Blue Microphones Dragonfly
Blue Microphones Dragonfly
Le Mouk 09/01/2008

Blue Microphones Dragonfly : Le Mouk's user review


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Condenser microphone.
I have personally used for guitars made, mainly saturated and the fact grve!


This is the time I record with deuxime. I'm really a fan of this mic, the sound is really magnificent or refund. The bass is tight, the treble without being sharp perants, mids and wide "as quot;. Well, I guess that the amp rglages are not for nothing, because This restores micro trs Fidler what comes out of the cabinet.

I used a baffle in Engl V30, in addition to the Blueberry same brand (very good too) on a baffle VHT Deliverance, and an SM57 on a baffle 421 Mesa. The combination of four microphones on 3 cabinets is just unbelievable!
I'm not a great expert in micro (I'm scratch, not-ing sound!) But I'm enough of a fight with SM57, or 421 of the E609, there is no picture, I still prfrerais Dragonfly putting only one instead of three microphones-CITS pr!
I think the really excellent Systm suspension of the microphone, which "floats" littralement, such as the dragonfly. ;)
I did not have to buy it myself even, so I found the report qualitprix unbeatable. No, srieusement, I think the mic next to the sound in which I invest, he ... Although the Blueberry is formidable, but small preferences in Dragonfly ...