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All user reviews for the Markbass Micromark

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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 9 reviews )
 7 reviews78 %
 2 reviews22 %
Value For Money:Poor
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Bass Vador01/02/2014

Bass Vador's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" Great for work at home"

Markbass Micromark
Class D amp
Preamp transistor
No gain or standard equalizer
Only 1 knob (FFT) that acts as an enhancer (hollow mediums)
4.5 kg
50 W 8 ohms / 4 ohms 100 w
1 XLR, 1 headphone (minijack), 1 entry to (mini jack), 1 extra power output
HP 6p


Ultra simple, the sound will reflect the sound of the bass.


The fact that there is a correction (FFT) is not a problem, since the bowl 6p makes a lot of mediums, VPF will correct this trend and brings a softer sound.
Warning, there is no gain, high level (3/4) can overload the HP, we must play with the volume low.
Very convenient to work at home, the headphone also can connect a laptop or PC to work on tracks or programmed tracks, big advantage.
additional HP output makes it pretty amazing, I remember having used 4 ohms coupled with a 2x10 of the same brand by typing beef with percussion (congas) and guitars, it sends the block severely.


I have this machine since 2007, very convenient to work at home when my wife yells a little (yes), ideal for going to type the beef in small groups and great for a holiday.
In addition, he found a second interest to amplify music Holiday (like a job wholesale).
Probably the best in its class, even if it is a little expensive to buy.

Grenouillère's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)"Just fabulous!"

Markbass Micromark
For all the features it has been included in the previous review.
I'll take the main points:
- Combo transistor to "low" 50 w equipped with an HP 6 ".
- There is a "low" input, volume, an equation knob "VPF" the famous (Variable Preshape filter) audio input and a headphone jack.
- Back: DI output an HP external output (denoted "tweeter") and food fan ... Adds a switch to turn off the internal hp and a switch to ground.
- Dimensions: 27 cubic cm and weighs 4.2 kg.

So much for the purely technical features ... simplistic? Yes but in the end this amp full of surprises!


If the config is simple! This is a joke?
With a button for the volume and the other for the FFT? I do not see how "more" easy!
Sound: it is obtained by adjusting the level (volume) and then depending on the "type" of sound you want. If you want the sound of his low VPF is left at 0. The more you go, the more it cuts mids! So the sound is more modern (if JB or PB is used)!
The very good thing is that I hesitated to choose this amp because of the lack of "standard" EQ bass / med / high. But finally it works best! I was really impressed with the build quality and the efficiency of the system!

What I like most: the weight! (A blessing!) Congestion (it takes so little space you can move very easily), the explosive power that can not be repeated play house concert ...


For the style, it's markbass! So the opposite of "vintage". It is a modern sound that can play in lots of styles (reggae to rock, blues, funk, soul ...) wholesale from the edgy metal, it provides!
I only tested on Jazz bass and precision bass: RAS!
What I really like is how the sound "Markbass" lets you drill the mix without having to be ultra strong! The sound is clean clear defined. The distinct sound of the bass. It is a pleasure to play on this listbox!

I thought the HP 6 "would have trouble with the bass ... Well the first test by connecting:! Wow ... What the hell is that rich sound, clean, flexible ... Anyway very surprising! I first tested alone. For the home work oxen apart, of the titles work sessions or play "soft" is really the "perfect! Low on the back, the receiver in one hand! And presto! It is a pleasure to carry ... And the first time you show it by saying: "This is my new bass amp!" people are genuinely surprised!

It should be clear, without being dubbed the amp is limited by its 50w announced. Besides this topic is clearly safer than the 50 watts at Markbass worth of 150/200 w advertised elsewhere ...

At the same time the sensitivity is 100 dB which is this great feeling of sound diffusion!
Only it is already prepared for a lot of situations!

Comes the second step: connect an external cab. And here we go into another dimension ... I first tested on a 2 x 10. "And then I took a slap! It was just" awesome "... I could not believe my ears!

So I took the challenge of the coupling to a speaker and a repeated attempt (with two guitars, drums, harmonica ...).
I played 4/6 which leaves plenty of room yet! And frankly mounted really became too much! (And we are talking about a combo of 50 w!). I tested some time by cutting the internal hp. This is very good even if it loses more acute with the internal hp tuned!


I use it for quite some time. But I do not regret choosing this system before! for the back, the transport is just awesome!
I wanted to get a smaller body than a 3 to play at home, possibly repeat, and also supply various cattle system. not as bad I was tired of lugging my battery hp, amp ... who often make huge weight ...

This thing is top! More as I find myself in an apartment, I wanted something "compact". This is the height thing with MicroMark! It moves like a pen, it's so compact that was almost afraid to forget ... In short, a treat for those who are often (or not for that matter) "nomadic".
It will almost daily situations ... For repeated / concerts provide a cab more! For concerts I intend to use it with a cab and go back in the sound!
The Q / P ratio: hard to say because it's ultra-expensive even for a combo Cygnus 50 w. Now when you realize the quality, power, sound ... It can only be bleuffé! Like any quality has a price!

What I like: almost everything!
I love ... is going to be a few watts more leaves to add a few grams!
Urban Koala08/13/2013

Urban Koala's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good amp! As for the guitars to the bass!"

Markbass Micromark
Description from the website Markbass:
1x6 "
optional "sattelite" tweeter, not included
8 ohms
50W RMS (AES Standard)
50W @ 8 ohm
solid state
70 Hz to 8 kHz
100 dB SPL
9.26 lbs / 4.2 kg
8.86 in. / 22.5 cm
8.86 in. / 22.5 cm
8.62 in. / 21.9 cm

Connection level:
An auxiliary input, headphone output, DI output, a tweeter output, a switch "ground lift".

Two knobs:
_VLE (Vintage low emulator: it acts like a tone, it reduces the treble / high mids)


I do not think you can do more easily and efficiently.
The manual is of no use, if one has already played on an amp at least once in his life.
The sound is superb, very well defined. I do not even serve me VLE.


This amp suits both my style of music (Jazz, Swing), it allows me to jamer, anywhere, anytime, as long as I can plug it in, of course.
A guitar (Ibanez af 85 vls), it produces a fabulous jazz, although it is a bass amp. A bass is a great support to play with acoustic musicians on bass, for bosser, make intimate sessions, it's great. There is a lack of serious, of course, but it is inherent in the fact that, yes, it is a HP 6'' there in the creature, not a 15''.
But precisely this format can take it everywhere, unfortunately, I have not yet found a backpack that can hold it. I have not really tried to be honest.
The sound of the instrument is very well respected. My Streamer Stage II sounds great in it.
It must still do not ask the impossible: 50W, 50W it's still playing with a drummer is in the field of illusion. Unless someone says drummer is sensitive and full of sweetness, which is in fact very rare in drummers.


I use it for about 6 months. I already tried a lot of amps, and I have been sawn.
I owned the MINIMARK few years, and I thought it was a bastard size: too heavy to be transported 2km without feeling badly effects, not powerful enough to play electrified group, unless making music " gently. " It is not impossible, but will have to try to convince a musician to play more softly, you will soon understand that doing the same thing with a group is purely illusory.
So this full stack amp wonder my Markbass 500, I sometimes reluctant to get off the top of my 3 floors.
What I like the most is its size and weight. The sound it delivers is beautiful.
What I like least ... My three floors without elevator! : (((
on the other hand, as new, it's amp is expensive. And Phil Jones offers the interesting things that look for less. In nine, at least.
But I do not care, I bought OCCAZ. And I think I do it again this choice, unless Phil Jones ...

lvmax's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" Small and surprisingly powerful for its size"

Markbass Micromark
Everything has already been said about the Features.
It is really pokey in size (that's what surprised me the most), and is lightweight.
The FFT filter is really nice.
Input and output to headphones.
Excellent manufacturing quality ... what the Markbass.


Very easy to use.
Have the connectors on the top instead of the front, makes it easy.
I used to carry me home, but now I will not hesitate to bring to rehearsals.


I play Washburn XB400 Bantam with a force that already has a pre-amp thunder of God and placed with the couple Micromark, it takes a sound decanted. That said, do not expect to do a concert, volume up on the bass and the amp does not follow the Micromark (breath and distortion), at least that's what I noticed with my Washburn .
The FFT filter is not a useless gadget, it contributes greatly to the sound search.


It is easy to store, it is handy, transportable with a retractable handle.
It is true that there is a fan running and it perceives (like PC running), but personally it does not bother me.

Again, do not expect to "rock the house" with, there are physical limits as the size of the speaker and subwoofer, for against the "small box" will surprise many.

I got a nice price (275 €), I would not deprive myself :)
Damien "MACHINAGROOVE"11/09/2012

Damien "MACHINAGROOVE"'s review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" BY SMALL SIZE LARGE BY ITS"

Markbass Micromark
- Amp Bass Combo
- 50 Watts
- Mini combo
- 70Hz to 80KHz
- Volume Control
- FFT Filter
- Entries CD/MP3
- Headphone and XLR
- Switch on / off HP
- Output jack tweeter
- Dimensions 22x22x22
- Weight 4.2 kg


Ras as always with Markbass is plugged his bass and the sound was perfect! A volume knob and one for the filter (VPF has Markbass expensive) ample.


Markbass fan of j have little Mark III head with a baffle 121 traveler (excellent gear) for large concerts and rehearsals impromptu give my low during work or at home, this little MicroMark is ideal.

I play the groove, rock, funk and other varieties with Musicman fretless fretted 4/5 strings and the sound produced by this little amp is great (as always with Markbass) c is simple, I no longer use my little Micromark to detriment of my other installation). These are my ears say thank you :)

Despite its small bowl, the sound is stunning whether or slap stop: it was the low, heat, slamming, fishing and gives the sound that you want by adjusting the latter with the VPF button!

What I like about this brand is that its c amps do not seek to "color" the sound of the instruments but recreate the sound as it is. It has the natural sound of the bass instrument is therefore the better the sound good!

In short, I love this stuff!!

That said, small flat, I noticed that the sound a little poc j when using my B string on my 5 string when the volume is set at half. But adapting his game, the problem is even rule him (and saw the little thing, we will not complain too much, the sound is exceptional).


I use MicroMark since June and I confess I'm totally addicted! To work at home c is ideal for small and repeated acoustic!

After having tried various brands such as Hartke amps, Ampeg, Trace Elliot and others I confess that my preference for Markbass was a revelation even obvious!

J I discovered this brand during the last show of music and I was able to fit me a head Little Mark III and one bafle Traveler 121 with the bonus of a great booster pedal Marbass a lower cost because the seller made me bargain prices any competition since Markbass amp is MY brand of record!

Despite the prices a bit high Markbass products are EXCELLENT and a little resourcefulness and patience you can come across interesting specials on the net (I hit my MicroMark 350 € NEW (shipping included) instead of 485 during a promo flash in Sonovente (big fluke)).

To summarize this product: SIMPLE, EFFICIENT, LIGHTWEIGHT, POWERFUL, LOW PROFILE, PERFECT MADE IN ITALY (not in China or other Asian countries).

jakovitch's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" Small cube / large warm sound"

Markbass Micromark
This is a 50W transistor amp. Volume controls (or gain, it is the same!) And VPF filter digging mediums for a more modern or flat equation for a more old school. Headphone jack, auxiliary input, DI output: it is brief but sufficient for home, the ox on the terrace, small gigs without a drummer ... It may lack a little loop effect.
The amazing thing about this amp is the size ratio - weight / power - quality. It's really stunning. So one can / wants to lug around in a backpack or via its handle. In the metro, the problem becomes LOW IS HEAVIER!


Usage is childish. It mounts the volume and filter VPF can simply pick up a rich palette of different sounds. For recording, the speaker is detachable, the DI effective.


The FFT filter, combined with your equation on the bass, can get all the sounds you want, from modern to vintage, from jazz to rock. If any serious problem with my well rendered, without saturation. I have not seen to date of default is a versatile amp good throughout. The sound is very warm while staying on all audible frequencies. Obviously in the limit of 60W issued.


The price had put off more than once to even want to try it. But the report size - weight / power - widely touted as the forums, the reputation of Markbass convinced me to buy it. I absolutely do not regret as I use it every day and on any terrain. It lacks power to play with a drummer. But then I ask the moon given its size ...

xplod6666's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent amp"

Markbass Micromark
Everything is on this amp. I put 9 because I found the course a second instrument input. I teach bass and then moving to I use all the time thereof. Even at home elsewhere. And suddenly I'm forced to walk off with a small mixer to be exploited too. That's it. I would have found perfect with a second entry!


Operation is super simple: volume. And widening the FFT equalization. Anyway, to get a good sound on any amp, you must already know its the best bass and microphones configurations. Personally I always found a good sound on all the amps I've used (Torque, Laney, Ampeg, Markbass, Yorkville ....) just fine tune his bass amp and adjust according to its points strengths and weaknesses.

What is really great on this amp is the power it delivers compared to its small size! It's bluffing. The first time I tried it in the store I was absolutely astounded and I promised to save to get one .... I arrived after 3 or 4 years! But I did!

And not least, I would say even better super convenient: the HP section. This is far from a gadget. We can work with headphones without disturbing others, but mostly we can use this little cube as a simple oscillator. The DI is excellent and is located after the FFT and volume. We can really use this as a preamp for recording or stage and the sound that we have settled.

Its power can be used in rehearsal (well, it depends on the drummer who accompanies you as well ...)


It is suitable for all styles simply, I repeat, to know how to set his bass.
It may sound very dry, but very groovy with lots of bass. All the techniques will find their fingers, slap, pick. Frankly BRAVO MARKBASS for this little gem!

The flat tone issue is that if pushed far into the volume, you lose a lot of "low". But this is normal given the size of HP (6 "!!). You can not ask for the moon either. But with the volume knob half .... what it sounds! ! Happiness.

I use it with a JazzBass fretted, fretless, an Ibanez SR200. Everything sounds faithfully on bass used.


It's been a year since I use it. I tried many amps since I played.

What I like most is its small size and power (relative to volume).

Bé value for money ... is the weak spot .... € 500 ... must be recovered .... I had the good luck of having to OCCAZ to 320 € which is great but still expensive. I find that 320 € nine would be correct considering the excellent quality and features of this amp.

Malga its price .... I think I would do this choice. It is so convenient!

crch's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Markbass Micromark
- What kind of amplifier? transistor
- What is the power delivered? 50 Watts and so TRUE
- What connection? an instrument input, XLR line output (with ground lift & cut a break hp), one entry, a headphone jack, an output hp
- What are the settings, the effects? ... markbass to a specific filter that boosts bass and treble digging mediums (quite handy for quickly finding a sound, but rather is for slappeurs, but personally I use it to attenuate the screaming of my piezo acoustic bass) .

This amp is fairly neutral and respects very well the original sound of the bass.
morality, if you have a good bass, if not top it ...
blackfinger with a front (compressor dual lamp, one for compression and one for gain) it sounds like an amp with tube preamp

9 because no equalization


- The configuration is it simple?
- Gets it easy to sound good?
- The manual is clear and sufficient? ...

yes, yes, yes (if I'm repeating myself to have a good bass)

10 with good bass


- Will it fit your style of music? I think it is suitable for all styles
- With what (s) guitar (s) / low (s) or effect (s) do you play? Jazzbass fender and acoustic bass, effects: the most frequently used blackfinger with acoustic MXR EVH Phase 90 (script mode), and bass aphex Xciter with Jazzbass
- What kind of sound you get and with what settings ("crystalline", "bold ",....)? ALL

defects: the high-volume integrated limit is not very discreet, it is unfortunate


It is a very complete amp: amp work, registration, return with a sound system (being sure of its sound).

would the high price was perfect (and even if you put end to end ampii the price of a work, a preamp worthy of the name, a direct box as worthy of the name and a stage monitor is scheduled to arrive at more expensive).

it's amazing to be able to take his bass with one hand on the other his amp (4'5 Kg) and to be quasi-independent.

gletaxin's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Markbass Micromark
input jack
output (table mix) XLR
power setting and FFT filter


Two buttons to adjust.
No manual.


Yamaha acoustic bass and silentbass.
Without pushing the volume up, the sound is correct.


This is only 50W, so rather work at home or to use as return (XLR).
The sound is OK, except the power to push back and pull the strings.
The Big Foot is the weight and size:
a cube of side 20 cm, weighing 4.5 kg, a sound enough ...
The dream of the bass?
Only the price is a little discouraging (500 €).