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Blackstar Amplification classified ads

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  • Blackstar Ht5210  Black

    Blackstar Ht5210 Blackhas images


    Shipping is included in price. Im selling my Blackstar Ht5210 in MINT condition. No scratches or scuff anywhere. Comes with power cable and footswitch both in mint condition. I bought …

  • BlackStar Blackstar HT Stage 100

    BlackStar Blackstar HT Stage 100has images


    This is the head all gigging guitarists should be playing with!Color: "Black"

  • BlackStar Studio 10

    BlackStar Studio 10has images


    Amp in decent shape. The tolex has some marks here and there and could be tucked under and back to be re-glued some. This thing has quite a bit of oomph to it for a 10 watt.Amplifier Type: T…