Orange Terror Bass 500
Orange Terror Bass 500

Terror Bass 500, Bass Guitar Amp Head from Orange in the Terror series.

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Average Score:4.0( 4/5 based on 5 reviews )
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Tetienne31's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Orange Terror Bass 500
500W 4 to 8 ohms
Hybrid Amplifier
Effects loop
for the rest there is the brand website


Simple configuration, it's Made In Orange for ca there are well, and I appreciate ... tired of the past hour trying to have his wish ....

It happens very easily have a sound, because whatever the setting CA SONNE!


it has totally agree my styles I practice
I made the big Hxc has converged, rock funk, jazz and AC may seem surprising but you head goes everywhere!
I tried this amp in a store, plug it into a 8 * 10 Ampeg sound was divine, a passive jazz bass american STD maple fingerboard connect it, and I took a huge slap in the face!

very surprised, I do not understand why people say that équalo is useless ...
its setting will never make her cry frequencies, the sound is very lyrical in any case, what more do I need to know just take the time managed three knob, power level we must know the managed Gain I loved the sound with the gain has to pick 3h game with neck pickup, an absolute feast!

it is a head plug and play, no brainer, you branch and you balance!!

I wanted to try to plug in a bass driver in the effects loop to see if the amp is off, all brands are not that, it is the case of my current head, and delight, équalo no longer has any effect, neither the gain knob! I can fend for myself to use a bass drivers for my group HxC and orange for my rock band ...
The problem is that it would be stupid to turn the preamp this orange is so good!


I try 20 min to try any type of adjustment
I currently have a Hartke HA3500, I plug in a tech 21 bass driver DI for a warmer sound ...
This test convinced me I Sell my Hartke for this wonder! (Watch the ad)

value for money, it does not foute to the mouth of the elevator, the cover provides good protection to the head, possibly providing a lamp change, but honestly its suit me perfectly!

cyrilj49's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Of good Sino briton or Anglo Chinese!"

Orange Terror Bass 500
Hybrid amplifier
the real orange: one sound almost exactly, but its orange
we like it or not


simpler, it does not exist
input gain, bass, mid, treble and volume
the equation is accurate, with little scope and it sounds whatever
(Well, with a gibson thunderbird and 2 orange box OBC115!)


Orange, orange or orange ...
Perfect for those who want a sound far from a mark bass (for example)


grain, horses, light to transport, accessible to his banker!

ithibaut's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" sloppy design"

Orange Terror Bass 500
I will direct to the point:
+ Small
+ Light
+ Cute / vintage
Speakon + (I prefer having the full speakon as full jack)

DI-design unfinished
Three-band EQ (well, it vintage is orange, but a 4 or 5 bands would coolest elements)
-Excessive power. 500W, AC pummeled severely. The master volume is very sensitive.
Effect-loop design unfinished
Non-adjustable fan


As a little boy, I can bring in repeated taking the tram. Super easy to use: gain / low / med / treble / volume. It would be stupid to get lost. It is unfortunate that there are only three bands, but hey, we made it. Because despite this EQ, the sound varies na not that much ...

I turn now to the three points that angry.
-The fan is not adjustable. As said, no worries, live either. Soli solo at home, has low volume, it's embarrassing. On record, it's embarrassing. A switch to disengage or decrease its speed would have been welcome.

The DI-which is not highly developed. There are (thankfully) a ground lift switch, which further enhances the picture. But it is incredibly powerful. There is no switch pad -20 dB or more. However, given its small size, the Terror is designed to be walked around on stage. If the DI is unusable as is, it's frustrating. I had to buy an attenuator-20dB in order to deal calmly Shure consoles PA.

-The effects loop is as hot as the DI. My delay and reverb saturate my wickedly. Shame it is not lower.


Sound, with the lamps base is good, saturates very quickly. I replaced the 12AT7 with lamps that are softer.
The sound is focused media, with its presence. Plugged into a home made cab 112. The gain is very gradual, and I have good saturation, light overdrive kind that roars.

I played with precision and rick '57 '. This is insane, with two basses. Their noise footprint is respected. Each character brings his bass sound. The amp also stained well.
I play very heavy rock, stoner, psychedelic, drone, and bass sub-granted.


Terror Bass is a good compromise compared to my expectations of a current amplifier: moderate price (compared to a big head full tube) lightweight, small, portable, powerful.
My reference sound is that of a Mashall SuperBass. Terrible! Bass Terror comes closest to this sound in all the small amps I've tried.
It's a shame he's so powerful. 500W is insane, even demonic. Too bad the DI is unworkable without subterfuge. Too bad for the price, we provide Orange lights shit.

Dr_Raousse's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Orange Terror Bass 500
2x12AX7 hybrid preamp, effects loop, switch 4 / 8?, Active-passive, 500W
EQ bass, mid, treble. + Volume / gain. standby. If you love the minimal, hijab is not an amp that is distinguished by its rglages.
Given the number of


rglages, we can not talk about setup. The manual I have not read
To play alone, this amp is almost unusable, the volume is too loud and rglages inoprants EQ.
In repetition, the sound is very very fast, but it comes well find a saturation level playing (a little) with the volume and gain.
3 EQ are unusable for me, is pure cut / boost (cut o = no sound, if you put any cut there is no sound). So I leave it all afternoon and I RULES bass.
Rglage the most versatile is the gain, the volume is blown over.


I Rock 70's stoner trend, it's punk-rock in a power trio + voice. It should be very much the sound I wanted. I had previously and the Ashdown MarkBass but they did not satisfy me. With Terror Bass has worked well but with a low level of output. My Fender Big Block gives much better results than my VIG Cobra Pro pickups with EMGz: this bass goes very modern "law" through an amp that this request be fed with something powerful, otherwise it's just loud and nothing else. Ms. rplique of my Fender passive (no name) has better results than the VIG.
Since I got this amp, I sold my countless pedals Distortion / OD low, no need of these artifices, the receiver has done very well with a punch and superior dynamic range.
Compared to MarkBass SA450, it is much less Dfine sr especially in the bass. For some songs i have my game radapter


I've had it 5 months, I am totally satisfied. To have bought new mail without having tried it I get lucky. Knowing that it is possible to evaluate this amp in a group. I was looking for my sound, dsesprant can do with a budget that does not allow me at all lamp. APRS out research with markbass + multip pedals, I finally have my sound Ramones / Clash / Stranglers etc.. The ratio quality price is right, and although I am of the EQ bass / mid / treble. But I'm going.
Since I got this amp, I do not intend to redeem before very long, may be of TecAmp.
Its minimum weight and size as an asset supplmentaire.
It is a very good choice despite its EQ very average, but beware: many adpend bass you put into it, and if you like modern bass, this amp is not made for.
I recommend it for fenders active / passive trend vintage rock or punk rock.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Orange Terror Bass 500

hybrid amp head lamps (2 ECC83)

500 watts in 4 Ohms

2 speaker outputs <span style="text-decoration: underline;">but only speakon (hp standard jacks simply not fit.)

switchable impedance 4 Ohms 8 Ohms &

1 active / passive switch

gain, treble, bass, mid, master

effects loop


5 Kg


Delivered with a cover and carrying strap.
No notice with (I think no need here).


Config single mega, for against the annoying thing is that it is only good speakon but almost all the speakers are equipped with Speakon inputs.

Ultra easy to get a great sound; there is none billions with this model but THE sound!

It's quite in the spirit of "plug & play"; I love it.


I play with a Fender Deluxe frecision active special series (mex) granted in Drop C I play in a typical training "post HxC / post rock" on HLF Ampeg 4x10. I play with a pick; I'm not a great technician, I like mashed sent!
<div> I also have a little markbass mark II is really very good but then I realize that to finish it really is not that big for the task. Ultra clean metal style, jazz, funk, groove the bass will mark better than orange then I think the latter and undeniably oriented nonsurgical neutrality; this is also why we take I think orange and aims to markbass versa. </div>

<div> It has character, the body is marked and colored.

Many dynamic is what struck me the most "hit", I did not expect this at all. The response of the sound in the notes is instantaneous; there or many other logo let myself sometimes some "latency," or at least that is the impression of my own. it is very well balanced, not aggressive in the sense that when it "snaps" it's still cozy one will say. Overall the sound is very tight, I felt no weakness. The sound can be very mushy, never flat but can quickly saturate, so to do according to your settings and instrumentals.
The race of the gain knobs and theft are very well distributed by the equa against is not very "sensitive" although it greatly influences the final sound; where the race of the knobs is poorly distributed. With distortion I would say that this is typical Orange, there is nothing further to add on that.
This is not a head to play Hi-FI or large SUB there I think qu'ampeg or other such will do better but I'm not science infuses so who knows? Ba good slap I think we forget with it you'll understand.
500 Watts announced me justified the air; I compared with the little mark II and III ba is as powerful in volume see as less dark; there clarity.
I found my happiness in the terror bass because very distinctive, colorful, grainy, super respondent, trunk and very very very rock. </div>

<div> I have not tested with Ibanez types of low or Cort so I am not speculate about the sounds. I repeat that I love very typical sounds and there I found my happiness. </div>

<div> Now I hope, either in orange or other marks that the heads that are worth between € 1,500 and € 2,800 are truly justified in terms of their rates ...
For there for less than € 630 it really sounds the fire of God.
The only setback is that does not versatile at all in my little opinion, but for me it is "perfect."


I had a lot of heads: Ashdown mag 300 R, mark little bass mark II, Gallien Krueger backline 600 Ampeg B1-RE. The bass is really terror that I needed for any reason I just mentioned above.

I find the price / quality ratio boggles the mind considering the quality of the sound generated by the beast.

I'll repeat myself but, "Now I hope, either in orange or other marks that the heads that are worth between € 1,500 and € 2,800 are truly justified in terms of their rates ..."