Blue Microphones Dragonfly
Blue Microphones Dragonfly
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All user reviews for the Blue Microphones Dragonfly

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 10 reviews )
 7 reviews70 %
 3 reviews30 %
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James...'s review"Great budget mic"

Blue Microphones Dragonfly
The design on the Dragonfly is really unique and I believe it won a number of awards for its innovative spec. The physical design as well as the circuitry is very different than most cardioid condensers. Blue claims it's meant to be used as a pop vocals mic and for electric guitar. Well obviously it does work well for vocals. I found that the Dragonfly works particularly well for young girls and guys with higher voices. If you have a 20 something year old with a Taylor Swift or Adam Levine type of range then this is an incredible mic to have at hand. I feel it adds the thump that those vocals need.

While it does also work nicely for drum overhead (who would have thought?) I also found it works great on my Taylor Jumbo and a couple other acoustics. I never would've found this out until one day I needed to record an acoustic part and the Dragonfly happened to be turned on. I was surprised how much it complimented my acoustic. It's since become a staple for that purpose.

It is okay for electric guitars but not like I was led to believe. Maybe as a room mic? I would rather use another more specially designed cab mic but I suppose this would work in a pinch.


You can use this thing for a surprising amount. It will do almost any drum duty their is. Toms, snare, overhead, or bass kick. Whatever. Also it doesn't seem to be fussy with placement like a lot of Blue mics are. For the price it's a no brainer. This is a building block mic for any small studio considering the versatility. It has the high Blue build quality and finely tuned performance they are known for in spades. I can't complain about it in any way. It's worth twice what the asking price is. Highly recommended.

moosers's review

Blue Microphones Dragonfly
The Blue Microphones Dragonfly is a uniquely designed condenser microphone made for use in the recording studio.  It has a unique shock mount that holds the mic in place and also comes with a storage box.  There isn't much more to say about the characteristics of this microphone as that is pretty much all there is to it.


I've used the Blue Microphones Dragonfly a number of times to record a variety of applications and I've found it to be a very good microphone.  It isn't my favorite microphone that Blue has to offer, but this doesn't mean that this isn't a great mic, I just really love the line of mics that Blue has put out.  Like all of the Blue Microphones, the Dragonfly has its own quirks and interesting look and shape which lends to the way that you can place it and what it is best suited for.  I have found that the mic works great for a variety of applications including vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, horns, and bass guitar.  This being said I can't say if it will work well with other applications for sure as I haven't had the chance to try it out for other things, but I would bet that it would sound great for most applications as this is definitely a well rounded microphone that is built for a variety of applications.  The price of the Blue Microphones Dragonfly isn't all that cheap but is definitely reasonable considering the quality of microphone that you are getting.  If you are looking to add to your collection the Blue Microphones Dragonfly is a great way to go, but I probably wouldn't recommend buying it as your first or go to microphone for a smaller home studio setting because of its strange design that may not make it the best choice for certain situations.  All in all, the Blue Microphones Dragonfly is definitely a microphone that is worth checking out.

victormelamade's review

Blue Microphones Dragonfly
This is a very strange mic at first glance. It looks like a wimpy podcasting mic, but don't be fooled! This is a very serious contender in the studio large diaphragm condenser range. This mic has its limitations, but it has some nice unique features too. First of all the design is really unique and cool to look at, which may please some and others won't care. It has an integrated shock mount for the capsule, which I haven't seen on any other mic and is very convenient for when you need to get a mic set up quickly. The capsule and diaphragm are actually located on a rotating clamp, so that after you get the microphone body itself positioned nicely, you can then rotate the capsule to fine tune your mic placement even more. This feature may seem simple, but you would be surprised at how handy it is for minute adjustments like when you are recording acoustic guitar that actually have a big impact. The polar pattern is limited to cardioid though, so this mic does lose a couple of points there. Overall the sound of this mic is up to par with other Blue products, which is to say the mic sounds very nice. The mic has very low self noise so your recordings come out as clean as the weakest link in your chain. The mic also comes with a nice box for storage.


I have access to this mic at a studio I work at frequently, and I often use this mic for acoustic instruments like guitars, banjos, or string instruments that need a little bit more body than a small diaphragm condenser would provide. This mic is actually very cheap for the sound quality you are getting. That combined with the other unique features on this mic make it I think a great value from a solid company. To top it off, the studio once had a problem with the capsule getting disconnected from the body. The mic was still under warranty and apparently Blue was fantastic to deal with on the customer service end - something that many people will be pleased to know. I definitely recommend this one.

goFish's review"BLUE Dragonfly"

Blue Microphones Dragonfly
I have been fascinated with BLUE mics for some time now, and was looking for the right opportunity to jump in and try one. I got the Dragonfly at Guitar Center for just under 700. The sales rep discounted me because it was the display model, and because I am a regular customer.

I love the sound of the Dragonfly. It's clean, crisp, and still full with just the right amount of low end. You can't beat its positionability. In case you haven't seen it (and you really should look it up, it's quite unusual looking), it has a long body with a floating round capsule head that is wonderfully positionable for different sounds and applications. My acoustic guitar sounds awesome in this mic. Plus, it grabs the sound of any electic guitar cabinet and produces every nuance faithfully. I'm not big on this mic for male vocals, but I've heard some women who sound spectacular with the Dragonfly.

A little price for an amature like myself. Still, it's a worthwhile investment for the future. This will be a classic mic.

While I've already given a hint at what the mic looks like, let me just add that it feels solid. It comes with its own built in shock mount. I'm hoping that the moving head of the mic will maintain its quality for years to come.

I don't know what kind of bucks you have to shell out, but this mic is worthy of your investment. I wouldn't recommend it for your basic beginner mic cabinet, but it should be your first choice when taking things to the next level. I plan on adding a Kiwi next. In the meantime, the BLUE Dragonfly WILL NOT dissapoint you in the least bit. Plus, it's a whole lot of fun to use and is quite eye catching to look at (why looks are important, I don't know, but this is one cool looking mic).

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thewindwaker's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Blue Microphones Dragonfly
- A large diaphragm condenser microphone (taken voice, instrument, mood, overhead, acoustic guitar is a little while ...)


I use it for several months, tested on Vocals, acoustic guitar and overhead, passed in the Neve 1073 preamp Ruper Neve Portico, API 512 and Avalon M5. it is very good on absolutely everything the preamps.
very good on the voice (I think it's a very U.S.) with a nice medium high very much present.
I ended up buying a pair for overhead. and stereo taken. for singing I prefer the Kiwi in blue too.

Before I tested: Neumann TLM127, Blue Kiwi, C414B, TLM 103, AT4040, Brauner Phantom and many more ...

In summary, this is an excellent microphone good on almost everything (I have not tested on saturated guitar amp because I use Royer that seem irreplaceable for this job) on vocals is a very good sort of C414 prettier and sleeker

jubjub's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Design, Voice of proximity and Natural!"

Blue Microphones Dragonfly
I use it mainly for vocals and my acoustic guitar


I use it for 2 months, I love the retro look. I used before a blue Apex 410, not the same range! So rather satisfied with the dragonfly :)
I like her, its proximity effect and its accuracy level. It brings a particular grain that fits well with my singing voice and that of my friend based hip-hop.
It transcribes a very realistic voice anyway. Even with Ai u87 with which it is sometimes recorded in the studio of a friend, is often said to me "You're singing there or it's your buddy?" Now, we can clearly distinguish our voices!

Before, and even with the u87, we tripled our voices to give a natural chorus. Now, I prefer to store only one plug for the lead to give the Natural and this side, that is very much the blue dragonfly. Just copy the lead in parallel to the compression booster.
I go through a tube preamp with a tube JJ Tesla (see my comparison test here:
I have to put the ball micro 45 ° upward to avoid whistling.

For the folk guitar, I could not compare with other micro that APEX is more nervous - garish, but it's pretty good.

I remake that choice!
Luna records01/04/2013

Luna records's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" great mic, do not hesitate"

Blue Microphones Dragonfly
I go to most, it is a high-quality microphone, your voice perfectly transcribed in detail.
microphone versatility, all types of instruments detailed sound (maracas, percussive wave
well transcribed.

Despite its versatility, it is not with this microphone that we will do christophe maé ca c 'is clear, it is not typical varieties

its sound, detailed front and perfectly placed for jazz, rock band, rap and rnb because its presence is awesome!

I added two sound clips has this advice you will find no difficulty in the main plug of the product., a medley, blue on the voice and universal audio preamp 710
and on the cover of gainsbourg, the blue and 6176 to reach the sound universe Gainsbourg
Audiofanzine on extracts only the voice was recorded with, to warm the signal, the microphone is plugged into a preamp Universal Audio 710 Twin finity and sound card rme fireface 400 (excellent convertos)
marriage and 710 blue dragonfly is absolutely fantastic.

one in the C214 for example 710 is too bland and not enough tenfold, however NT1A rode one is embellished by far

here is my link to see everything that can be done with this microphone

on the title link forgive me this is the blue dragonfly in 6176 to universal audio
Whenever Wherever and whatever it is blue and the 710 guitars and same thing.

good listening!


I used for 3 years, I had not tried other mics in the price of.
I had one and rode NT1A AKG C214. it says I spend my life listening microphone on youtube and despite the necessarily be altered, we recognize each leg.

I relied on a lot Audiofanzine opinion, some forums and a lot of plays that led me to this choice the.

most is its ease of mixing, taking this well controlled micro and barely touch the EQ, ca direct.a returns in terms of having good speakers to hear the voice quality (which is my case personal).

I like the design can be less, it would have come one hexagon U87 ca would not cost more, they have done well in rode, after blue is a brand that knows how to differentiate by design and sound.

example, a U87 is not worth much beside the blue kiwi or worse the model ca 5000 euros more laughs dutout the neumann u 87 is downright outperformed! already by lekiwi that is in the same price range.

current value for money, interesting, it's a non-stop moving micro level price so be smarter!
I bought 800 euros two weeks after he was no more than to 600 and € 580 after a downright, he was finally recovered in more than 700 euros.

so I do not regret this choice dutout but as we sound engineers, we are always in search of the holy grail of sound ... j I actually fell for the Gemini 5 model is electronics, he has incredible presence by a bump against relatively high frequencies, as in the mean and hissing the sss but it's also what makes its charm (more adapted to the acoustic guitar pop voice very precise and the famous Gemini is so good you have not even want to put a reverb difference between the blue and the se c is roughly 200 euros, that I hope I have been able to respond your questions and your doubt this micro

jy-piaf's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Perfect for me"

Blue Microphones Dragonfly
Blue Dragonfly. Taken its mixed live and studio.
Condenser microphone large diaphragm, beautiful even if
suspension (comes with) does not seem very useful at first.


I use this mic for almost a year. I bought it especially for my voice, slightly nasal aging: (I already used a U87 in the studio but it does not really restored my true sound. Dragonfly With this is exactly what I was looking for. Many heat, but disagree with those who say we do not equate. has a small hump at 2 kHz, but nothing too bad. I also used for recording djembe, drum in over head, guitar amplifier, violin, accoustic guitars. thing I like most about this mic is despite some scholars EQ sometimes it returns always a beautiful well cut with a lot of heat. (I have a UA twin finity in preamp) He also performed significantly better with preamp lamp. Regarding accoustic guitar, especially guitars embellished it cheap with little bass, but for others, it is better small microphone diaphragm causes serious too important, regardless of the microphone. (I speak of course of top microphones and high-end). violins For it is simply monstrous, an incomparable greatness of his (I 4041 was a before and it was already very good), guitar amps, it is very good but also the positioning of micro become very important over ditto head; This is what I end up with.
I think it is a microphone with which you can do everything but requires a good experience of the assertions made in his studio. Imposing serious this could be inconvenient microphone for some. Personally it suits me well because once equalized sound found a beautiful transparency without losing any heat.
When the acute, no complaints, some prefer a very bright mic, which is not the case of the Dragonfly, but this is why I bought it.
Le Mouk09/01/2008

Le Mouk's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Blue Microphones Dragonfly
Condenser microphone.
I have personally used for guitars made, mainly saturated and the fact grve!


This is the time I record with deuxime. I'm really a fan of this mic, the sound is really magnificent or refund. The bass is tight, the treble without being sharp perants, mids and wide "as quot;. Well, I guess that the amp rglages are not for nothing, because This restores micro trs Fidler what comes out of the cabinet.

I used a baffle in Engl V30, in addition to the Blueberry same brand (very good too) on a baffle VHT Deliverance, and an SM57 on a baffle 421 Mesa. The combination of four microphones on 3 cabinets is just unbelievable!
I'm not a great expert in micro (I'm scratch, not-ing sound!) But I'm enough of a fight with SM57, or 421 of the E609, there is no picture, I still prfrerais Dragonfly putting only one instead of three microphones-CITS pr!
I think the really excellent Systm suspension of the microphone, which "floats" littralement, such as the dragonfly. ;)
I did not have to buy it myself even, so I found the report qualitprix unbeatable. No, srieusement, I think the mic next to the sound in which I invest, he ... Although the Blueberry is formidable, but small preferences in Dragonfly ...

hiphop92's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Blue Microphones Dragonfly
The dragonfly is a small bomb for both voice percussion instruments for the acoustic guitar in short it is good that little con trs mark n is not known in France becaufe the shop kind of home studio music star prefers to offer us some shit a crazy price rather than quality of the real damage is c j have my mic pay 700 euros in the United States and is particularly effective compare to its competitors I use with the prampli tubetch c mp1a serious all the bomb so now that I have what I need to fuck the rest bigup


I used the past year and I do it again the same choice even if I had more money to the report quality price for this microphone is exeptionnel I tell you