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Bass Guitar Combo Amps user reviews

  • Warwick Sweet 15

    Warwick Sweet 15 - "No fuss, just good tone"


    I purchased this amp over 9 years ago. In that time I have used it as a practice and gigging amp. First off, its a no fuss amp and really very easy to get a great tone from. 4 band EQ has not left me wanting at all. The "boost" switches provide a…

  • TC Electronic BG250-210

    TC Electronic BG250-210 - "Almost perfect for me – except for..."


    One of the rare combos to feature a 2x10" speaker... Lightweight, yet powerful enough for small stages. Doen not color the instrument excessively... It doesn’t provide a Markbass’s sound of punch either, but for such a price it’s more than enough. Th…

  • Fender Rumble 500 V3

    Fender Rumble 500 V3 - "Fender Rumble ,good for Upright Bass."


    I heard a mate using this and was amazed at how good it sounded. Tried it in my double bass set up and bought it straight away. Light to move around, deep bass , especially with the 'vintage' switch pushed in , and as loud as you like. I have been…

  • Hohner HR 30 B

    Hohner HR 30 B - "A real gem of a bass amp"


    This amp is very little known but Hohner makes really good products, especially as this one was made before planned obsolescence so it’s high-quality stuff. Specswise : 12" speaker Two instrument inputs : active or passive bass Presence contr…

  • Roland Cube-100 Bass

    Roland Cube-100 Bass - "Roland Cube 100 Bass"


    Small-sized, various modelized sounds (Fender 100, SVT...), can be used with all instruments or as a sound system, for voice or playing music through it. Equipped with a 12" speaker and a piezo tweeter. Effects are of interest, with a parametric EQ…

  • Marshall MB15

    Marshall MB15 - "Great value for a practice amp"


    Mainly being a guitarist, I decided two years ago to explore the Bass guitar and maybe even improve my guitar rhythm playing by doing so, therefore I got myself a bass guitar, did research for a bass amp for practicing in my apartment and I found thi…

  • Peavey MAX 115 2013 Edition

    Peavey MAX 115 2013 Edition - "Very nice and loud simple amp"


    I play bass most of the time in a church. I have my equipment there(bass cabs and head). I want to buy something simple, and cheap that I can carry to some small/medium gigs without move my main equipment from my local church so I decide to try this …

  • Fender BXR 300

    Fender BXR 300 - "All-terrain amp"


    It's the amp of my bassist (who doesn't have an Audiofanzine account). The amp is used both for rehearsals and gigs, it's relentless and has a killer sound. It's been with us since 1995, it has never left us stranded, very round and warm sound …

  • Markbass Mini CMD 121P

    Markbass Mini CMD 121P - "Surprising, comprehensive, lightweight"


    I have lots of heavy gear, so I opted for this one due to its weight. After several months of use, I can confirm its good performance. A 15-incher will certainly go deeper, but it's unbeatable in terms of weight. I have tried it out in situations …

  • Markbass Mini CMD 121P

    Markbass Mini CMD 121P - gugusfender's review


    300W solid-state. USE Easy, you can get almost any sound. It sounds just as god with a bass as with a double bass. SOUND Alls types of sounds, I prefer the round sound or a Marcus Miller one to slap. I play a Rick, a Jazz Bass us 5C delu…