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  • Blue Microphones Icicle

    Blue Microphones Icicle - "Fantastic when on an extreme budget!"


    The Blue Icicle is Blue's entry into the world of stick interfaces, combining a preamp and the analog to digital converters in a small space. Blue advertises the Icicle has a preamp with 40 dB of gain and 48V of phantom power. In use, I have found th…

  • Blue Microphones Spark

    Blue Microphones Spark - "Great Mic For Everyone"


    The Blue Spark is a relatively new microphone from Blue. This small but powerful cardioid, solid-state condenser mic should be the first choice for anyone looking for a mid to low cost mic for recording. Built into this mic are Class-A discrete elect…

  • Blue Microphones Spark

    Blue Microphones Spark - Wedges2's review


    The Blue Spark is a great condensor mic that I use for strictly home recording. As you can see from the picture above that it looks pretty sharp too.. It's got a great build and an even better sound. OVERALL OPINION For the price this microphone i…

  • Blue Microphones Bluebird

    Blue Microphones Bluebird - "High performance and versatility for the home studio"


    Blue's Bluebird microphone is a condenser with a cardioid pattern and a 20Hz to 20kHz frequency range. This mic has a high SPL rating (138 db, if I'm not mistaken) which makes it versatile enough to handle vocals, close micing of drums, electric or a…

  • Blue Microphones Snowflake

    Blue Microphones Snowflake - "Awesome USB mic! "


    This is a really cool new microphone designed by Blue. They have an amazing selection of microphones, and this one, while a lot different from most of the other microphones I've tried, has a lot going for it as well. It's a USB condenser mic, which w…

  • Blue Microphones Bottle

    Blue Microphones Bottle - "Expensive but effective microphone!"


    I recently had the pleasure of having this microphone in the studio with a freelance engineer who brought it. It's truly a remarkable microphone. I haven't had much experience with this microphone until recently when we did an album for an acoustic s…

  • Blue Microphones EyeBall 2.0

    Blue Microphones EyeBall 2.0 - " The webcam for sound engineers ..." has images


    I think Blue is the only brand to have created a webcam with a condenser microphone, and I must say that it changes everything :-) OVERALL OPINION I use the Eyeball for 6 months. I plugged it and it worked directly with Skype. The sound qual…

  • Blue Microphones YETI

    Blue Microphones YETI - tranis's review


    Dynamic mic (4 positions: stereo, cardioid, omni, and figure-8), very versatile. OVERALL OPINION I've had it for a week and I'm amazed by the quality of live recordings (vocals-guitar). To be honest, given its price, it's the best investment I've m…

  • Blue Microphones Kickball

    Blue Microphones Kickball - moosers's review


    Blue Microphones' Kickball is a dynamic microphone that is designed for recording bass drum in the recording studio.  This is the only application that I've used this mic for, so this review will be focusing on this kind of use only, although I could…

  • Blue Microphones Woodpecker

    Blue Microphones Woodpecker - moosers's review


    Blue Microphones' Woodpecker is a unique designed ribbon microphone that can be used with any type of preamp.  It has a pretty high output for a ribbon microphone and is best suited in the recording studio since it still is a ribbon mic.  The mic has…