Behringer BA115
Behringer BA115

BA115, Bass Guitar Speaker from Behringer in the Ultrabass series.

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All user reviews for the Behringer BA115

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Average Score:4.0( 4/5 based on 5 reviews )
 1 user review20 %
 3 reviews60 %
 1 user review20 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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hornet 2205/12/2012

hornet 22's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good 15"

Behringer BA115

-What characteristics have motivated your choice?

I find a good stack and not too expensive but I came across it with suspicion because the echoes of this brand were not very good (wrong).

-For what purpose?
Initially home alone and then in a group

-What amp / What configuration?

At first it was coupled with the head BX4500H, now I added a trace elliot April 10



I'm not a super sound technician all I can tell you is that strong ca clears and it does not crack an inch every kind of bass over the cheeks BC beast, fenders of microwave active through epiphones of active and passive sound is always good well adjusted in their duties on the bass which is above



-How long you use it?
Since April 2006 is therefore ca 6 years on and flawless.

-Did you try other models before buying it?
This box need not answer perfectly to what I expect from a 15 "THE GRAVE"

-What is so special that you love the most, least?
the most? Ben's grave. The least: for now nothing.

-How do you value for money?
we must not mess the price is more than adequate for providing a given quality

jhorloger's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Surprising for a brand first prize"

Behringer BA115
I think everything is said in the previous opinion regarding the characteristics.
I bought it at the base with a BA210 from the same brand for a stack not too big not too expensive up to redeem my GK 700RB-II
Finally I reached the BA210 which was really a disaster (The sound continuously saturated) and I replaced it with a Ashdown MAG410T.
This is the config I still today almost 4 years later.


The tweeter is a cat, he blows a lot. Once cut, there is a switch on the back that allows it, the breath is nonexistent. Coupled with a Ashdown 410, the sound is nickel. THE BA115 has no acute and MAG was not serious.
At least it allows them to complete.
I was loaned for several months in a Trace Elliot 15 inches, compared to the Behringer, and although it was a catastrophe. If he will not receive the my 5 string.
The BA115, my 5-string without cash bp. He never saturated and does not bleed into the grave as could make the Trace Elliot.
The aluminum dish gives it a dynamic sound and metal is the sound I wanted.


So I use for almost 4 years of 1 to 2 repeats of 3 hours per week, plus concerts.
He never made me lurch, HP has never broken, unlike a Hartke aluminum that has not supported most of the 20s 5-string, like what all HP brands may be defective.
What I like least is that the carpet is a real nest crap and are not easy to clean.
The value for money is excellent, I did not keep him so long to the behringer.
If I had no tunes and an urgent need for a subwoofer, I would do this choice without hesitation.
The wheels are a little gadget, but they are very practical given the weight.
ytse vinz06/08/2007

ytse vinz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer BA115
Prsentation good.
Price seductive.
INTERESTED power displays.
Used with a head Hartke HA 5500.
For a (sound and see APRS), I put 8 / 10.
If the reliability is one CHARACTERISTICS, so I split the two, then four. (And bam!)


It does.
Powerful, prcis, very deep bass (though with a serious need at least a. ..!), dbrayable a tweeter (also it's cool, because sometimes, a claque a bit too), and its relatively neutral.


Used one year and one month ... and died. (The notice is in place to share!)
That's it Ben's Behringer! I refused to believe in rumors about the brand (it is not alone in this case) and then PAF, I lche.
- The price.
- The sound.
- Power.

the -:
- Weight.
- The wheels (crappy).
- The Longva.

Buy a cabinet a year, because of the beast 250, it is far better to invest a + hard +.
I bought a Genz-Benz 15 "Well j'adre my sound and I TRUST!

Blackking's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer BA115
Well, well mid jOperation the head over a behringer cabinet Hartke ba450h hcv810 over a BB115 and BA115 plus a biento and c Armageddon in repeats and in concert.
its the mega mega pork slap or finger o o mediator or even a stroke gro fuzz
g pod xt bass in a preamp and c nikel


Ke's nothing to say boneur


Jlutilize depui year pa gro gro expensive and ultra sound and solid

cocobass's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer BA115
A good sense as a large baffle collect up to 600 watts into 8ohm

I bought it the basis for its price (around 300 euros) and really worth it for an amp to 350 or 400 n'exdant W!
I used a Ashdown ABM 500 EVO II 575W into 4 ohm (between 350 W and 400 W at 8ohm) and HP took 2 months.
The loudspeaker is a 15 'BUGGE, mtallique It sounds warm and as long as the amp was not too powerful (not over 459W into 4 ohms I think ...

Note the prsence a mistake or "tweet" dbrayable. Nickel connectors, speaker cable between Jack or link, possibility to plug in SERIES with another speaker.

Also possibility to plug a pedal to enable / disable the horn.

Another great thing practical, small wheels RECESSED bottom of the box (bottom left in photo), allowing easy transport, the PSE qd 40KG even close to the guy!
Also a metal grille trs solid. It's heavy.

The manual is short, simple and prcis. Not need more.

While the price aa the hat. But gaffe your amp! I put the note 7 / 10 because with a Hartke HA 3500 amp type trs is good but not over


A well rounded and without a serious mistake, agu much more aggressive with the wrong I and parts Reserved to slap a little more lead.

It has sound but quite versatile enough metal in general. Although pchu and round. It works well trs. I have not tried the heads Berhinger which were associated. That said before I use it with an amp Yamaha BBT 500H 500W under which delivered with the dc 2ohm speaker (8ohm walking in) I had an equivalent of 200 W and break everything is just right, a snores a little ... what

I think to do it well requires a sound amplifier that has the trunk (but not too!). With mine so I have to change the HP and I mount a celestion BL 15 above (the quality of production is even much suprieure qd). I use it in concert and rpt. It's enough for me. I think however, by his sister complter BA 210 for agus a mistake because even when some limits, even when it is too noisy ... Qd is the same cabinet Ampeg 300 euros not three times that price. But may be I will make him suffer the same treatment, just replace it with celestion 12 '.


I use this speaker for over a year and I find the report honntement qualitprix more than valid. I do not think you can compare it with its neighbors Ampeg or Hartke premium at least, but honntement for small and medium budgets for someone not overly demanding a worth! !

To have test with multiple amp heads I Do not hesitate to re-purchase for a speaker of this price anyway, but with a less powerful amp!
I advise all the modified HP cot me 170 euros (seller audiotubetech Lyon).

It was best to break the sugar on the back of this brand, I think we have the product COMPTITE REALLY pregnant with mid-range type Hartke VX (in the range 400 euro what) while having more power, heat and got my round.