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Bass Guitar Combo Amps user reviews

  • Vox Pathfinder 10 Bass

    Vox Pathfinder 10 Bass - " Well"


    - Power: 10 Watts RMS. - Vox Bulldog HP 5 "x 2 (4 ohms). - Output: PHONES / LINE OUT jack. - Drive, Treble, Bass, Volume, Bright switch. - 80 x 170 x 277mm - 5.6kg Amplifier to work at home, powerful enough to rehearse with a drummer who…

  • HH B100

    HH B100 - " Amp pretty amazing"


    Simple to adjust, sounds at all times except for the slap. Egalo 6 bands. While Jack (80) 100Watts, but real 100 Watts UTILIZATION Basic usage. One branch, the rule two knobs and it sounds SOUNDS Versatile enough although oriented rock.…

  • Hartke VX2515

    Hartke VX2515 - " The quality of the appointment"


    Hartke Combo consists of a floor of HA 2500 amp, a loudspeaker 15 'and a titanium tweeter. Pre-amp transistor simulation with a lamp, two potentiometers used as gain, lamp and transistor can be mixed. Compression-knob 10-band Equaliser (with on…

  • Phil Jones Bass Super Flightcase BG-300

    Phil Jones Bass Super Flightcase BG-300 - " Impressive"


    Amp Class A / B, 250 Watts, see data sheet. UTILIZATION just great! SOUNDS Excellent! OVERALL OPINION I just bought it and I will put more specific comments in a few weeks! But the 6 hp 5 "are impressive and the size and weight of all ext…

  • Yamaha Bass Stage 250

    Yamaha Bass Stage 250 - " Very happy or nearly so."


    Amp transistor, light background but because the power is quite normal. See data sheet. UTILIZATION Used locally to repeat, once in concert, so easy to use. Manuel minimum. SOUNDS The contour knob is very useful, its kind fretless, or genre w…

  • Stagg 60 BA

    Stagg 60 BA - " To repeat '"


    Transistor amplifier 60w RMS (Root Mean Square) 1 HP 12 "(~ 30cm) 20Kg. An entry MP3/Aux An entry "Send" and output "Return" to the effects loop or a floor. A headphone jack to play in silence. 3-band EQ: Bass / Medium / treble. A compr…

  • Trace Elliot 712 SMC

    Trace Elliot 712 SMC - " The heavy, good!"


    - Amplifier Transistor - 120 Watts RMS - Input High / Low, XLR DI, Line Out, Speaker Out 4-8ohms, FX loop - Gain, 9-band EQ, Mid-preshape, Multiband Compressor, Level (Thank you MaRc0, I copy / paste) - 12 inch speaker UTILIZATION Simpl…

  • Line 6 LowDown LD400 Pro

    Line 6 LowDown LD400 Pro - aerobass's review


    5 bass amp models breathtaking: Clean, R & B, Rock, Brit and Grind 5 Essential Bass Effects: a studio compressor and 3 Smart Control FX including Envelope Filter, an octave and a chorus and a synth bass model fully adjustable DEEP switch to accen…

  • Gallien Krueger MB112

    Gallien Krueger MB112 - " Reliability zero"


    On paper it's super attractive: a 200-watt amp drives a 12 inches and weighs 13.7 kilos everything and cheap. The amp is fully digital, switching power supply and output stage switching (class D), the speaker is néodimium, hence the lightweight. …

  • Harley Benton HB-80B

    Harley Benton HB-80B - " lifetime limit"


    Amp-65W 4ohms in any transistor, but that sounds a lamp can I find ... -2 Pramp channel volume knob with a "voice" Equalizeur 5-100Hz-250Hz band-500Hz-1kHz-2kHz. -Effects loop, line out, headphone and output to another HP. -Possibility to add…

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