700
Its a good ba equalizer and it does what is asked.


Easy to take charge (we deplore the presence of a latch to block a 0)


Legalization is convincing if I am very contentious. ^ ^ I the User with my Ibanez and I say that it adds little potato in my mics. (Not a pet of breath)


S is 6 months I used the
I have tried this model (actually broke a little silent j ^ ^)
The value for money is very good.
Yes it is absolutely necessary to have a

flopmypollux's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer Bass Graphic Equalizer BEQ700
I am very disappointed by this pedal ... In reality I have not even had time to play once with, as jacks (in out) are so fragile as mine was, however, that in a Rockcase was a fake instant contact .. Here's a shot I have been buying boss .. I wanted to realize and it's done .. I think the case is really too fragile to make the scene ..


Not need a manual for a pedal to equalizer .. For the rest so it's going because it's a simple pedal and the design is very inspired by boss (see Carr Plagge). The cursor was when they really are not very robust if not downright frail .. And quality as to say that within a few months of crunches will appear if you change the cursor position ..


In addition, I compared the sound with a good boss and I think this is not the same thing especially acute (the Behring) which adds enormously to breath .. I have 4 other effects connected before when I triggers in addition to the equalizer I sound radio set wrong with the boss then nothing ..


Here is the conclusion for me this pedal is at its price it is addressed to people who really want to try or do not use it much .. Moreover Behringer does not claim to more .. After effects if you like we'll have to save to buy you the real ... Finally I think it could have gone up making copying the power supply because there it is really misplaced ..