Ashdown MAG C410T-300 Combo
Ashdown MAG C410T-300 Combo

MAG C410T-300 Combo, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Ashdown in the MAG series.

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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 10 reviews )
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Value For Money : Excellent
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badgerific's review"Great amplifier."

Ashdown MAG C410T-300 Combo
-307 Watts (RMS)

-Puts out around 150 Watts (RMS) without extension cabinet

-Controls: Input gain, Bass, Lo-mid, Mid, Hi-mid, Treble, Bright switch, Deep switch, EQ bypass switch, Sub-octave switch, Sub-octave level and Ouput gain.

-DI output

-Effects loop

-Tuner/line output

-High and low impedance inputs

-Input gain VU meter

-4x10" speakers


Nice easy to use amp, well laid out controls makes it simple to dial in a good tone. The labels on the controls make it very user friendly and I found it very easy to use despite it being my first amplifier.


I use this amplifier with my Hohner B2A, Fender Mexican standard jazz bass and Squier Vintage Modifed fretless jazz bass and it's a great sounding amp. My main bass is the Mexican jazz bass and it sounds good even if the EQ is bypassed and the Bright and Deep switches are off. The tone stack on this amplifier I find is really nice and easy to use and used in conjunction with the Bright and Deep switches there's a lot of versatility.

My favorite setting is achieved by adding a little to the Mid and Hi-mid knobs and cutting slightly on the Lo-mid while leaving the Bass and Treble fairly flat, this produced a clear tone which cuts through in a band situation and has a slight grinding edge to it using my jazz bass.

This amp is vintage voiced amplifier and some people complain of a wooly characteristic to the sound of it, with my set up I don't find this amp to be wooly at all. This is probably not the amplifier you want if you're looking for a modern tone though.


I really like this amp and I'm glad that I chose it, there are lots of useful features on it which have been useful during gigging situations such as the tuner and DI outputs. My favorite thing about this amp is the EQ, it's really simple to use and can be used to create a versatile range of sounds.

My least favorite thing about this amp is the weight, I really regret choosing the 4x10 combo rather than the head and 4x10 cabinet. This amp is hard work to carry up and down stairs which I've had to do for gigs and to get it in and out of my bedroom. It's really impractical for one person to carry it and even when there are two people the handles can be quite uncomfortable. If you're going to be moving this amp I'd recommend the head and cab combination rather than a combo and you're more open to cabinet options too.

MGR/big0bassdude's review"Ashdown MAG300 410T"

Ashdown MAG C410T-300 Combo
I have played bass for 20 years and a good 15 of that has been searching for the perfect amp. About 2 years ago i found it, Ashdowns Mag 300c 410t. Rated at 307 watts ( with optional ext. cab) this thing rocks! I found it easy to drop my ss Ampeg as soon as i gigged with it. For around 700 bucks it is the complete package. It handles my 5 string easily no matter what type of music.

I bought this amp as a backup to an Ampeg B3, when i needed more volume on stage. Even without an extension cab it blew the b3 away! Rated at almost 50 watts less i still had to run the output at @ 10% all nite, now its all I use, the Mag 300 will give you 307 watts with an extension cabinet, but i have never needed it. Tone drips from the beautiful 10 inch blue line drivers (4) and is easily sculpted with the 5 band eq and onboard sub harmonic generator, even though the latter is more pronounced either with an ext. or in the mains via the xlr direct out. Deep, bright, and eq switches do exactly what they say. The only surprise with this amp is the capability of it.

This amp is built like a tank. Would have prefered a tougher covering but thats just personal opinion. Not to mention it looks damn sexy with the glowing input vu meter and blue speakers.

This thing is heavy. I guess thats the price of the solidity of the cab. Carpet covering is as easily torn as any other amp. In my opinion could benefit from sone tolex or somethin.

Built in China apparently by the same guys who built the wall. Built well i havent had any problems at all.

For the money, hell for twice the money, this rig is hard to beat. It does what ever you want it to.

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Ashdown Engineering MAG C410T-300 Combo"

Ashdown MAG C410T-300 Combo
During my first two years of playing Bass i used a small practice amp that had roughly 15 watts of power. Now this may be fine for strumming along to your tunes in your bed room, but if you want tone and volume a combo is the way to go. i feel that a combo is the best of both worlds. It is good for home practicing/recording and it is good for small venues. I researched the best combos on the internet for a couple of weeks. And i was attracted to the look of the Ashdown Bass amps. I liked the blue speakers and retro head-unit. And yes i know you should not choose an amp solely on the looks but hey it happens. Because i had a budget of around £500 I looked at the 4 x 10" model which putts out a powerful 307 Watts RMS. Now for my purpose of practicing and small venue gigging it was perfect.
However due to my location (North-England) i was struggling to find a store that would sell the amp. After emailing several guitar shops and bass specialists i found out that the super-chain Academy of sound stocked some Ashdown equipment. So with a pocket full of cash and a car to drive a set off to the nearest store which was in Leeds. And to my luck they had the exact model in and it was in my budget, it was a good day for all. I was obviously glad to find the amp i had spent the last couple of months researching...I got it for an amazing price of just over £500. The service was great and the kind people also delivered it to my doorstep the very same day. And to them i say thank you.

After taking a while to get used to the controls i found a spectrum of sound that i had previousy been unable to aquire. I have a 5-string bass that requires some decent output to get the crunch i require. And the ashdown delivered it in bucket fulls. The 5-band EQ gives a good range aswell as letting the user control every aspect of their sound. One of my favourite features was the harmonic generator. At first it sounded like a weapon used in Star Wars, but after a bit of messing i found out that i could crack the foundations of my neighbours house (slight over-exxageration). The humming growl produced when the low-B of my bass is plucked made me stop and stare at the mesmorising blue speakers in amazment. Also the Harmonic generator can be turned down to create a warm buz over rock lines or a few funk lines.
In a large room the amp comes alive. The floor shakes and the tone reaaly opens up. Therefore it is a regular on my gigs.

Only a few ergonomic features were a bit disapointing. The do not have deep enough wells for a decent sized hand to fit in when the amp is being carried from A to B. Also the positioning can become uncomfortable after long periods of carrying. THe only other problem was the weight, although bass amps are notoriously heavy this one is deceptive. I would struggle myself to shift it, but even with a second pair of hands it can work up a sweat. I remedied this by fitting 4 super-heavy duty casters, so that i could roll the amp around instead. So far this has been back-saving, but it does compromise on the effect of the low-end when playing loud as the vibrations do not carry as well through the floor. This is dependand on the gig you are doing as each venues has its acoustic differences.

The unit itself is biuld like a brick-out-house. The speakers are very well protected by the thick metal grill. The unit itself is sturdy and safe. The corners are rounded off to save your walls and furniture and the carpet cover is resiliant. The guys and Gal's at Ashdown know thier stuff..

Finally, the amp is the best i have tested in its range. It is biult well, it holds up under pressure and it sounds gooood!
i would recommend one to any bassist who is starting to play small venues and does not want to shell uot for a practice amp and a gigging amp. It kicks some serious Ash! (sorry about the corny pun).

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Samuel 6215001/25/2013

Samuel 62150's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" To have your eyes closed"

Ashdown MAG C410T-300 Combo
This is an Ashdown amp an exact power of 307W with transistors.
-2 Inputs low and high (low and high)
1out-DI (with treats the output level)
-1 Effects loop (perfect for my chorus Boss CEB-3)
-1 Additional output hp
-1 Equalizer (low, medium, high)


We found it right away at the settings. There are even small push buttons to activate the equalizer, the sub-harmonics and boost the bass.
Perfect for the sound you want.


The sound is very round but may reach its limits in some cases. Do not especially verse with a multi-purpose ME-50B or another. Saturated sound, even at low levels, probably due to internal compressor pedal.
However, it is essential to verse the ABM 115 cab, then the amp reached a very high level. The alliance of 15 + 4x10 "transcends the beast.

Pushing the knobs levels at 60%, it starts to have hairs that stand, chest, which compresses the heart that beats, we want more.

Beyond 60% ... I do not know but here too must be violated. I have not pushed further fear that the house will collapse under the avalanche of seismic waves it generates.


It's been 5 years since I got it, I tried to sell it and finally I had the opportunity to buy the ABM 115 cab to improve overall. And now I swear by Ashdown.
Adopt it.
Resell it only for the Ashdown.

The happy owner of an Ashdown amp, we are dealing here with connoisseurs.
Tom We Killed The Fly10/04/2010

Tom We Killed The Fly's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ashdown MAG C410T-300 Combo
I pass on the technical aspects that have taken t prcdement.

For cons, I would like an add-ins information:

This combo provided 307W into 4 Ohms, which means it does not itself provide 307W, but 200W (maximum output up by his 4 * 10 "). This is provided that integrates the head 307W.

Therefore, a possible add-ins. You can add a cab over to have the add-ins, which I intend to do elsewhere. Probably with a deep 115 II 200W. Small cabinet cheap, which would really blow 307W swing. In addition, the advantage is that it does not work exactly the same frequency range as the combo is 4 * 10, so that you'll have a nice little 1 * 15 "end to shake the walls ^ ^ This CAB will take over the role of complement hardcore, or back! ^ ^
This is a dtail but it took a direct ashdown mail to confirm this fact. (Mail you can find on the latest product forum topic)

In short, Amplifiers 200W? "And then" I have to say! because frankly, he balances serious! I did 2 years of repeats and some concerts. There is nothing wrong. His


nickel, amps sprinkles it right!


I play this amp rock pechu more or less, but anything can happen. I used a CORT RB5 it to finally put me on a jazz bass marcus miller active. The 5th string CORT never possible problem on the combo.


The only thing a bit hard with this combo is its weight, but frankly, my hand to descend stairs rehearsal room ... I associate the weight of a robust amp a cot. And I can tell you he has seen all the colors! he does not flinch. It's a beefy amps and exudes confidence.

Besides the weight, I buy personal 20euros for folding a little devil that I simply changed the life:)

Report qualitprix ... how to say ... It's great. especially with the big marketing coup last two years.

What I like ... all, his mouth, his sound, his possibility of extension, the DI output, its output tuner, its effects loop .... Fassil its use.

I also like the sales department and customer service ... Both are super responsive. I bought a small bag nickel on their site. It happened in 2 days and nickel protects my stuff.

benzb82's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ashdown MAG C410T-300 Combo
What kind of amplification (lamp, transistor ,...)? What is the power dlivre? What connection? What rglages the effects? * ... <img class="smiley" src="" alt="biggrin" /> For three days I possde the bte and did two concerts in the last collection's outdoor trs fort! I play in a cover band 70's and I tell you it is well sacrment the road the guy. I have not even had time to read the technical manual (in English) I did some rglages balances during the fire and ... I want prciser I put a loop prampli EBS lamp and continuously loop the whole Global Warming of the same sound.


The configuration is it simple? Gets it easy to sound good? The manual is clear and sufficient? * ...


Is it your style of music? With what (s) guitar (s) / low (s) or effect (s) do you play? What kinds of sounds you get and with what rglages ("crystalline", " ",....) fatty what are the sounds you prfrez, you dtest? *


How long you use it and what is the particular feature you like best and least? Have you tried many other models before acqurir? How do you report qualitprix ? With the exprience, you do again this choice? * ...

igdidier's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ashdown MAG C410T-300 Combo
300W transistor amp (even if 500 2nd box)
Jack connectors
simple setting: the others describe


I had a little Ampeg BA200 combo (200w lamps preamp) that broke down three months APRS: SAV Ampeg zero at zero, prt me my seller this combo for a concert: I flach! and have regard.
Super fishing, there is the sound you want with. Super strong.
is not a sit: the mix is ​​the single best-duty!


Repertoire trs rock, with a reissue JB62 passive pickups Dimarzio DP123 + and Berhinger MDX2600 compressor, everything is possible.
the amp is not everything but it allows the
PS: I added a pedal branch of pramp SANSAMP Tech21 Effects on the return (ca Squiz the preamp and EQ Ashdown) but found the sound you want and Ashdown gives the power of its 300W


Runs for 6 months, repeated, bars and small concert halls: it follows.
DI output for repicage / table (take good EQ settings)
I like his power, his rating Costeau, simplicity and gives very sound of the instrument
for less than nine 700 in this price range: no risk!

Mcjs's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ashdown MAG C410T-300 Combo
- Transistor amplifier as indicated oddly made n England .. I thought for that price that makes SERIES silent in more exotic countries. 2 inputs, active and passive DI output, an effect loop, 2 speaker outputs. I have this config but Mag300 head and 410 spars. Construction irrprochable. calabrage level of dlicat sometimes a little farmhouse that there is luckily saw the entry if not, RAPD pattern between saturate the floor of an if, unwanted pramp before entering. Nothing wrong


Config simple little rglage of eq. A little research with the Sub Harmonic, a kind of Bass enhancer trs really useful. Opportunities rglage simple but its easily find and effectively. In fact, I hardly touch a base SETTING THE except at input and output. Lack may be a little graphic eq for the precision of rglage but I do not think you can get the same kind of quality including a chart on this type of product. It is Designed for its range of sounds, and you love it or hate it ... And I like ..


When I bought it I did not play more than in fretless mode, and I really hsit I found the sound trs typ (typ too neutral enough to be versatile) and I took the same risk when. Premire time I tried it with a box c'tait 15 ", and as such, I would not have bought. The vendor I ordered a 410 for testing, and I came out of the store saying, "Manten, it's perfect, exactly what I was looking for" .. Since then I have my rank and my fretless jazz in a cupboard and got back to rock 80's Pure Beautiful .. and hard with a good old 5-string Fender JB I just bought. I have an SD Curlee, 4 strings, short scale drawing extra light, and also admnage slap in the ... Fretless, a BB1200SF Yam, also in excellent style but may be in hindsight, I would not take over this type of amp for the fretless.


Magnfique amp qualitprix report extraordinary. Ashdown is the best .. I would do without hsitation and if I change, first, I take a 15 'to trying to complter or move up a gear in Ashdown suprieure .. I tried the Hartke as everyone mas too loud, of SWT, the Ampeg, the EBS and the diffrence in price, there is no contest for me. I plan to try to find new pedals Ashdown dual band compressor that j'achterais eyes closed, I miss this kind of product. I have a mas GT6B I regret it a bit. I recommend this product 200%.

bassman77's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ashdown MAG C410T-300 Combo
- What type of amplification
- What is the power dlivre?
300W 4x10 sub 4Ohm and 500 with extension
- What connection?
Between Active / Passive Effect Send and Return, Line Tuner, DI
- What are the rglages the effects? 5 Band EQ, Octave, brightness control depth.


- The configuration is it simple?
Plug and play you branch and Rock and Roll
- Gets it easy to sound good?
The amp is fairly neutral unlike the Ampeg! The sound of the bass will be an important lment! I put 9 because I had a little trouble with the legalization demmerder me!
- The manual is clear and sufficient?
This is not an amp cabinet IKEA


- Is it your style of music?
With my cover band I have Intrets versatility then I am not dcu!
- With what (s) guitar (s) / low (s) or effect (s) do you play?
A Schecter Stilleto Elite 5 String ODB3 a Boss
- What kind of sound you get and with what rglages ("crystalline", "bold ",....)?
The 4x10 is rather good job! Round and fat enough enough enough prcis!
- What are the sounds you prfrez, you dtest?
A good bump in mdiums ca j'adore!


- How long have you use it?
2 Months!
- What is the particular feature you like best and least?
The mouth! Ashdown style really hurts! A masterpiece!
- Have you tried many other models before acqurir?
Hartke's (Bof. ..) Fender Rumble (rebof. ..)
- How do you report qualitprix?
- With the exprience, you do again this choice?
Strangely, no! For the simple reason that it is too big and too powerful for rpeter and small rooms! I think to turn to the Markbass or Nemesis (Issue size!)

sebdunord59's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ashdown MAG C410T-300 Combo
300 watt amp transistors connection jack / equalizer


Ultra easy to use I play a Cort A5 and I can tell you it's an amp that does not cheat it faithfully reproduces the sound of the instrument's manual is in English but it does not matter


M'n I used to do what I can do that is to say the good old rock and a little hard and I am a fan of 80's sound actually handling some really gives a wide range of the j 'I even tried a bass over the ca also


Nickel chrome a true beast I'll even add the baffle him 4 / 10 and the result is the best ebourriffant ashdown