Peavey TVX 410
Peavey TVX 410

TVX 410, Bass Guitar Speaker from Peavey in the TVX series.

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Baxter_x 01/25/2013

Peavey TVX 410 : Baxter_x's user review


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I use this amp in u rehearsal studio with a head Peavey 450H.
But I have my gear propore: SWR Goliath III and Ampeg SVT4 PRo. My bass is a Fender American Deluxe Preceision 5 string 2001.


I was very surprised rendering the baffle. He gets very serious and has a very good potato despite fréquances rich enough that I send it. my sound is pretty close to Fieldy. For the record, Feildy started on this type of gear before switching to Ampeg. Look good clip Blind, if you have a doubt ;)
So you'll easily this type of sound because the speaker is very robust. You can send it without risk of tearing the HP.
And it's cheap:! € 333 at Thomann

On the negative there is the weight! It is very heavy (about 50kg I think).
The fineness of the sound is not great for purists like me. Well, I'm used to the SWR also so good ....


I recommend this to any front baffle person seeking a (very) big sound in line with Fieldy and developping one pretty massive volume. While maintaining a budget. The value for money is the best I've tried.

To summarize

+ The price (cheap)
+ The sound it produces massive
+ Indestructible

- Weight:
- The lack of smoothness of the sound (in my opinion)