Neumann TLM 102
Neumann TLM 102

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 9 reviews )
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Value For Money : Excellent
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chrislieck's review"Good Mic but for the $$ Look around"

Neumann TLM 102
I use this microphone daily at my studio Here is my assessment of this mic. Clean, but not a U87 or even close. There are some major differences with this mic as opposed to other Neumann microphones. I like it for certain vocalists that have a great deal of dynamic control. If a singer is trained around a microphone and in a recording booth and has worked for many years with studios and recorded a great deal, I will pull this mic out of my collection. I don't use it if the singer is new, or a rapper, or a up and down vocalist that does not have experience or a great deal of knowledge about how to hit a mic the right way on high notes or louder notes. It has a real sensitive spot when it has a hot signal and it distorts way to easily.

If you have a hot signal to the mic that is in any way cracking up, it does not take a beating on the input stage like a U87 or a U67. Great for Vocals and Acoustic Guitar. It is what we call a medium sensitive mic. Meaning if your vocalist is loud, it is rather sensitive. So if you are using this without a compressor on the front end, you will have to ride the input gain. I like this microphone a great deal but I am not sure for the money you could not pick up a few other mics that do the trick and have some money left over for a few other pieces of gear or plug ins that you would need. The sound overall is very warm with low level input.


I use this mic daily but it is not our go to microphone. I do like it for vocals but only if the singer that you are using is trained and knows how to work a microphone correctly. There are better dummy proof mics out there and to be honest if I were on a limited budget try finding the hand made Superlux on Ebay which is a copy of the U87. I do like it for Acoustic Guitar. I don't use it for much else. As for bumps in the EQ, it has one in the high mid. There are several uses for the mic but I only found it useful for vocals and acoustic guitars. I did not use it for anything else.

BeyondR's review

Neumann TLM 102
Neumann TLM102 Studio Microphone is a recording mic.
It uses a condenser technology.


Neumann TLM102 Studio Microphone is a great product made by the famous Neumann company.
What I like most about it, it's the compact design and how in depth this mic captures the signal.

Another great thing about this mic is the large diaphragm microphone with cardioid directional feature, the sound pressure level of 144 dB also allows to record some percussion or some more quite sounds.
The 6 kHz frequency response allows a well structured vocal recording with the capture of overtones and tremble of the voice that is hard to find nowdays.

I also must mention the the fact that it adds some natural effect to the voice and edge that can make a huge difference in some more more soulful recordings or rocky songs.

The precision and quality of sounds is outstanding, I really do enjoy the quality provided by this product and everything related to this product, the design, the material, the frequency response, however this mic costs around 1000 $ so you should keep that in mind if you want to buy this product.

Precision and quality of sounds I could rate 9/ 10.

I tried several condenser types of mics , this has has a big advantage over others, the low noise and the precision of capturing the sounds, the vibrato and the natural tone of the singer.

Knowing What I know I'm quite sure if I would search for a mic that I can use even in a couple of years and get a decent quality, this would probably would be what I would choose.

However, there is something quite tricky about it, it doesn't come with shockmount and you either buy one, or just use the clip provided by the Neumann company.

mooseherman's review

Neumann TLM 102
This is a studio-only condenser microphone, made by a German company called Neumann. This company is one of the most respected manufacturers of microphones in the world, and many people are familiar with them as a industry standard. It's not very big in comparison to other Neumann mics, but it does have a large diaphragm. The pickup pattern of this microphone is cardioid. It has a clip and comes with a nice case. Being a condenser mic, this microphone is pretty sensitive, so be careful when handling it.


I think that this is probably not my favorite Neumann mic that I've tried, but it's the only one that I could use regularly as it isn't as expensive as the other ones I've tried. I actually like using it on acoustic guitars a whole lot, but I've used it on some vocalists and have had pretty good results. I certainly would tend to use a nicer Neumann if it was an option, but it isn't always, so I have to resort to this, which in all honesty is more than enough for the relatively low maintenance projects I sometimes work on. I'd certainly say that it works better on male vocals then female, although I haven't recorded every range of female vocalists with it, and the male vocalists I tend to record are baritones/tenors. I have tried using it in tandem with other mics on pianos, but I wasn't impressed. I don't think that it is meant to be used for those. All in all, the mic is solid. I'd say that if you are willing to spend a lot of money for the best Neumann mics, you should aim higher up, they are certainly worth it, especially for vocals. However, since for most people finance is an issue, I'd say that this is definitely a good purchase.

moosers's review

Neumann TLM 102
The Neumann TLM 102 is a very small in size, large diaphragm condenser microphone. It has pretty standard features for a Neumann, as it has a cardioid pick up pattern and will pick up the full frequency spectrum of human hearing (20 Hz to 20 KHz). The mic looks a lot like the TLM 103, but is indeed smaller. The mic comes with a clip and a hard wood case.


I don't own a Neumann TLM 102 myself, but have used one recently a few times in a professional studio for recording vocals. This is probably the least expensive Neumann condenser microphone on the market, so if you're looking to get that Neumann sound without spending a ton of cash, the TLM 102 is a nice option. While it doesn't sound as full and thick as a higher Neumann does, it does have a very clean sound quality suitable for applications of all types. It definitely has the precision that you would expect from a Neumann microphone. It is a little bit strange how small the mic is, but is just means that you have a to be a little more careful, which should be the case when handling any microphone, especially a Neumann! Since I've yet to have the chance to use the TLM 102 for recording anything other than male vocals, I can't say how well it would fare exactly, but I'm fairly sure that it would sound good on most acoustic instruments. Judging by the fact that it has a similar make up and design to the TLM 103, the TLM 102 should be just as versatile and an overall great choice to be an all purpose microphone for your home studio, or as part of the collection in a professional studio. For those looking for a great microphone at a great price, made by the best microphone manufacturer in the world, look no further than the Neumann TLM 102.
Elias :)06/14/2013

Elias :)'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good microphone"

Neumann TLM 102
I use for recording guitars and vocals. I use preamps (610 UAD solo, presonus eureka ...)
It sounds great with both.


I use it for 2 months. I also have a tlm 103.
I think this mic is up to my expectations. Slightly worse than the 103, but more than adequate for the home studio. To start home studio within a reasonable budget that is ideal. It is not very linear (like its big brother the 103 for that matter) but with a good plug in eq no prob.
I remake that choice without hesitation.
Philippe Hélard12/23/2010

Philippe Hélard's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Super but poorly assembled"

Neumann TLM 102
A truly universal mic.


I used it for several months now.
The sound is closer to my expectations than that the Rode NT1 I have been using until now.
Connected to my Yamaha i88X it is great.

But a few days ago, I heard a vibration noise on the input of its drum. Shaking (slightly) the microphone, it was a clatter of something badly connected. I hesitated and I removed because I'm on a project: no time to exchange it, too bad for the guarantee. It is an arc on the plastic capsule that vibrated as the screws were loose ...

I tightened the screws, and all is well again. Dismantling not obvious, I tore a wire of the cap ... I could resolder another thicker wire from a good microphone cable. Finally, everything works perfect.

lbgo000's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Neumann TLM 102
condenser microphone cardiovascular


I want to add my modest (I do not sound professional) opinion on the microphone.
I searched for a microphone jacks voice, guitar, violin. Given the relative quality of my current hardware - FirePod Presonus (I do not intend to change for now) and I use a homestudio, I did not want to invest in a super high-end microphone and plug into a sound card which does not agree.
After reading various reviews and having no opportunity to test, I turned to AKG214 or AT4040.
I visited the shops in Pigalle and after many discussions with nice vendors I finally bought the TLM102 on their unanimous advice (which did not seem to be just a business approach - actually I took a more expensive product ).
Here is the conclusion after using for a few days TLM102 (vocals, acoustic guitar, percussion):
- My only comparison with Samson C03 and Beyer MCE84 (oh yeah, we had to start somewhere): TLM102 ranks far, far better
- Superb definition of sound (the voice is downright amazing for a small microphone)
- High sensitivity (antipop screen is mandatory for voice) and good signal level at the output
- No audible breath unlike my other mics
- Its warm, soft and balanced position (close to the source generates a strong proximity effect - and as there is no low-cut filter on the mic - working position or EQ)
- The "s" are sweet and so far I have not needed to use the De-esser
- No attenuator (not necessary in my case) - Max SPL 144dB
- Easy to adapt (and not the elastic suspension) for the mic stand - we see where the savings are - I will have to re-wood the concrete floor and so far I have not felt the need for a suspension, it will need to be done thereafter.
- No carrying case, the original packaging foam padding

In all cases the TLM102 perfectly meets my expectations and I am happy with my purchase (it makes you want to have the right equipment)

goemonkun's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Arrtez of jacter for slab and take the scree"

Neumann TLM 102
Rap song using slam talk over what you want is a microphone, if you do not know what was used buys you a dictionary.
I had a hope lan post on the forum but the many narvalos this site do not even have deigned respond a simple question, finally, so I coupled this tlm mike and a gold for me.


1 months

Essay full audio technica mics at 4040 AKG C414 Rode nt Neumann U87 blah blah blah blah you can have a mike 10000, if you've got an acoustic shit: you keep your shit and your acoustic sound pickup thou the roll end and you ...
I love everything about this microphone: it is just faithful that is all
Report qualitprix I lost 4 pounds but I have a good mike now
With the blah blah blah blah With experience if we cut the wood.
Go friends (es) remove the fresh and arrtez jacter of this pure product that so many nazes snub again: "I prefers by far the definition of my U87" I heard the aut day DEATH OF LAUGHTER baltringue v will sell your ringtones or has funradio sky.

Pucelle_Dabidjan's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Neumann TLM 102
For a first test, I will not dwell too long on technical subjects. The microphone does not belong to me, anyway I have not been able to consult the data sheet or dismount to take a look.

This mic which I consider super small compared to other Neumann, gave me a good sound. First, it is very sensitive to head movements. Then, the sound does not become immediately as flat as the low-end microphones when it offsets from its source. Anyway we are facing a serious product. Cons, it is sensitive to noise pop and proximity. Thus, a pop filter is recommended.

The sound reminded me of the tlm 103, with a linear trend into the medium, then high frequencies rise a bit with a side ventilated. The microphone seemed sweeter than its counterpart 103, the treble a bit more nuanced and matted. Overall, the sound seems better controlled, sufficiently well defined, with certainly less massive bass, but also a tendency to growl as easily as his counterpart. However, I do not like this signature can be called vintage. I'd rather call it modern but not without sensuality.

Overall, this microphone seems more at ease with the voice. Even with more problematic voices. And that's good because that's what I'm expecting from a Neumann normally, even a cheap one.

Naturally we conducted tests on other sources. Connected to an acoustic guitar. The sound was soft with a tendency somewhat muted (at least the "Pete in your face" on the TLM103, anyway). I would use it in preference rather than guitar accompaniment for solo guitar. In this case, the TLM103 or Violet Design The Wedge (which comes out very well on both counts) will be more the case.

For a guitar amp, it seemed too soft even though the aforementioned strengths below are handy.

In terms of background, it exists, but not audible.

The final strength, much cash it's very strong signals without twisting. it leaves the door open, full of experiments. Unfortunately I had no drums or percussion on hand to check its behavior with such sources.


I do not use it, I describe it after trying it! (Yes, throw stones at me)
I had to buy a new large-diaphragm microphone and I compared different things that could please me.

I have not used a lot of other models before. My experience is still incomplete. What I can say is that this is a good microphone for vocals at an affordable price.

For me it is that the purple Wedge design in the same price category.  It has a  similar sound but is much more flexible to use (and more mature in sound) than Neumann. But as Brand Violet is substantially less known, I do not worry for Neumann- it is sure to be a commercial success. For my part, in any case, it is the purple that has prevailed and that is what I finally chose.