Blue Microphones Dragonfly
Blue Microphones Dragonfly
jy-piaf 09/17/2012

Blue Microphones Dragonfly : jy-piaf's user review

«  Perfect for me »

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Blue Dragonfly. Taken its mixed live and studio.
Condenser microphone large diaphragm, beautiful even if
suspension (comes with) does not seem very useful at first.


I use this mic for almost a year. I bought it especially for my voice, slightly nasal aging: (I already used a U87 in the studio but it does not really restored my true sound. Dragonfly With this is exactly what I was looking for. Many heat, but disagree with those who say we do not equate. has a small hump at 2 kHz, but nothing too bad. I also used for recording djembe, drum in over head, guitar amplifier, violin, accoustic guitars. thing I like most about this mic is despite some scholars EQ sometimes it returns always a beautiful well cut with a lot of heat. (I have a UA twin finity in preamp) He also performed significantly better with preamp lamp. Regarding accoustic guitar, especially guitars embellished it cheap with little bass, but for others, it is better small microphone diaphragm causes serious too important, regardless of the microphone. (I speak of course of top microphones and high-end). violins For it is simply monstrous, an incomparable greatness of his (I 4041 was a before and it was already very good), guitar amps, it is very good but also the positioning of micro become very important over ditto head; This is what I end up with.
I think it is a microphone with which you can do everything but requires a good experience of the assertions made in his studio. Imposing serious this could be inconvenient microphone for some. Personally it suits me well because once equalized sound found a beautiful transparency without losing any heat.
When the acute, no complaints, some prefer a very bright mic, which is not the case of the Dragonfly, but this is why I bought it.