Eden Bass Amplification WT-300 Traveler
Eden Bass Amplification WT-300 Traveler

WT-300 Traveler, Bass Guitar Amp Head from Eden Bass Amplification in the World Tour series.

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Forlax 08/03/2005

Eden Bass Amplification WT-300 Traveler : Forlax's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Amp hybrid transistor preamp + lamp (12AX7)
section power transistor
Transistor 300w (266w actually measured, manufacturers are often optimistic about their circuits transistors)
very complete connectivity: input and headphone jack in front
Tuner output XLR + (pre and post) with output level + ENTER to external source dt + LH + 2 output to speaker jack in 6.35 + effects loop series (y'en buttons back!)
Controls: gain, ehance, bass, treble, three bands of parametric equa, master
Integrated effect: limiting
Cooling fan
9 for the lack of the compressor (it's not really a criticism, it is better not having one at all than have a bad) and the fact that it is not just a lamp (this is subjective of course)


Config very simple, very easy to find the correct (euphemism)
I did not have the manual, anyone can very well get away with, two neurons and one synapse is sufficient.
Setting ehance provides a very pleasant sound, more or less soft and colorful and all the connections makes it very convenient.
Note that the power comes very quickly, in a master's already enough for a large room.
9 for the lack of linearity setting master


Its most excellent, it has a real personality, very powerful and heavy, it pummeled severe in the low!
Character quite dark and bold, but I think that's good is what I like, parameter settings of the equation are very effective and can diversiffier the sound at will.
Black Point Still, the blast generated by the parametric equa is quite big I think, a strong noise gate even if it's not scary.
Council, change the lamp for a good preamp loupiotte I bought mine from OCCAZ a fucking lamp without Chinese brand, I went to a breath EH fell sharply and the sound is sublime!
For me this amp is directed to a very strong sound like rock / metal which he excels, not for a brilliant funky slap sound of the SWR (although I like the sound of these two brands swr also not at all I find the same character), which is not to say that the slap is not for him instead he does it very well but it's not a brilliant as I said.
9 for the breath of the equa


Used for 3 months I am very happy, he has a personality that I love, very powerful, comes inside, and that low hum pleasantly.
Very good value if bought in OCCAZ, the price of bass amps is anyway generally abused, and even more for us marks.
My only complaint as I said, the breath! damage, otherwise it would be almost flawless.