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Mooer user reviews

  • Mooer Ocean Machine

    Mooer Ocean Machine - "Incredible Sound Scapes is only the beginning" has images


    SOUND: Although you can use this reverb + dual delay in a very subtle way (a bit of reverb or delay) you will be addicted to hours of play and experimentation as you turn up the mix and mess around with the knobs.…

  • Mooer Funky Monkey

    Mooer Funky Monkey - "A great pedal at a great price"


    UTILIZATION This is a small pedal. If you do not like small pedals, then this will not be for you. Don't buy a pedal that you know in advance is small and then complain about it's size. Even though these are small pedals they are not too diffic…

  • Mooer Black Truck

    Mooer Black Truck - "Great Tone and Packed with Features" has images


    SOUND: The Black Truck offers plenty of tone sculpting possibilities. The Hi-Gain component, for example, allows you to either hump or scoop the midrange, besides there being a Tone …

  • Mooer 020 - Blueno

    Mooer 020 - Blueno - "Incredible cleans and unique distortions" has images


    SOUND: Of all the preamps I’ve used, this is by far one of the best; and it makes other pedals sound incredible. There is plenty of warmth and dynamics in the notes, whether playing on…

  • Mooer 019 - UK Gold PLX

    Mooer 019 - UK Gold PLX - "Marshall 1967 50w Amp/Cab in a Micro Pedal"


    SOUND: To describe the Mooer Preamp 019 you could definitely say it is ‘amp-like.’ A true preamp with cab simulation (which you can turn off), the sound is authentic, rich and dynamic. The Clea…

  • Mooer 009 Blacknight

    Mooer 009 Blacknight - "Mooer micro preamp 009 -ENGL Blackmore review" has images


    The Mooer micro preamp 009 -ENGL Blackmore is a great preamp! The cleans are fuller than most and the Hi Gain channel is articulate and bright. I compaired it to my AMT Elect E-1 (ENGL Fireball -JFET preamp) and found it to be very dynamic. Awsome va…

Translated user reviews
  • Mooer Ensemble King

    Mooer Ensemble King - " This is a very good chorus"


    This is a great chorus that wants to approach that of BOSS and really it's very good for the price all analog + on the other hand, I'll put the mxr analog chorus a little above in terms of sound quality …

  • Mooer Cruncher

    Mooer Cruncher - " Even typed"


    Analog, true bypass, power sector only. Volume center, tone, gain. Switch classical Chinese but ... UTILIZATION Very easy to use. SOUND QUALITY It is ultimately a rather typical brit Marshall distortion that fits all types of guitars. If yo…

  • Mooer TresCab

    Mooer TresCab - " not top"


    This pedal simulates speakers with mic positions or bass / treble adjustment pedal simulates speaker sound 1x8 "4x 12" UTILIZATION Editing sounds easy the manual is two pages and still !! lol SOUND QUALITY Sound quality: I bought this s…

  • Mooer Hustle Drive

    Mooer Hustle Drive - " Potato and pokey"


    Over drive micro feeding, because not possible to accommodate a stack (really tiny) is a real gain space on the pedal board. Controls: Drive, Volume, Tone Switch High / Low Peak (wholesale output signal stronger or weaker) Input and output 6.3m…