Mooer Hustle Drive
Mooer Hustle Drive

Hustle Drive, Distortion from Mooer in the Micro series.

des99 09/23/2014

Mooer Hustle Drive : des99's user review

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Over drive micro feeding, because not possible to accommodate a stack (really tiny) is a real gain space on the pedal board.
Controls: Drive, Volume, Tone
Switch High / Low Peak (wholesale output signal stronger or weaker)
Input and output 6.3mm
Status LEDs
True Bypass !!
Dimensions: 93.5 x 42 x 52 mm thomann
Weight: 160 g


This micro pedal does the job of large, with a quality and very significant for me grain. Some would say that the knobs are very small. Yes to Volume and tone ... but in general I do not touch it during the concert. Remains the drive that is adaptable and goes from nice drive, the distortion that shipments already pate.
At a scenic beef with another group, I found myself jamming with that little thing at the end of the foot. Normally, I used a Ice9 VOX. Well even with the boost of 10 Db of the latter, I could not get out as much harmonic gas ...
In short, a revelation.
I have since invested in a drive Rumble and micro DI mooer home.


I have several distos underfoot. This e Ci used for solos and sometimes I also cheat a little grain of gain that is dirty sound just right. To be honest, I hesitate to take a second.


I would do without this choice problem, because it is mini in size, price, for something that works ^^