Electro-Harmonix Enigma: Q Balls
Electro-Harmonix Enigma: Q Balls

Enigma: Q Balls, Bass Wah-Wah/Auto Wah-Wah/Filter from Electro-Harmonix.

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G-Spot's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Which has a Q Balls!"

Electro-Harmonix Enigma: Q Balls
The "Enigma: Qballs is an envelope filter pedal (envelope filter) ... but what good is that?
If you know you know what Bootsy Collins that effect (on the title "Ahh ... The Name Is Bootsy, Baby", "Play with Bootsy") ... for others, try the side of the RHCP ("Falling into Grace" album One Hot Minute)
to go into details, the Q: Balls does two things: a kind of auto-wah which can adjust the frequency range (frequency of start / finish scanning, mode), with some ascent / descent for scanning (attack / decay), and therefore the effect is triggered from a threshold (sensitivity) and the effect may be more or less drastically increased ('Q').
A blend knob for the determination of processed signal or not.
Two pushbuttons nice: you can not initiate or effect (bypass), and trigger a further distortion to accentuate the effect quack!
No edict, no rack, total analog.
There is an inlet, an outlet with effect, a direct out (useful!), And an input for an external pedal, if you do not want the automatic effect.
And a small light that illuminates when the pedal is saturated!


The general configuration is not simple, you must hack to find what you want.
The manual is clear and sufficient but it is in English for those who are put off.

The pedal is simple from the moment we realized that the buttons "attack" (heating rate) and "start" (start frequency) work together. Same for "decay" (descent rate) and "end" (stop frequency).

I would say the sound editing is difficult because the pedal allows so many possibilities that it is confusing at first ... again this is an effect not widespread but so effective! Finally, it is indeed a very special and we hear little about the disc: it is quick to emphasize the line.

I put 6 for the time to tweak the settings ...


Good there, it's too good ... I'm not saying the sound is of better quality. I say that the possibilities are endless: a low frequency oscillation set to rock and squeaker squeaker ultra-funky Enigma is here!
You want to mess up a notch? a little bit of distortion!
It would be nice to trigger the effect only slaps on the shoot? The sensitivity is adjusted well and it's good.
We want the effect in the loop: Blend thoroughly!
There is a mode button that moves the frequency of start / end to low (LF), middle 'MF) or treble (HF).

I use the Q Balls with a MusicMan Stingray5: o), but I placed it in the effects loop of my pedal EBS MicroBass II. It allows me to keep my live sound and to better calibrate the effect.

I put only 7 because there is no true bypass ... detrimental to me.
The point is more delicate than the beast in some settings may swing of sub bass can ruin an amp or ears. This is where the red LED "overload" is useful!


Must have less than a year. It is a fact that applies sparingly ... therefore not suitable for any style of music. If you like the Fonk: c'mon dark!
I will try the Electro Harmonix Nano well Bassballs, it is certainly easier but allows less sound.
I like:
+ Configuration fully customizable so the range of sounds possible
+ Button Most Valuable Blend
+ Outputs direct or effective

- A little difficult to use at first
- Not true Bypass
- The sub bass generated which can be harmful to the Matis and ears of friends!

Me, i like the serious Enigma: Qballs! Bootsy rules!