Ampeg Micro-VR Head
Ampeg Micro-VR Head

Micro-VR Head, Bass Guitar Amp Head from Ampeg in the Classic series.

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Average Score:4.0( 4/5 based on 7 reviews )
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Garbiss's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ampeg Micro-VR Head
Preamp: Solid State
Power Amp: MOSFET
Power: 150watts @ 4ohms
EQ: 3-Band
Direct Output (Balanced)
Effects loop


the handling is direct and intuitive, adjust an amp can not be simpler.
Once connected, your bass sound no matter what.
the head is small but we are at Ampeg, round sound characteristic of the brand is alive and well.


it is very versatile, you can both play Funk, Rock Hardrock that (it's live!) you will never be disappointed with the result.
I try with a 15 inch speaker in addition, the sound becomes even more thick.
you can saturate the sound by increasing the drive of the amp (typed his overdrive, not distortion).


I for 2 years, this little head was in the belly!

believe not get the sound of Ampeg amps worth 2500th, of course, but in this price range, I often spent my money for nothing and for once there is not.
I am highly satisfied with what his issues.

you will find hard to beat in this price range, in terms of practice, handling and sound (Ampeg!!)

Price / Quality unbeatable

Grenouillère's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"Excellent!"

Ampeg Micro-VR Head
It's just an amp transistor 150 w into 8 ohms and 200 W into 4 ohms (or two 8 ohm speakers wired in parallel). The connectiquer: the minimum but sufficient: one input, two outputs HP an effects loop, an XLR DI out. And I think that's all!
Settings: 3-band Equa ==> bass / medium / high.
add a gain and volume and ... That's it!
I was looking for something simple, that captures exactly the sound of my bass. I have used! It's really simple: it connects, you touch a couple of knobs and forward equa Guingand!
The trick cool and useful: the DI! It will serve me so big concert! I plug into the sound system!

The great thing is the weight: a light weight! It is very small, very compact, but it sends really good!
"Detail" more annoying: I find the format "bastard" say it is too large to enter into a laptop bag or tote, and one for the impossible on a fly box type 1 U rack It's a bit negative ...
I love this retro / neo and this side very small and cute ... Too bad that bag is not offered as a bonus!
9 I put aside for this less convenient than other heads (Promethean, GK-200 mb, etc. ...).


The manual?! on 2 pages. I flew because it is so simple that the manual is secondary if you know an equation set!
the limit: interesting! It protects your speakers when sending too much power to them. For me it will remain engaged all the time!

Sound: From Ampeg pure juice! It connects and immediately found the grain of SVT. Magic! Of course it is the transistor, but it's good stuffing!
To build quality: the head is beautifully received over! No vinyl or ripped off, no screws that can be unscrewed ... very well finished, it exudes strength. I read in one of the first notice that the sound was not very powerful ... Not true! Connected with two cab sends it seriously! I think it is enough to practice, rehearse and concerts!

Just for info: what is important in an amp, it's not the power of the amp in itself! This is the sensitivity of the / of HP (in dB). Namely, for a difference of 3 dB, the impression of sound reproduction is twice as powerful! So remember to choose HP in good yield (around 100 dB it will nickel!). If you play it in a cab with 8 ohm given for 91 dB SPL (type GK 115 MBE memory) you'll have a little sound! I think that was the case for the person who said play 10 repeated volume!


For me the following oriented Pluto "old school" music (blues, rock, pop ...) is impeccable! It is not at all on the TC Electronic sound very modern. Here is the "growl" at all stages! I can have sounds very "dub" sound until mid / high to play the plectrum and send! In its register is spot on! Of course he excelled with a good P bass 70's: we had a good back instantly!

If you are looking for a "hi fi" (Markbass, TC Electronic ...) is just the opposite ... though! It is very versatile. The slap: really not bad! For the jazz / rock / blues / funk / punk: the TOP in sound!
The grain is really what Ampeg nine more!

It is very punchy, provides a good reserve of power for most scenes (certainly for the Parc des Princes it will be hot!). Let's face! Let's not take head w 1200 to play in bars!
To give you an idea: with the gain at half the volume and 1 / 10 I was already very strong in me ... Repeated in a cab in 8ohms is 5 / 10 to gain even a little more and 5 / 10 in volume! If you are 10/10 by repeating I think everyone is deaf!
The only concern I have with: beyond 5 / 10 treble cause a "buzz" when I play at home (I have no land, my bass is not shielded). But since the sound is very clear, I leave the treble at 10 or 11 am and I increase the bass and mids: this sound too good!


For a few days of use. I'm very happy! I had a lot of amp: GK (nice but typed) Trace Elliot (powerful but heavy and very expensive!) Markbass (the worst I've tried: it is very typical, especially the one " deaf "to reserve the Dub only!), Ashdown (very nice but heavy for the Mag 300 (12kg), Hartke (Super! Cheap, powerful, but its a very" cold "incidentally.)
What I like:
versatility / Price (ben for the Ampeg it's still affordable) / The plug next year play / the main strength: weight (4.5 kg) of happiness for the lug / The look (j'adorrrrre!) / Power and punch.
What I like about it: no rack, no cover available for transport / the buzz that has not taken on the ground (I will confirm trying in another room) / I wish I w 250-300 but this is more the psychological side that the real need for power (in fact by dint of playing heads powerful, you get used to play with the volume to 1.5 or there must still turn the ... So it surprises a few!)

Ratio Q / P: Well, in the standard of competition.
I would see in a few weeks so I can confirm all this after a few more repeated and a date.
The Amienois09/01/2011

The Amienois's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good!"

Ampeg Micro-VR Head
It's a bass amp transistor, 150 W. Front, came a jack, a mini jack output for headphones and a mini-jack for audio in. Useful if you want to work at night! Behind I do not know too much but is the Line Out XLR.


Very few knobs (Gain, Bass, Middle, Trebble, Volume) which really simplifies things. By pushing the gain slightly, we get immediately a warm sound. Two little buttons useful, one that reduced by 15 dB and the other, if it is active you indicate there is a risk that damage your speakers (and if you play with headphones to your ears the way!)


This little gem very light and handy can really meet a lot of bass player who begins to level. It can be considered a mid-range sound. I, who played in several different styles and my little Ampeg follows me everywhere and I am very satisfied. We can do well and go to hard punk and a little metal. Can be drawn from a warm to the funk and very cozy if there is need. I play with an ESP LTD B154 (a low metalleu, something I'm not playing I do very little) and it goes really well. I use it a Big Muff Pi and Bass Wah Dunlop 105Q Bass and both could really show me what she's capable thanks to the versatility of Ampeg. I take out the low of this gear may be very deep.


I use it for about 6 months and I am satisfied. I spent a lot of hours in the store before falling on it and I really accorché for the price! A quality / price ratio really good. This small and powerful convenience seduce me a lot. The sound is very versatile which is really cool. I probably reffer this choice because it is really a quality product!

badface's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Sound Ampeg"

Ampeg Micro-VR Head
100-150 W in memory of 8ohms, 250 W 4ohms.
At the rear two speaker outputs (jack 6.35), effects loop, XLR DI output prpost q switch, ground lift switch.
Front: one between -15 db switch, gain, bass, mid, treeble, volume, limit switch. A headphone jack (mini jack) and one between the (CD, MP3 ...)

The coating is cheap it is clear. It is not thick and there must be careful. For the rest I've had no trouble, the knobs are honnte quality, nothing more. The connection looks solid.

A details: I put wheels and a retractable handle trolley type. It gnial.


Yes, it's simple, it is the basic config par excellence.

Readily obtained a sound, there 's only one:) The equalizer is effective, I have nothing to reproach. We get a usable sound whatever rglages.

I have not used the DI. Neither the effects loop, or limit it. Level


sound: It's bluffing. I have several low and precision is that I get with my ampeg SOUND. Nothing extraordinary in it you say? Well if it is bluffing. This stuff is very small, very frankly Lger but the result is startling. There are grain ampeg, recognizable on.
Used a musicman the result is good, we can have a well slamming the slap.

Volume level the cab is a 2x10 "and 8 ohms. The head sends only 100-150 W into 8 ohms but watts are presents. It is unnecessary for this scam level l. Here, we must know what is achte. It described above.

The cab is very good. It is unnecessary but the treble tweeter are apparent even when. There may be a clicking sound if you want or a well rounded. Anyway I did not not shortcomings in the rendering of frequencies.
I've had beginners June and I played on it by plugging in a markbass LMT. It supports a lot without flinching.
Then I bought the head, just to get the grain svt.

My use:
I use a precisison and I go through the VT Bass (with very short drive) to have more power and more PCHE in between. PCHE is well accepted by the head and is captured by the baffle.

- For a small room with drums, guitar, violin he holds, and no lack of bass.
- Useful in a large room with guitarists deaf it does not follow and I am obliged to add a 15 "to enjoy the full power. Only the sound of the stack is so good compared my old 15" I want to buy a cab for deuxime UNESCORecords all.

Does it need Specifies that I play rock with it? I put 9 / 10 for a.


See above: I have the cab for about 4 months and head for almost two months. All came back 528 euros.

O The day I test the stack in the store I also tried markbass, Ashdown (the Little Giant).

What I want? A more robust coating. More power because the cab is capable of accepting more. A ddi the DI level. A Second Entry.

Overall opinion To summarize: A very good sound but you need two cabs to enjoy it fully.

Jx3's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Me if Made in China -"

Ampeg Micro-VR Head
I'll be quick

Acht 720 with the SVT 210 AV (2 x 10)


the +:

* Look very nice
* Very compact
* Its Ampeg

The -: finish shit. I found that turning the head vinyl that covers n'tait not finished sticks you. But we must see to believe: over 20 cm long and ... good, a little mistake on the part of the Chinese I tell myself ... When I saw with amazement (I just made a chque 720, I remind you) that the c'tait m I under column .. uh it's the foutage of mouth!

At this price the quality in no contrle Ampeg .... Damn ... and frankly I've ever seen, regardless of brand or price ...

It gives what the electronics and faonnage the box then? I freaked

I acht 3 days ago, tried in RPET ... impressed by his play for relatively low volume, but the formula group (and no one plays Death), was heard more, very neutral and feutrbr />
I Ramna tomorrow .. the trick to make a combo Laney R3 aside half ..

In my humble opinion, double the price of the Ampeg is absolutely not justifibr /> I am very shocked that the stuff that comes dangerously close to the 1000 is not finished.

Dsol for Ampeg lovers, certainly justified for certain products, but that Ampeg made in China which wants the rdition Vinage who score the skin f. .. Not for me.

I put a note-General for 4 / 10. Yes, trsmdiocre



cons .. I love the Very simple and old to the coup
It's still very pretty


, Ampeg's no doubt, but as a group, you must know that the volume is 10, otherwise we not hear .. then the finesse, reserve or potato, forget


Ineligible to sell stuff not finished this price lbr />
Too bad for the image of Ampeg

I live Ramna: You know that feeling of having made a bullshit mga Thune with his hard-earned?


pujol813's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" vavavoum"

Ampeg Micro-VR Head
See everywhere.


Difficult to be more simple.
the sound is clear. I had no manual with it. I doubt its usefulness.


I play rock. Say mainstream, a little folk a little pop, a little punk. I have a Precision fitted with a micro Delano. I connect, it makes groupf!. I played with three quitar and a drummer. No problem in rehearsal. And in concert, I rented a 1X15 cabinet for vrrrombrrir.


Beware, it seems at first riquiqui May when I tried it at the store, the salesman I connected a 4 X 10 and I was quite dried.
speak frankly. I tried the Ampeg tube. Sure, it's better. But 1) it is very heavy, 2) it never goes beyond 2 or 3 unless the attack stages. This toy is the antifrime.
Well, I have not tried the speaker that goes with it. It is still a serious mess deriière.
And as for the transportation, I can repeat them with my little bag voyage.Pratique.

titou84000's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" ampeg sound"

Ampeg Micro-VR Head
150W into 4 homs
200w 2-homs
basic settings
taken keg
XLR line out


configuration very simple and very effective, turn a knob and it affects the sound
English manual, but need not, we understand very quickly


style = Blues compositions (the Louisiana bayous to the shores of Lake Chicago)
different sounds in the style of the song: sound dry and precise low cons close to his bold and precise to boogie
I play with:
- Fender Deluxe Series - Precision Bass Special
- Fender JazzBass FRETLES
- Yamaha BEX 4C (electro acoustic half case)
- Effects of Hartke Bass Attack


I just got it
I also own a Hartke 3500 with 4x10 and a Hartke 2500 with 1x12
I like the Ampeg but too heavy to bear, so the microphone SVT a real treat and very easy to add sound.

I know, hardliners will say is no lamps, only 150W ... nanana nanana and ... I let them say it's not bringing my gear and bought it for me.

A bit expensive in my opinion but it is entering the world Ampeg.Je prefers to combos, so I would take a second baffle 2x10.