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Bespeco user reviews

  • Bespeco WM12

    Bespeco WM12 - " Plastoc but not fake!"


    volume pedal rack, analog. The body is machined true plastic. Jack in, jack out, and roll youth. UTILIZATION It is very difficult to get any easier, it is a passive effect, so it is constantly on the sound. one shot sound or not, or is made betwe…

  • Bespeco DBX40A

    Bespeco DBX40A - " Simple, easy to use, good sound"


    Active direct box to AOP. Rackable 1U. Input / output / link in jack, balanced XLR output front and rear. Attenuator-20dB, 20 dB boost UTILIZATION No need for manual use a DI in general. This is normal, intuitive ... NOTE: 1 - it is …

  • Bespeco Fligh ABS 19" 8U

    Bespeco Fligh ABS 19" 8U - " Expensive for the quality, very disappointing ..."


    I used to carry two different amps and rack-type compressor, preamps, reverb ... I have with me the SKB and Gator also. Bespeco the robustness level is very disappointing ... I bought about 300 € in 2007 and result, after several trips (taking …

  • Bespeco Weeper - WhaWha volume

    Bespeco Weeper - WhaWha volume - " Fairly well"


    easy to use, no settings, input and mono output, a battery or transformer 9v most about this pedal is that once deactived wha she acts volume pedal. UTILIZATION plug and play.un tad short but it's still a good wha SOUND QUALITY it is quite co…

  • Bespeco BMUSB100 MIDI USB

    Bespeco BMUSB100 MIDI USB - " Works now!"


    This is my first such interface. I use a behringer mixer DDM4000 to control my lights I use it on an EEEPC 1005HA Netbook, Atom processor UTILIZATION I use a behringer mixer DDM4000 (not at all an instrument) to control the FreeStyler softw…

  • Bespeco WM12

    Bespeco WM12 - "Ok as temporary"


    A volume pedal? uh Effects of violin, uh not for me, so it is down or up, actually. His race merely prevents the crescendo between "silence" and "little sound". A slow tempo, forget What's a mute pedal. good, considering the price should …

  • Bespeco Weeper - WhaWha volume

    Bespeco Weeper - WhaWha volume - " choice" has images


    Very easy to use a mono input, mono output, plug in loop or in series, battery powered 9-volt transformer or as much of the pedals. Function and volume ..... wha. UTILIZATION Lol no manual configuration ..... no adjustments possible. If you use …

  • Bespeco Weeper - WhaWha volume

    Bespeco Weeper - WhaWha volume - " Bad !!!!!"


    Well, start remembering. Looks like the VH10 Ibanez, but it stops there. Wah-Volume UTILIZATION Simpler, you die. An input output ....... and the pedal. No manual ...... what for?? SOUND QUALITY So, the next volume, I find it very good, good…

  • Bespeco WM12

    Bespeco WM12 - Yougui's review


    Plastic pedals Between a (in) and output (out) extremely simple! UTILIZATION It is plastic so can not be trs solid and relatively intensive use lgre thus moves easily! SOUND QUALITY Good quality of the return stroke of the pedals is quit…

  • Bespeco IRO450P Professional noiseless cable 4.50m

    Bespeco IRO450P Professional noiseless cable 4.50m - Nooltheking's review


    So I use these cables for 1 year with relatively cheap equipment (Ibanez JS, GT8 ...) and must say that I t is EMBT by noise from the tps thinking tt ca had my electric system, and changing cables I noticed that the problem was coming from! the cab…