Mooer Hustle Drive
Mooer Hustle Drive

Hustle Drive, Distortion from Mooer in the Micro series.

defre5564027 05/10/2013

Mooer Hustle Drive : defre5564027's user review

«  Maousse beefy »

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"Imitation" of the Fulltone OCD. Not having had the opportunity to try the OCD will be difficult to make a comparison.
Pedal allows subtle, playing volume and tone knobs to go to overdrive distortion / fuzz light depending on the guitar used.
It's true bypass no worries.


Manuel reduced to its minimum. We found it very quickly. Volume, tone, drive, hp, lp. We quickly found one or more sounds, no pb.


The drive is really feeling the knob after 12pm. Before we remain in overdrive quite muscular, then we go into the hot fat distortion.
The effect is very good. Pedal received an hour ago from Singapore, I've played telephone, clapton, oasis and a flanger kashmir of my little Led Zeppelin. So rather versatile pedal I think.
For now I tested it with my strat U.S. equipped with dual microphones and split (the little59 of at SD). I can not wait to try it with my Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus.
The sound of the Strat is felt not worry. Everything is plugged into a fender hotrod deluxe with a little reverb and GT5 boss in the loop for modulation effects.


I use it for an hour. I'll give an opinion after several months of use, but for now the impression is very good and I do not regret my purchase (€ 40). She will squat my pedalboard as long as it get along with my other pedals (TS9, radial and classic hotbritish, tech21xxl).
Plus: good surprise but views were good and for the price I was not taking a big risk. Quality very correct manufacturing of made in china. Versatility of the pedal. It goes from blues british sound just by mounting the volume on the guitar. 2 modes (hp and lp) are effective and offer a real workable sound. The LP sends you live in England, the LP will pull acute tearing eardrums providing more subtlety. For my part I stayed in this mode there.
The least: the volume of the pedal. I put it at 9am to be at the guitar in bypass mode. But hey, I quibble.