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BBE Stomp Boxes user reviews

  • BBE Freq Boost

    BBE Freq Boost - "Bad rendition of a classic pedal"


    Nothing special here: Input, output, power jack, power indicator, stomp switch, battery compartment, volume knob. Overall a very very simple pedal. No midi, or anything out of the ordinary. UTILIZATION So not commenting on the sound quality at all…

  • BBE Sonic Stomp

    BBE Sonic Stomp - "Not a toy"


    OK, some people don't understand these things...They play with a lot more parameters than just EQ...Phase relationships and harmonics also play a huge role... Anyway, it's a dead simple pedal with 1/4 in and out and an on and off switch.... The…

  • BBE Sonic Stomp

    BBE Sonic Stomp - "Like the difference between mastered and unmastered."


    This is an extremely straightforward and easy to use processor that can do wonders for your sound. I've had a hard time really getting this across through words, but playing one of these does all the talking that you would need. As far as the act…

  • BBE Supa-Charger

    BBE Supa-Charger - "Isolated power at a fair price"


    Features: - 8 outputs total - Switchable 9, 12v - Outputs 5 and 6 switchable 9, 16v - Adjustable input voltage - 2.1 mm cables. Also comes with 2 2.5mm cables. - 100 mA per output, outputs 5, 6 pushing 200mA - Filtered and isolated - Bright …

  • BBE Supa-Charger

    BBE Supa-Charger - "Great power supply!"


    The BBE Supa Charger is a straight-up copy of the Voodoo Labs Pedal Power II Plus, except that the Supa Charger can deal with either 115 or 230 Volts for input power. Normally I don't like buying Chinese stuff when I can buy American-made, but the Pe…

  • BBE Supa-Charger

    BBE Supa-Charger - "Great Power Supply"


    This is an isolated, 8 output power supply. It's reliable, can switch between 120 and 240 volts, and is noiseless. Outputs 5 and 6 are switchable to 16 volts, and the rest are switchable between 9 and 12 volts. It uses a standard Kettle lead for it's…

  • BBE Boosta Grande V2

    BBE Boosta Grande V2 - PurposeToMelody's review


    BBE Boosta Grande Produces up to 20dB of clean gain without affecting the original sound Engineered and built to withstand the abuse of life on the road Hardwire bypass LED operation indicator Non-slip rubber base Easy-access 9V battery compartment I…

  • BBE Sonic Stomp

    BBE Sonic Stomp - "BBE Sonic Stomp Pedal"


    This is the Sonic Stomp SS Sonic Maximizer pedal put out by BBE Sound. Basically the Sonic Maximizer effect does one thing and that one thing is it makes your amp go boom. This pedal has 2 knobs. From left to right they are Lo Contour and Proces…

  • BBE Supa-Charger

    BBE Supa-Charger - "BBE Supa Charger"


    This is the Supa Charger by BBE Sound Inc. it is basically a no bull power supply that up to 8 different pedals. Voltage is good for any 8 12 and 16 volt pedal. The goal is hum free power and it does a good job. I was building a pedalboard for a…

  • BBE Supa-Charger

    BBE Supa-Charger - "Sweet power supply with hum cancel and voltage switch!"


    This is a power supply for guitar pedals made by BBE. This is a pretty awesome power supply, as it has 8 channels that can be used simultaneously for different pedals. This alone makes it pretty cool. A cool feature of this power supply is that it ha…