Ampeg B-50R
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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 4 reviews )
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MGR/Golem's review"Ampeg B50R"

Ampeg B-50R
It looks like a smaller version of the Rocket 100 Combo, which it trys to live up to ... sort of.

I bought it as a more portable version of the Rocket 100 Combo, especially since I wasn't playing any large rooms. It was used and affordable, so I gave it a try.

Actually I no longer like much about it ! I don't DISLIKE it, I mean it's not a bad amp, but I always reach for something else now. My tastes have changed, and I consider certain features important that are not on this amp.

Over time, I've stopped using it. It's heavy for 50W, it does NOT sound much like the Rocket 100 [aka b100-r] ... it just sounds like a generic 50W combo. The lack of seperate gain and master volume knobs is frustrating, and there are no boost switches, etc, which would possibly allow 'waking up' this amp.

It's very well made, very reliable for what use I gave it before I 'parked' it ... and it was NOT new when I got it. It's built like an old school USA Ampeg ... cuz thaz what it IS. The power cord is not removeable ... it that old school or what ?

I'm rating it a '3' cuz it's a perfectly decent but nothing special amp. Almost every aspect is a '3' ... meaning 'average' ... except for the weight which is a negative, but weight is compensated by reliability, which is a positive of at least equal 'weight'. So, it's a '3'. If you get a good deal on one, and you like the tone, bag it ... but it's not something I would hunt down like some Holy Grail amongst amps.

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Ampeg B50R"

Ampeg B-50R
I purchased the Diamond Blue Bass B50R at my local Guitar Center for $371. After reading that it had won the combo shoot-out at, I went to check it out and agreed with the review.

Sweet killer tones eminate from this unit. The lows shake the house warmly, the highs ring true (without sounding brittle), and when you go from the lows to the highs the transitions are smooth. My other amp (a fender) has a 15 inch speaker with 400 watts, and I prefer playing through my B50R. Oh, and the retro look draws admiring comments.

The B100R has several more features. While I was not looking for a 100 watt unit, I would have paid a little extra for the features in their 50 watt model. And wheels would have been appreciated.

This unit is solid and lives up to the ampeg name / tradition. I'll bet Jamerson would have one in his home if he were alive today.

Unless you need special features (such as a line in to play along with CDs), buy it.

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motteherbeuse's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ampeg B-50R
This is exactly the same as geule B100r (see website) but slightly smaller (-6db) and much lighter.
transistor amplifier of 50 watts TRUE
setting: low, medium 2pot and acute, but everyone (especially the bass) a terrible efficiency, which prevents its full equalizer sliders.
+ a headphone output on the back line. <img src="" alt=">" />


The settings are there more simple, without quibbling and they quickly come to get a big sound very fat or hot, no manual (to be purchased new I have not had)


It is suitable for any music that sounds nice round asking: for me it's country-rock and variety tea dance. I use it with U.S. jazz bass effects pedal and without (what for?)


I bought it in 2001 and used for several years and it has not aged at all. I happened to use in variety-rock subculture in the room without the celebration of 250 people. and he has impressed all musicians with its power and quality.
AMPEG is the sound (to know once in a lifetime)
I had yet to try a 200watt Fender (for compatibility with my bass) and I left the store with the Ampeg (-1500Fr) and no regrets and I do it again this election without ceremony. Although surj'ai listen B100R! But the difference seemed so small compared to the price difference, and then ........ weight.
good bass at all, jc
jaco créporius09/03/2004

jaco créporius's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ampeg B-50R
This combo w 50 is a marvel: not clutter trs, the hp has a good power ...


The use is very simple: just turn the knobs (bass, low mid-high mid-treble) and you can get more sounds Varis.


I play a Rickenbacker 4001. I can 'get its greasy but also sound like Jaco Pastorius. I recommend it more for rockers who plays with the volume mdiator background! For those who are jazz-rock (like me) it is not bad but a Hartke would be better.
Ue good range of sound.


I play it for 1 year and I'm happy. When I have bought I was super rock and c'tait ... But now I start to jazz-rock, it's still the case but I think my next will be a Hartke.