Blue Microphones Dragonfly
Blue Microphones Dragonfly
jubjub 11/05/2013

Blue Microphones Dragonfly : jubjub's user review

«  Design, Voice of proximity and Natural! »

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I use it mainly for vocals and my acoustic guitar


I use it for 2 months, I love the retro look. I used before a blue Apex 410, not the same range! So rather satisfied with the dragonfly :)
I like her, its proximity effect and its accuracy level. It brings a particular grain that fits well with my singing voice and that of my friend based hip-hop.
It transcribes a very realistic voice anyway. Even with Ai u87 with which it is sometimes recorded in the studio of a friend, is often said to me "You're singing there or it's your buddy?" Now, we can clearly distinguish our voices!

Before, and even with the u87, we tripled our voices to give a natural chorus. Now, I prefer to store only one plug for the lead to give the Natural and this side, that is very much the blue dragonfly. Just copy the lead in parallel to the compression booster.
I go through a tube preamp with a tube JJ Tesla (see my comparison test here:
I have to put the ball micro 45 ° upward to avoid whistling.

For the folk guitar, I could not compare with other micro that APEX is more nervous - garish, but it's pretty good.

I remake that choice!