Mooer Sweeper
Mooer Sweeper

Sweeper, Bass Wah-Wah/Auto Wah-Wah/Filter from Mooer in the Micro series.

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dumdumbass's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The duck is in the box ..."

Mooer Sweeper
This is a mini pedal (analog?) Bass (seems here does on a guitar), 9V (no slot for a stack) with True Bypass. The issue is serious.
Two main effects: an auto-wah called Clean and Fuzz-Wah. Is chosen according to a switch.
Both are managed by two mini knobs called: range and resonance.
Finally, a big knob called intensivity ...


We quickly made the turn. It's simple: either with or without the Fuzz. After further refinement with range and reso.
Mini knobs are very (too) sensitive.
These pedals are so easy to carry ... But in a situation together, no obvious good chopper switch. There's interest out scratcher pedal on its base, otherwise you may reverse and / or abuse the wiring ...


1. The Clean function is an auto-wah-type Q balls which sounds pretty, pretty close to the competition. You can force the knobs for a more original sound, though.
Mini reso knob sends noise when it takes here. I even heard remarks again ... ;-)
And also a little breath ...
2. The Fuzz has a grain of his own. There was this particular sound funky "duck" makes me happy ... and plug banana everyone ... Same comment on the Reso knob for the Clean function. Noise "that turn" are audible, except to find just the right position ...
Unfortunately the volume knob intensivity sends the same time as the effect, which is very annoying for fine adjustments (note: this does not exist with the Clean function); or when the pedal is pressed during play In addition it cuts the bass ... You must choose between the sound and volume ...
So I often use a LS2 (pedal Boss mix) for assaying the best of both worlds ... especially as inserted in a chain of effects, ducks tend to eat the rest. But it's too fun :-)


I use it for 2 months and I love his duck on Fuzz function. For the grain there, PCQ I have several other wah pedals (Cry Baby White, MXR, EBS ...) for a clean sound, better proportioned.
The sending of (and too much) with the volume intensivity annoys me every time depending on the Fuzz ...
Q / P: very good (for the price ...).