Mooer Hustle Drive
Mooer Hustle Drive

Hustle Drive, Distortion from Mooer in the Micro series.

stfboile 11/11/2012

Mooer Hustle Drive : stfboile's user review

«  Excellent price / quality ratio »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Pedal Mooer Chinese brand has decided to copy many legendary pedals in its series Micro. The Hustle Drive is Fulltone OCD wants one and uses the same settings: Gain, Volume, Tone switch and a Low Pass, High Pass.
True Bypass pedal feeding in 9V


Settings efficient and easy to use.
A slight breeze but not disturbing.
The pedal is solid, but attention still together (this is not a rat anyway)


Crunch dynamic, responsive to the guitar volume, typical british with his trunk, presence and a nice size bass. The spectrum covered is wide enough and the sound is compressed enough that chord sounds compact and therefore more effective. Means more than an agreement which several notes played together with other OD are sufficiently detached (the Trimode Radial for example).


To 3 times less expensive than nine OCD, this is a great pedal for those who do not have a big budget or who wants an additional OD. Of course it does not replace 100% of OCD but just for those who hesitate to buy it without testing it for a very low price can be considered accountable and then when the opportunity arises to purchase true ... and try to understand why it is 3 times more expensive then it is 3 times better ...