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Hartke Bass Guitar Combo Amps user reviews

  • Hartke HyDrive 112C

    Hartke HyDrive 112C - "Power and definition!"


    I bought this bass amp when looking for a portable but punchy combo for playing small gigs. At that time I worked playing in a Disco covers band in small, medium and sometimes big venues (weddings and graduation ceremonies) and I loved the sound, po…

  • Hartke HyDrive 112C

    Hartke HyDrive 112C - "Hartke Hydrive 112"


    I've owned the rest of the line, I started with the 1x15, got the 4x10, so I figured 'Hey life is short, I'll try the 1x12' Hartke's Hydrive technology takes their famous aluminum cone and fuses it with a hybrid half aluminum, half paper cone to…

  • Hartke 1410 Combo

    Hartke 1410 Combo - mooseherman's review


    This is a transistor amplifier. It has your basic 1/4" input, as well as an effects loop send and return. It produces 140 watts, so its respectably loud for its size, which is 25"x17.5"x16". There is a 4 band EQ (low, mid low, mid high, and high) as …

  • Hartke KickBack 12

    Hartke KickBack 12 - moosers's review


    The Hartke KickBack 12 is a solid state bass amplifier. It has 120 watts of power and can crank pretty loud for such a small amp. It has a 1/4 inch input in front to plug your instrument into, and also has an XLR output in the front for sending a dir…

  • Hartke 1410 Combo

    Hartke 1410 Combo - Alive2000's review


    As far as i can tell, this is a transistor amplifier. It's never taken long to start up like a tube amplifier would. The Amp delivers 140 watts of power, and (before I moved out) has shaken the pictures on my parents' walls if it's loud enough and yo…

  • Hartke VX3500

    Hartke VX3500 - "Hartke VX 3500"


    After a lengthy search (internet and in person) and comparison of several makes/models, including Ashdown, Ampeg, Fender, GK, and the likes, I found this model manufactured by Hartke. I already owned and used a Hartke B-90 (which is another rev…

  • Hartke B90

    Hartke B90 - "Hartke B90"


    i got this amp from my friends brother for $150 this amp was made in the late ninties 97/98 its been handed down to three people before i aquired it. some one as im told got drunk and kicked a hole in the speaker i opened it up and found a a quarte…

  • Hartke B20

    Hartke B20 - "Hartke B20 Combo Bass Amp"


    I purchaised this amp for £80 (I live in the UK and don't the the price in Dollars) and I had it with a Fender Standard P-Bass (Which was £320) and all together came to £400. I purchased at a shop called "Music Station" and i had bought it because th…

  • Hartke B30

    Hartke B30 - "Hartke B30 Bass Combo"


    I bought this amp to use as my very fist amp. I was basically looking for a beginers practice amp that had enough power to be used not only as a practice amp but to jam with my friends. I bought this amp at a local music dealer (Dave Phillips Music &…

  • Hartke B30

    Hartke B30 - "Hartke B30 Bass Combo"


    Purchased online from Zzounds Music. I needed a practice amp for late night use living room jams and church performances. Paid $100 (It was a Zzounds offer for a Trace Elliot that went out of stock - great service). Sells for around $130 This unit w…