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PreSonus Eureka

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Eureka, Solid-State Pre-amp from PreSonus.

7 user reviews
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PreSonus Eureka tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: PreSonus
  • Model: Eureka
  • Category: Solid-State Pre-amps
  • Added in our database on: 04/06/2004

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PreSonus Eureka user reviews

Average Score:4.1( 4.1/5 based on 7 reviews )
 2 reviews29 %
 4 reviews57 %
 1 user review14 %
Value For Money :

linn134's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"Not bad at all."

PreSonus Eureka
The small slice of Presonus Eureka is a small rack of a unit well presented and richly diverse rglages dowry. The design is provided by PRESONUS the USA, China is building in a range Suprieure the series "blue" brand.
One feels a net cart range between a first tranche prices and EUREKA, in terms of finishing and assembly but also in terms of the quality of the components. Of course this is not a Presonus ADL, the beautiful designed by Anthony De Maria bb which costs up to competition (DBX 786, UA, Avalon Design).
But it is necessary to recognize it, a slice of middle console range and does the job without fuss this is already not bad. I will not venture to compare the EUREKA gear with big big mistake to have on hand and especially lack of being able to diffrencier ear.
Before going deep into the test I want to caution you on one important point:
EUREKA is primarily a slice of versatile console and reasonably neutral. There is no question of putting it in competition with machines JoeMeek or Bellari are they, tools that can color the sound significantly fawn.
Point of light on the horizon, everything is based on transistors, which is not a bad thing for a prampli less than 1000 euros. So exit lamps figuration sauce Behringer Magician.


It begins by exploring the ass of the animal with Methodius, as veterinarians studio: Internal power supply with IEC plug, power button (it's a pity the rear), outputs TRS jacks and XLR (symtriques so) location for the converter AD192 option (see below), Insert (departure and return two jack plugs spares) between microphone and line two Separate XLR and jack plugs.
In faade is Christmas, with a high between impdance (high-Z as the English say) and plethora of light switches and potentiometers aluminum dyed. The facade is beautiful like a heart in her dress brushed aluminum. A small analog VU meter (switchable display output gain or display rduction gain for the compressor).
Face the EUREKA, from left to right, we follow the signal flow in the machine ... almost.
Between instrument -> Pramplification -> Compressor -> Equalizer paramtrique -> Output
But the subtleties of the small animal is that one can reverse the location of the compressor and the equalizer. Thus it is possible to compress and then equalize or to equalize and compress after. EQ and compressor each have a silent indpendant bypass.

Presonus has named its circuit "Transformer Coupled Preamp". It's pretty, it sounds technical and fast degradation of the signal. I invite you look on the net operating principle of this circuit, with pretty equations and the whole shebang. In terms of the EUREKA, we dab the horn has sounded.
So we enter a line / signal mic / instrument in prampli, the gain is adjusted, we play with slecteur of impdance if necessary and shoo. Not zou actually: the small knob SATURATE raises questions. This device senses emulate saturation lamp pramplification. In fact it's quite subtle, has thickens the sound a bit and makes Theoretically more "musical". The effectiveness of my stuff is there on both Parameter: your ability to discern the change brings the circuit and your desire to hear. This is a color a bit and it's nice. We can do without it too, for my part I have trouble sometimes perceive the result.
The prampli is richly endowed in tmoins light and switches, and the required phase inverter is the same of a cutoff filter 80Hz. For the rest, I suggest you watch the same facade by you.

Aha, you attack all of the heavy viewpoints.
Maniacs compressor means dj wonder if we can use it as the 1176, the freaks are ready discreet compression rail against noise and Ventuel pumping animal well ... nothing.
The compressor of the EUREKA is a good compressor but not to the death your crush her or fucked like a shadok. It is between the two, capable of pumping a little while relatively little as 3/4 Introduced in time. So take a ride on the forum for you to realize that this compressor generates debate as just for its range rglages.

Three bands, with Q factor, Gain and range Frquence is already not bad. Do not forget that this is a channel strip one unit high, already well cluttered with a bunch of buttons and potentiometers. Overall this EQ is well done.
LOW calibrated 20Hz 300Hz
MID calibrated 200Hz 3KHz
HIGH calibrated to 2KHz 20KHz
Gains will each of 10dB + 10dB
We walk a little on your fingers as the facade is dense, but it is quite grable.

The Vu-Maître is quite symbolic, though everything nice in the middle of the facade, it reinforces the analog aspect of EUREKA. It's more than a rel tmoin of activity measurement tool as it is quite difficult to read less than 50cm from the rack.
The floor MASTER can be traced back off a little if necessary.

The option really not optional.
For my part I got it directly goes into the rack of EUREKA, purchased used in excellent condition. Some shops still sell EUREKA "naked", others sell the complete kit prmont others sell the option at a price of EUREKA.
I am not using the analog outputs in recording situation, so the AD192 was welcome. Overall this is a good high-resolution converter, which is more Strro. For a single card you can connect two AD192 EUREKA together to produce a digital signal on both channels. EUREKA is thus found in the ass of a rack ECHO Mona24, branch coaxial SPDIF with word clock sync (slave) by BNC. I only use the 16-bit / 44.1kHz for fashion models and 24bit / 96KHz way for more successful projects. The dynamic is good, better than that obtained with the first two channels fatigus my ECHO Mona24. The sound is less round than the two channels of the Mona valiant, but very worthwhile. It is far above the quality of the converter + prampli lot of mixers numriques.


For whom, for what?
EUREKA is a Swiss Army knife, neutral enough to cash in studio microphones (recovery of guitar or bass amp, the vocals), dynamic enough to catch tolrer battery (multiply by the number of over- heads and others when even!) and not bad at all to get a mono analog synth in a dj mix well full.


EUREKA is not a slice or AU Avalon, I repeats, but a good tool midrange really seriously. Only the reliability of the product could alienate more pro (for me no problem) but certainly not his.
On his release he had dbourser over 500 euros and almost as much for the AD192 card, so we approached the prices that put the hardware out of reach of small structures or amateurs. Now, if only one is found in stores, it became a very reasonable investment.
I never t a big fan of Presonus hardware. Their audio interfaces do not suit me and out of the ADL 600 absolutely superb all round he was not the question for me to invest in this brand whose products have a fairly average reliability of AD s many testimonies on forums (US and FR). Yet I Intress first little brother in the EUREKA STUDIO CHANNEL. I test with my favorite instrument (electric bass very high-end), a mean electric guitar (Epiphone Korina Explorer) and two microphones (Sennheiser and Beyer, both dynamic and high end) . I also made prter a condenser microphone (AKG C414) for testing purposes. The verdict t clear: STUDIO CHANNEL is not for me. A copy of the EUREKA was hanging in the shop and I compar. My prfrence was the EUREKA. Except that the price did not reflect what I was investing (I was looking only at prampli departure). An opportunity presents me and I have taken the plunge.
I may be in taking a slice SECOND!
In terms of efficacitprix placement, EUREKA is a good choice, quite alone in its segment slice complte less than 800 euros (AD192 included). This is definitely a good investment for a home studio or a small medium structure. My view bassist is clear: I keep only two boxes for live recording of my bass: Avalon U5 DI big and EUREKA.
Elias :)06/22/2013

Elias :)'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Value / super price"

PreSonus Eureka
It is a preamp with compression, equalization. In this price range it is rare to find these two options.


I use two mics TLM 103, TLM 102 it works great. (Taking voice / guitar)
The compressor works well (just pretending). The EQ is not very accurate to use without abuse. At the lower limit or boost some frequencies but gently ...


His hot, precise, without breath.


I use it for 1 year and a half. I also have a UAD SOLO 610. It is obviously better, but not compression outlet. And I think it is an important asset of the presonus.
The quality / price ratio for me is the best on the market in this product range. (Preamp without lamp)
I remake that choice without prob.

Fockwulf's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PreSonus Eureka
This is an analogue channel strip rack comprising:

- Prampli coupled transformer (technology employed by SSL!) With SETTING THE gain, impdance micro (2500.1500, 600, 150, 50 Ohms), saturation (the accumulation of lamps per addition of harmonics) and the traditional pad-20dB, phase inversion and 80Hz low cut with a slope of -3 dB)

- Compressor (VCA) with soft fnee dbrayable rglages continuous and threshold (- 40 + 20 dB), attack (200 0.1 ms) of release (0.05 s 3) ratio (1 : 20:1 a) gain (+ - 20 dB) and a high pass filter to control the compressor dclenchement (d-essage applications possible!). Bypass Switch.

3-band equalizer-paramtrique (20-300 Hz, 200-3000 Hz 0.2 to 20 kHz) with associated gain of + - 10 dB and variable Q (0.4 2). It can be pre or post rout compressor bypass.

- Master (10 + -80 dB)

Given a needle-nitre complte all with the possibility to visualize the rduction gain or output level. The level of RULES thanks to three LEDs indicating respectively -20 dB, 0 dB, and clip.

It has an XLR microphone input with 48V power supply, a line between symtrique jack (the pramp is disabled in the line input) and an input e instrument. Two outputs are available for use simultanment, one XLR, the other jack symtrique.

There is clearly a map of 24-bit conversion numrique but according to the manual that relies on presonus site or to news online, its frquence of chantillonage varies between 96 and 192 kHz ... However this apparatus as sr is that the additional card has a line between supplmentaire, which allows to use one card for two conversion numrique Eureka (or enjoy a mono converter supplmentaire) via exit numrique stro.

Only regret the impossibillit to link SETTING THE compression (Submitted link function in most competitors) for work in two-stro Eureka. All the more pity that the conversion card numrique can she walk in Stereo

Finally, we may not like the eureka, even when their are CHARACTERISTICS allchantes for a product in this price range (using the 'Link', I put 10/10).


Given the availability of all rglages continuous development could pose some problem for followers of pRSET. This is accentuated by the quality of potentiomtres that are notched and high precision (a exudes quality!).

All rglages have an audible effect on its ear Entran therefore will not harm the rgler eureka, provided it has costs of quality.

This as said, available SETTING THE legalization is not perfect since my taste buds gain such are not aligned but disposs triangle, which is not trs intuitive. SETTING THE The frequencies and Q following the same logic, we must have your nose stuck to the rack to ensure that we are trying to manipulate the right button. Finally with a bit of experience, should arrange a ...

The manual is quite clear and well stocked except for the high pass filter rglage of controlling the compressor dclenchement (sidechain hi pass). Many examples of rglages are provided in the manual that cover most situations sound recording (vocals, drums, bass and guitars ...). However it remains unclear if the optional converters are 96 kHz or 192 kHz ... (Since the moment I record at 44.1 kHz, has not impede me, but I would know all of the same ...)


It is the only real strength of the RSID prsonus Eureka ...

The pramp is a transparent and does not blush at the comparison with more MODELS "pros".

The Retailer is thin and sharp and trs transparent: it is the very first time I am convinced by the sound of scratching live! ct the dry sound that can be found on this type of gnralement taken here by a compltement gomm prsence in the treble, never aggressive, which gives a trs natural. I think the electro-acoustic branches directly into the machine should sound of thunder.

The lower limb between the instrument is also convincing trs: the bass is very pucnh Submitted but not "drooling" at the bottom mdium like some models of competition. Attention to touch means everything!

Finally, tests with a AKG C4000B raliss are also trs conclusive: the highlight of this machine is its transparency; Dfine is the spectrum with the same precision and rsulte in sound and rich in harmonics ar. Decision-vote gain in richness and precision, without ever sounding cold or aggressive. The acoustic guitars are superb with a rich, harmonic shovel.

The SETTING THE saturation mule Manir convincing warmth and roundness that can cause a prampli lamps. However, it should use it sparingly, because the extreme, he cuts some of the trs frquences high point of losing ct "open" sound. But the punch in the lower mdium typical of lamps, is fairly well mul. You can reach enough of simulating rglages Fidler kind of lamp Facilities TLA)

The rglage impdance of the microphone allows you to work the sound of a microphone. Indeed, it may be to apply a rglage INTERESTED impdance not corresponding to the impdance microphone, the result will be a coloration Different.

The compressor is also trs good and worthy of much Chres machines. It is also trs transparent and respects the original sound. It is also possible to apply a compression trs dnaturer waived without the original sound. Rglages of finesse will trs rewarding, because virtually inaudible and retaining the punch of the original sound. This compressor is trs versatile and also includes many voices that the bass or guitar.

Finally, legalization, if it can not be compared to DDIS MODELS pros, fully meets the Czech while retaining the grain of the original sound. It adj the MRIT not be too aggressive in the treble and the sound conerve a fairly straight and musical characters. Any fawn, follow the Ten Commandments of Eng's, which prohibits the use of a legalization decision ...

Finally, even if a slice API or SSL sound better than the prsonus, it has not ashamed of the comparison, because what comes out of this rack is awesome dj trs.


has been two weeks now I use it every day and I start well connatre.

What I like most is the Associtation prampli DEFINITIONS (trs really good) compressor (trs really good too) with the possibility of Galise finesse to the case where .

I applied a scientific mthode (I'm ing yes or no?) Comparisons (the listening sessions RPTS + testing in-store) with the hardware available in this price range: tla 5051, p1 Tfpro, dbx 376, Focusrite voicemasterpro ...

By comparison, the 5051 prampli of tla of references that I used during testing is probably a little worse Dfine at the top of the spectrum, a little darker with low mdiums I got more runny (lamps ???). However the treble can seem a little softer, it gots a story. The tla compressor is also quite good, however I find it a little too Ramna of "drooling" at the bottom mdium when pushed to its limits. legalization is not the male either, but not so fine in rglages.

The dbx 376 is a good prampli trs, trs fine music, but the compressor section is too radical and not very adjustable.

the Tfpro was also a good prampli, can be a little worse Dfine in the upper and lower mdium. The compressor is also trs good, but can be a little too much color I got. However the legalization EHJV by the lack of rglages.

Focusrite makes good pramplis trs, can be a little too "light" limit aggressive, but the following is not really derrire height (rgalges enough prcis or effects inaudible).

In REFERENCE to the site of LITENING sessions (, I would say that prsonus is somewhere between 5051 and tla pramplis pros tr s much more expensive (API ,...) and that less than one acoustic possder irrprochable trs a couple good mic, the diffrence is virtually inaudible to the home studio.

I think the report makes any qualitprix bluffing, because the sound is really excellent, the compressor and the legalization also sufficiently transparent and musical. plus it offers a range of rglages trs offering versatility.

euzebio's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PreSonus Eureka
I just bought the Eureka, I have used the instrument to switch between audio sounds of virtual sampler and the result is very concluant.l 'eureka brought a lot of precision roundness. Compress the eq is very clear is pressise.
In conclusion, good buy for the price quality ratio


Not too small simple trimer


Compress effectively transparent eq


It is a very recent purchase
switch eq + compression is very interresting
px is top quality report
I will buy another for the stereo

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