Peavey MAX 115 2013 Edition
Peavey MAX 115 2013 Edition

MAX 115 2013 Edition, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Peavey in the Max series.

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fredolee16 02/03/2015

Peavey MAX 115 2013 Edition : fredolee16's user review

« Very nice and loud simple amp »

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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Advanced Users
I play bass most of the time in a church. I have my equipment there(bass cabs and head). I want to buy something simple, and cheap that I can carry to some small/medium gigs without move my main equipment from my local church so I decide to try this one last year. After years and years playing bass I owned tons of equipments. Gallien Krueger, Ampeg, David Eden, Genz Benz, Hartke, Fender, SWR and of course some Peaveys. This one surprise me a lot. It is not super light but it's easy to carry on the back of my Kia Rio without any problem. I thing weighs like 45 pounds. The control are very simple but easy to dial any sound. It comes with a tube emulator (I have my bass driver any way) that works fine. I use the XLR for recording purpose and live shows and works well too. It has a tweeter that it's better in my opinion especially if you like to slap. Some guys doesn't like peaveys but I tell you what, I never had problems with peaveys equipment and they are build like tanks. This amp doesn't add to much color to my sound so this is exactly what I want because I buy a bass because I love the particular sound of it, and I hate when an amp change my sound. It is loud and yes, the 300 watts are real.