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Average Score:4.9( 4.9/5 based on 12 reviews )
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Audience: Advanced users Value For Money : Excellent
Your Local Musician12/16/2016

Your Local Musician's review"Excellent Microphone! "

Neumann U 87 Ai
What an excellent bit of kit! a friend of mine recently gave me the honour of borrowing it for a weekend studio session and had some excellent results recording vocals and guitar. Its a heft price tag but once you've bought it you won't regret it.

here's my full review of what I got up to -


JoeW1's review

Neumann U 87 Ai
Neumann U87 Ai is a recording microphone that is based around a condenser technology.


This product is a legend , it has over 70 000 of users and everybody that has ever used it , loved it.

The quality of it , that light design , Neumann technology , perfect combination that can be only found on Neumann products.

I like the fact that this is has a variable large-diaphragm , it has a high pass and attenuator to reduce noise and not necessary incoming signals and also a very powerful low cut filter to cut out the humming and other low frequencies.

Another great thing about this mic , are the polar patterns that are omnidirectional, cardioid, and figure-8 and that are guarded by a grille to not get damaged.

It has a A 10 dB attenuation switch, and something that's really wow it can support up to 127 dB without getting any type of distorsion.

My opinion about the value for the price isn't so great , this is a very expensive product , the price goes around 3600$ to even 4000 $ , a lot of money and considering how diverse the condensers microphones market is , you could probably get a better deal in terms of price and quality.

I've tried several condenser microphones , this is probably the most used in studios and home studios , due to its reputation , design , sound capture and durability over time.

Having said that , this mic is amazing , the only down side to it , is the price , but if money is not a problem you should check this mic out.

Knowing what I know, I don't think I would try or buy this microphone again mainly because everyday the technology evolves and you can find a better deal.

polishdog90's review"Pristine Sound"

Neumann U 87 Ai
Microphone Type - Condenser
Polar Pattern(s) - Cardiod, Omni, Figure-8
Frequency Response - 20Hz-20kHz
Max SPL - 117 dB (ardioid) THD 0.5%); 127 dB THD 0.5% with preattenuation
Output Impedance - 200 ohms
Signal to Noise Ratio - 68/71/69 dB CCIR (rel. 94 dB SPL); 79/82/80 dB A-weighted (rel. 94 dB SPL)
Self Noise - 26/23/25 dB CCIR; 15/12/14 dB-A A-weighted
Pads - 10 dB
Length - 7.87"
Width - 2.2"
Depth - 2.2"
Weight - 1.1 lbs.

I use this microphone for studio recording. I wouldn't trust it with live sound because it's too expensive.


This microphone sounds great. Well really, it sounds like nothing. It sounds totally transparent. Whatever you put into this mic will come out on the same on the recording. Because of this I don't always like using it on certain applications. For example, it sounds great on vocals but if the singer doesn't sound great it will show up on the recording. As long as your sound source is good it sounds great. I use it on vocals pretty frequently and on acoustic instruments. It like it on orchestral strings and on horns as well. You really get what you pay for with this mic. It is expensive but you can't replace its sound with a cheaper mic. I would buy this mic again if I had a surplus of money. You can get great sounds with cheaper mics but if you have the money this is irreplaceable.

remypolfliet's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Neumann U 87 Ai
Good mic for any application, primarily used for voice, drum ambience, bass drum, acoustic guitar.


I use it for 2 months.
I've tried lots of pickups before.
I love the sound Neumann is one micro very good, very warm, which perfectly reproduces what we mean naturally.

I would do that choice without a doubt!

13AnnA13's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Neumann U 87 Ai


How long you use it? 15 YEARS

What is so special that you love most: AS GOOD AS THE M-149


Did you tried many other models before buying it: M-149, Brauner, Tlm 103, 193 Tlm (FABULOUS AND ALSO GOOD), UM-57, GROOVE TUBE, RODE ...

How would you rate the quality / price ratio: BUT IS NOT PRESENT IN THE TIME UNLIKE SOME OTHER

With experience, you do again this choice: BEN YES, THERE IS NO COMPETITION TO DATE

fabamarie's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" the true legend"

Neumann U 87 Ai
One of the most versatile mics I know


it deserves its reputation, I will not have much to complain when his grades, with, I really discovered the word transient, it is capable of many things and mix it is a treat

it will not go with all the voices, it is not particularly strong, nor in the grave or in the treble, it will do its job with flair, which is why when you have a doubt in your park and micro shortly, the U87 will always be a very good choice and as much on the voices of other instruments

if you need a mic for your voice, take more time to look and try, if it is a renowned micro and considering the price, it is better to find a microphone that will go to your voice like a glove and the original and will really be in for a preamp, it would be stupid to trust only in legend and realize that it is appropriate that much to your voice. so test before buying

If you already have some microphones and projects, it will be a strong ally and will bring you lots

rroland's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Neumann U 87 Ai
All mentioned above


Used for so many years that I have not counted. I also use the FEt80 and FEt70, blowing a little (especially 70).
This is "the" micro-all-trades. If there remained no doubt that it would be this one. Only, you see he is not great, and pay so much for a sound that certainly is nice but not exceptional, almost one asks the question "Is it worth so much."
At the time of the mix on the other hand, this is when the price is justified: the track fits into the mix without any difficulty.
With experience, I would do without this choice problem. As for saying that the "old" U87 sounded better, it's farce. They breathed, and had a lower output level. As a result, the preamp had a slightly higher value (you had more gain). But at the sound, it is extremely close, and at the same level quality issue. And I feel no nostalgia for the old models of breath ...

boogie-raf's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The essential micro studio"

Neumann U 87 Ai
Large-diaphragm condenser microphone, directivity variable (omni, bi and cardio). A 10 dB pad and low cut filter. XLR connector standard. Orient decision-but effective voice for all sources


3 years

yes: C414, AT4050, AT3060, Neumann M 149.

Fidler and the neutrality of votes taken for

Expensive for the home studio, it is very fast profitability in a professional environment.

Without hesitating

frbaro's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Neumann U 87 Ai
Houpert Arnault said everything on this microphone, for cons I do not agree with the advice of KM184.

Arnault, would not you not the sound engineer I would have seen Sotteville (76) there are three or four years to do a live in "Campania bears music"?

Franois Baronet (54)
Sound & Recording
Tel: 03 83 62 54 17

U-FLYstudio's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Neumann U 87 Ai
3-directional condenser microphone (cardio, omni, eight)
successor to the U87 (1986) and U67 (1967) which proposed an output circuit lamp (Telefunken EF806 found today on the Brauner VM1)
- The sensitivity of the capsule was increased by 10 dB compared to U87,
- It has a high pass filter and-10dB att
- Self-noise: 14 dB-A
- Sensitivity: 22mV/Pa
micro very well built, easily repaired and endowed with a clever montage
He brings a very musical color in decision-voice, softer than the cheaper models of the brand (TLM 103 for ex.)
Although the U87 makes the attack in the envelope of the sound picked up (transient) formidable, it is very balanced, which makes it indispensable in the studio as a base for micro votes taken.
He does have a slight personality, soft and rich while keeping the nerve, it remains in a discreet color and high-end.
No vulgarity here!
but that's not all!


Absolutely the best known of the micro artistites in the studio, it is imposing with its suspension, but not too much (eg M149), it is aesthetically perfect and influence for more than 40 years the design of all other large static diaphragm in the world !!!!!

Few comparable to other brand models:
- More musical and richer than a TLM 103
- A little more power and a relief U89, TLM 193 and KM86
- Less fat than M 149 in close
- And a more aggressive and tense U67
it's also one that works best couple AB and XY, (use of paired microphones!)
this mic is a credible alternative to a consistent result when we do not know well the singer in the session.
regarding the taking of acoustic instruments, versatility is excellent in this area:
- It is amazing on a set of strings, where it was immediately a beautiful grain quite colorful
AB in omni, or XY pair in the head with extra microphones Schoeps CCM4 type in the orchestra amb + DPA 4006 (the top for me)
- On acoustic guitars in AB (50 cm difference between the two microphones on either side of the rose window and 50 to 70 cm of it)
- Over in the battery, with a transcript of the attacks to an exceptionally powerful triggering downstream of any good compressor (UREI 1176, DBX 165 Distressor ... etc ...)
- A piano with a couple off AB piano, or sound as ORTF or AB miking.
In short, a microphone that has class, a light color, just enough, an unmatched pedigree in the world standart!

For my part I work on my pair of U87 Ai paired with a 2-channel preamp API 512c and Eq API 550 and two comp Urei 1176 that provide the basis for Graves and helps to really value all the qualities sonniques this microphone.
* Attention all times to pre tube amp with a U87, you really take a big and powerful and not too cheap and dug) transistor in all the beautiful model he will (Neve 1073.1272, VAB V72, Chandler TG Channel. )
see photos on my personal page of Audiofanzine!

Arnaud Houpert
Sound Technician