Orange AD200B
Orange AD200B

AD200B, Bass Guitar Amp Head from Orange in the AD series.

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All user reviews for the Orange AD200B

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 7 reviews )
 5 reviews71 %
 1 user review14 %
 1 user review14 %
Value For Money : Correct
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MGR/Laklander's review"Orange AD200 B Bass Head"

Orange AD200B
As the name suggests, this head is covered in orange Tolex. It's back-to-basics, 200W tube head that is about as close as you can come to plugging your bass straight into a power amp. Active and passive inputs, Master Volume and gain, Treble Middle and Bass, standby and power switches, all front mounted. 53 pounds. About me:
I've played bass professionally for 44 years. I currently play in a praise band in a local church and also do studio work. I favor rock but have played just about every style, even -- shame -- disco. Favorite players include Paul McCartney, James Jamerson, Tony Levin, Chris Squire, Joe Osborn, Bob Glaub and Sting.

Tried it at a local dealer, coupled with an Orange 410 cab with Eminence speakers.

The AD200 B is loud -- plenty loud enough for most small club situations -- and delivers a very nice, warm, old-school tube bass amp sound. Despite having only three tone controls, it puts out a surprising variety of tones. Think of it as a Fender Bassman on steroids.

It's pricey -- $2200 street. Add in an Orange 410 cabinet at $900 and you're talking prohibitively expensive for most players.

Solidly constructed with quality materials. My only caveat is to handle it with more care than a solid-state amp because, after all, tubes are made of glass and more susceptible to being tossed into a truck or car trunk.

The Orange Orange AD200 B Bass Head delivers old-school tube bass sound, but at a cost -- $2200 for the head alone -- that probably puts it out of the range of all but professional players or those with lots of credit. 5 stars for quality, 3 stars for realistic pricing.

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Felkoryov's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Awesome."

Orange AD200B
200 watts, power tubes 4 6550, output jack 8/4 ohms, and Master knobs gain equalizer and bass, mid, treble.
It's simple, that's all I need!


Can no longer be simple to use, personally I play on a 410 + OBC OBC one above 115, so output 4 ohms with a jack / speakon in the first box, then Speakon / Speakon first box to the second.
10/10 perfect for me because, corresponds exactly to my expectations simplicity of setting an amp head.


Suited to my style of music (rock / garage rock), because I like a bass sound aggressive but precise. And this is the case with this monster, his SLAP! Really impressive.
setting the master / gain allows for clear sound at high volumes, despite its reputation saturate early (which is the case! but it prevents the power margin before saturation is huge).
I put a 10/10 because I play rock and it is perfect in this area for my taste. I do not doubt that for bass sounds more jazzy or gentillets, there are certainly better.


I bought a few weeks ago after selling my old rack Ampeg SVT-CL SVT 610-HLF + I among others had the opportunity to try many racks over concerts and backline made provision.
Well I do not regret NOT AT ALL have sold my Ampeg! Arguably the ampeg was "versatile", you can certainly get out of that suit sounds more musical styles, but personally, I mainly play rock and this rack is by far the best I've played this day.
Another point that differentiates SVT-CL with this AD200B: watts, 300 against 200 for Orange. Well I have absolutely not felt a difference in volume! The AD200, at least with the cabs that I use, it really is VERY strong, a lot of volume, and I am convinced that never in my life I will not need more power than that.
It also beautifully cash pedals and distortion boost.
I recommend this amp very clearly to those looking for a powerful bass sound that growl with a big attack!

mala1's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" war machine"

Orange AD200B
characteristics of bases of the head:

Power: 200 watts at 4 ohms
Lamps preamplifier: 1x ECC83 and 1x ECC81
Lamps amplifier: 4x 6550
Controls: 1x Master Volume, Gain 1x, 1x Bass, Middle 1x, 1x Treble and this is
Output Impedance: 4 Ohm and 8 Ohm
connections: 2 jack inputs active and passive
2 jack outputs into 4 ohms speaker - 1 speaker output jack into 8 ohms
1 output jack for Slavic DI
Dimensions: 55 x 27 x 29cm
Weight: 24 kg anyway ...

In summary amplifier design robust and simple with good components.


This amp is very easy to use, just plug in, open the knobs and go ... I use usually plugged into a 4x10 in Orange 8 ohms and power is given to the appointment ... Config in concert can add a 15 and then ... is the panzer!
Useless to try to explain the manual because it does not exist ... Anyway, there is nothing to adjust ... it sounds now!


I currently play fusion / metal after leaving a funk band - rock ... in other words we can all play with this amp. It's main quality in addition to its ease of use, is undoubtedly the lack of coloration. It restores the very sound of the bass plugged ... So much that the possibilities are endless.
The big muff on the seventies jazz bass in passive literally tears ... for the fans


I use this amp since 2004, I have chosen SVT Classic, Fafner head and SWR ... this is what sounds best to my taste.
One downside: the price that beats ... and yeah ... was nothing without the eye!

but well worth it! I recommend

Lukaskran's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"Recommend it (if you have the budget)"

Orange AD200B
ZE-tube bass head at Orange, handmade in England: AD200B MKIII.
Purchased price B (back relisted) on Thotho at a price slightly repulsive attractive today but at the time.

It is off-200W lamps. I've never had to change the lamps, they were of different origins and have held up well despite the sometimes travel a little nuisance.
I had a flexible cover Silverstone, the amp had no need for me to take more care in cosmetic, manufacturing is the least strong.
Connection (s) speaker (s) by the output jack into 2 or 4 ohms 1 x 8 ohms.
Log on bass by 2 input jacks classic passive and active with a-15db.
A slave output, no effect loop if my memory serves.
Knobs could not be more simple: Gain, Bass, Mid, Treble, Master. Basta.
Sport rather complete with 25kg: it makes the arms and back (and legs if you lug around without a license)!


I do not remember having had a manual with ... At the same time, it's not as if it was really simple: you turn, it leaves a little heat lamps, one branch, it settles the sound is played. That's the advantage of having little gadgets on an amp, it gets confused less!

Similarly, after a few rehearsals and concerts, you get what you want easily, you just get used to its power and color to guess what you need in conditions where we find (playing comfort, the comfort of other group members, external, internal and transfer into big sound / DI or not to transplant as few decibels to send, etc..). Sure, it's not a bedroom amp, so to avoid if you plan to play in a gain in volume and 3, it is not for, you will not develop the full potential of lights ... That would be unfortunate, they are waiting for this.


The counterpart to its ease of use, one might think, is to have a sound 'frozen', an amp true to himself and blowing the fire of God at the base, but very adaptable if we want get something else ...
Nay. The AD200 has sent the steak for 4 years in my group of ska-rock, both in his round on the parties although most jazz / reggae sound more punchy than the parts good rock / rockabilly. I also had a prog rock band next door, no worries either: beautiful definition for parts requiring less pie and more melody, nice attack for more bourrines parties.

I always used with a 2x15 cabinet Ampeg home (no longer manufactured) and 99% of the time with my Cort Artisan NA6. To be honest, I got mixed up in the most active EQ on my bass amp settings ...
The personal benefit I found this config has mainly been the counterbalance of his super lens / my bass with modern lamps and the roundness of 2x15. It sounded FAT, which takes guts. Beefy, as would our buddies Anglo-Saxon.
In addition, I tested a B: assmaster of Malekko and Bass Big Muff on it, nothing to say, it throws in all frequencies ... Both for the big noise to Sonic Youth for the electro to Massive Attack.

To summarize: a great potential in power (I've never pushed beyond the 3 and 7 gain in volume, basically. And yet, it was already too much!), Roundness, but without losing attendance, that being said, the definition is always available when we find it a tad lacking, it is really easy to find.

For those who wonder what is the distortion of the lamps, I will not be very useful, I did used to have fun ... That said, I selected a nice crunch well packed, although a little too round for my taste. I never needed a distortion as soft, but I guess it could very well lend itself to a rock bass line a bit 'roaring' round the edges.


I used 4 years. Before that I was on a Fender Rumble 100 and on the Hartke, provided that it has changed things ... The crossing lights must have been a bit premature in relation to the experience I had at the time, I'm gone for a little 'hype' than anything else. But hey, I'm not going to complain, I was far from being fallen ill:)

Currently, I've tested the Fender, the Ampeg, SWR, Trace Elliot's, Laney's, the Markbass, Peavey, all-lights or not ... I must say that the Orange was a very good compromise between the definition of more modern sounds and warmth more typical sounds (including Fender style). In my humble opinion, and limited experience, there is much that qu'Ampeg potato for a well-typed, and yet it is different (and more importantly, this is not the same budget, or the same weight).

I especially liked: its simplicity, robustness, its power combined with its softness, color combined with his loyalty, his style.

I like least: its price.

The quality / price was actually a bit ill at the time, but hey, the model was not very old ... Today, it's OK for a little over 1000 € hand, I think it's worth.
With experience, if I had the budget, why not. But first, let me test the Traynor YBA-200, it seems that it sends as much for half the budget and 7 kg less to carry ... Why I'm not going to raise too hastily in the pantheon of 9 / 10.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Orange AD200B
I own the AD200B MK3. tube amp, 200w. Buttons for master volume, bass, treble and midrange. A standby. Outputs for speakers.


Is connected and it works! I use it with the baffle OBC410 home orange.


Beautifully renders the sound of my rick4003.


This is the class, it sounds, there's the safe and more beautiful it is.
One pages03/19/2008

One pages's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Orange AD200B
- I n possde the model MKII SERIES # 70. The MKII model until t n # 83 is manufactured by hand by the Orange custom chop, they bnficient therefore mount a "point-to-point," he will not say they sound better than the following models but they have the advantage of making it easier rpar.
Header with any lamp in prampli: 1 X ECC83 1 X ECC81 dual triodes and power: 4 X 6550 tetrodes. (Model MKIII with 3 lamps prampli)
- And we talk about 200w watt "lamps British" here! Switch on the bottom and it will blow away any transistor equivalent in!
- 2 input and output 4 or 8 ohm output and a "slave" (as Jack) to dub the amp with a DI
- Rglages more than basic: Master Volume, Gain Control, Bass EQ, Middle EQ, Treble EQ ... there's no need for more, a "ringing" on


- For configuration is quickly seen ... the harder it is to put the jack and turn the volume
- A good sound immediately
- No manual, no sheet, nothing. The Orange Forum is sufficient and effective technical issues.


- For me yes! This means you can play as well as the Motown of Led Zep through the british pop
- I play with a Fender Jazzbass 78, a MusicMan Stingray, Rickenbacker 4001
- It's hot, but it's hot and how beautiful it is and how wonderful, I never heard an amp with her like this.


- I use it since 2004
- Did you see the mouth of c'te machine ...? English must be to an amp "orange" ... not without DCON;) subjectively bcp bcp this look like ...
- It's expensive terribly expensive ... but lasts a lifetime and more ... j'espre you never know if I can take my amp with once I sucomb of lung cancer on cigarette smoking force cigarette ... (Edit: I stopped smoking for 3 months I sucomberais probably not a lung cancer, I am telling)
- And of course I would do this choice, the only one, I mean the only downside is that there have no FX loop, it's even worse I realize that it is ultimately not very important ...

closer's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Orange AD200B
- Attention here was the big deal all 200 W lamps
- In faade: 2 connections classic active / passive according to the low use
the rear: HP connections 4 ohms / 8 ohms and a slave
and PSU 'well sr
- Rglages basics: master and gain more by pushing the gain results in a distortion
Natural pretty terrible even dmoniaque
APRS classic treble and medium bass
that's it and not need more


- The configuration is very simple given the limited rglages not galres rgler 15 knobs
- We get immediately a sound terribly hot and heavy that you can adjust the eq working on everything but the bass uses dpend
- A manual? but not really let srieux


- It's a pretty versatile amp
we can both play the Cure as Queens of the Stone Age on, or the noisy rock o it makes perfect
- I play it with a Gibson Thunderbird that possde dj sound loud so well this lamp is coupled to the madness
I fall just a little low on the head, by mounting the medium and treble, and I drop one of the two humbucker in the lower (bottom) this story to have a more prcis that my group is better right now
I played just before the bottom and it was excellent also


I use it for about a year and I am fully satisfied
I was looking for a big sound both warm and heavy without being too disgusting not
and it is the absolute Rolls: D
I tried two ampeg heads (the 100W and 300W Class SVT) and finally with 200W Orange has won for its sublime and the look as the original
a bit expensive but it's so good that frankly I forget the price
I'll throw it again without hsitation