Ampeg SVT-15E
Ampeg SVT-15E

SVT-15E, Bass Guitar Speaker from Ampeg in the Classic series.

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Average Score:4.9( 4.9/5 based on 6 reviews )
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chicomoreno's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ampeg SVT-15E
speaker 15 "200W 35kg used for couples with a head svt450h


this place is for serious spcial but the highs are quite respect the record is clear with nice bass perfectly round.
it's heavy, very sturdy with a great sound quality and aesthetics. is made for the concerts is super strong.


I use it for 2 years I chose because I wanted the sound and I wanted the ampeg sound that would follow me a long time. I would do without hesitation that choice.

crrcrr's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ampeg SVT-15E
I bought this cabinet with closed eyes in a 4x10 complment of the same brand that I was completely convinced. I wish to use it in all my groups (which ranged from mtal funk / rock) because of its small footprint and weight reasonable. Used alone or with only a 4x10 Ampeg head on a Markbass Little Mark.


Ampeg sound, you love it or hate it!

Whether for use with live or repeated, in both cases, a crazy drummer who banged on his drums as if to crush stones in prison, the sound was separate envelope, the powerful bass and well Dfine no complaints except ... mid-aigues/aigues on ...

So it's the cata! Slapper can not imagine it, it sends bass cab and nothing else. I frankly trsdu t this point, even though my 4x10 of the same mark provides acute and enjoyable quality of the cost.

So to say, I did used this speaker for my group mtal because it is in the registry I think it sounds the best, APRS is all a matter of taste.


Badly took me to buy this cab without trying to Prior as the Premire cost you, I shed a tear of regret. In the end, I made this sound a dnu of acute and I have even found a super or register (for me) he excelled: the nag.

Branch for several months on an EBS Fafner, he quickly shows its limitations Contents of claret and crisp sound in the treble.

A try before you buy then.

tubulubtu's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ampeg SVT-15E
I wanted to spend a 4X10 combo "a head and body spars.
The ct lightweight baffle that I liked I plan to put an EBS Fafner top


The sound is quite stupfiant, it is clear prcis.
In the low end is really rich and contrasts with many other HP I've tried (Marshall, Peavey, Hartke, Ashdown)
I have used with a power amplifier PA and a BSS DI box, it faithfully reproduces the sound of my bass (Musicman Stingray), and enhances color particulire.
Same for the slap, was working.


I use it only for 2 weeks with the config above and cit dej Ampeg is the quality l.
Report average quality but it is a reliable purchase.
I do it again this choice without problem but I want to pair a 2X10 "Eden to see.
little simon11/11/2007

little simon's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ampeg SVT-15E
For CHARACTERISTICS see the first notice.
I use it only for the time coupled with an Ashdown MAG300 head.
The config I used to play alone or BPS but will the weight for future concerts in small room.


It is a 15-inch trs not neutral. I am yet to see tonn how mdiums are well rendered, prcis. As for acute ... who needs acute? Not exactly hi-fi (in this case prfrez a 410 or even another brand).
I t trs agrablemnt surprised as he is able to provide the same equilibrated used alone. I use an overdrive and it restores trs much grain, which is rare with a TRS 15 inches.


I did that yesterday.
I love the fact it can be used alone, without dsquilibre sound. The weight is reasonable. I admit I have not tried other speakers, but I came across a case of the reputable and Ampeg Classic Series is not to (and trsmrite).
For the report qualitprix, unbeatable for me (bought $ 350 a person, still in the box). Good price franais better but you really need is a sustainable investment. Next step, the addition of a 2x10 and the purchase of another head.

funkyman64's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ampeg SVT-15E
T say everything on prcdemment CHARACTERISTICS product.
I use it for scne the studio, and with a head RPTS HARKTE 3500, I can tell you that the sound is HUGE ... I plan to buy the Ampeg SVT 410HE Bafle to the triple body, and later the head SVT 3 PRO, APRS I will fill ...


The sound of this resort it is round low (the largest home CHARACTERISTICS Ampeg) and trs prcis on the full spectrum frequency drives the sound is clear, the dynamics out of common ...


I have been using is ending for six months I really fell in love with this cabinet, I have tried many other speakers before you buy. I tried all models in the HARTKE (410TP transport, 410XL) then the I t really disappointed with the brand ... I was fortunate to be able to try the house is a 2 days APRS speaker produced a sizzling same for the 410XL, I concluded that is a default of c'tait SERIES (since dlocalisation of HARTKE in China is really the stew ...) and I pass a value of the market AMPEG sre. say no more ... It is true that these speakers are a bit expensive but it's a great investment. over time I have done exactly the same choice ...

The_funky_drummer's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ampeg SVT-15E
Dimensions: 22 x 24 x 16
Weight: 72 Pounds
Component 1: Magnet Weight: 80 oz
Component 1: Size: 1 x 15 "Cast
Component 1: Voice Coil: 2.5 "
Frequency Response (-3 dB): 50 Hz - 3 kHz
Maximum SPL: 123 dB
Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohms
Program Handling: 400 Watts
RMS Handling: 200 Watts
Sensitivity: 98 dB
Usable Low Frequency (-10dB): 33 Hz


The sound is standard, I use the stroke a Hartke HA3500, the bass is round and powerful, and even the high notes come out very well despite the 15 "and no tweeter. Slapper I very much and I am not g n the contrary: I j 2 * 10 test the only one in the series, and I've prfr the 15 "for the roundness and the serious missing really 2 * 10. But if I am in need of more power, I certainly invest it in the second cabinet to get a couple 2 * 10 + 1 * 15 very beneficial.
I play funk princpalement, soul, rock, hard rock, reggae ... in short, everything sounds impeccably.


It's been two months that I use the it works just as well, and I n will change it for anything! (Well that may be a little eden would not refuse but ...) I tried a J and a behringer Hartke (Hartke copy of) that I hated him because far too bright and clear as his, as a fender AIM that I have not either, because the sound is too neutral, But I've tried the ampeg and, c was really the sound I was looking for. I think the prices in Germany (about 530) is reasonable, but in France, better try the OCCAZ '.