Blue Microphones Dragonfly
Blue Microphones Dragonfly
Luna records 01/04/2013

Blue Microphones Dragonfly : Luna records's user review

«  great mic, do not hesitate »

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I go to most, it is a high-quality microphone, your voice perfectly transcribed in detail.
microphone versatility, all types of instruments detailed sound (maracas, percussive wave
well transcribed.

Despite its versatility, it is not with this microphone that we will do christophe maé ca c 'is clear, it is not typical varieties

its sound, detailed front and perfectly placed for jazz, rock band, rap and rnb because its presence is awesome!

I added two sound clips has this advice you will find no difficulty in the main plug of the product., a medley, blue on the voice and universal audio preamp 710
and on the cover of gainsbourg, the blue and 6176 to reach the sound universe Gainsbourg
Audiofanzine on extracts only the voice was recorded with, to warm the signal, the microphone is plugged into a preamp Universal Audio 710 Twin finity and sound card rme fireface 400 (excellent convertos)
marriage and 710 blue dragonfly is absolutely fantastic.

one in the C214 for example 710 is too bland and not enough tenfold, however NT1A rode one is embellished by far

here is my link to see everything that can be done with this microphone

on the title link forgive me this is the blue dragonfly in 6176 to universal audio
Whenever Wherever and whatever it is blue and the 710 guitars and same thing.

good listening!


I used for 3 years, I had not tried other mics in the price of.
I had one and rode NT1A AKG C214. it says I spend my life listening microphone on youtube and despite the necessarily be altered, we recognize each leg.

I relied on a lot Audiofanzine opinion, some forums and a lot of plays that led me to this choice the.

most is its ease of mixing, taking this well controlled micro and barely touch the EQ, ca direct.a returns in terms of having good speakers to hear the voice quality (which is my case personal).

I like the design can be less, it would have come one hexagon U87 ca would not cost more, they have done well in rode, after blue is a brand that knows how to differentiate by design and sound.

example, a U87 is not worth much beside the blue kiwi or worse the model ca 5000 euros more laughs dutout the neumann u 87 is downright outperformed! already by lekiwi that is in the same price range.

current value for money, interesting, it's a non-stop moving micro level price so be smarter!
I bought 800 euros two weeks after he was no more than to 600 and € 580 after a downright, he was finally recovered in more than 700 euros.

so I do not regret this choice dutout but as we sound engineers, we are always in search of the holy grail of sound ... j I actually fell for the Gemini 5 model is electronics, he has incredible presence by a bump against relatively high frequencies, as in the mean and hissing the sss but it's also what makes its charm (more adapted to the acoustic guitar pop voice very precise and the famous Gemini is so good you have not even want to put a reverb difference between the blue and the se c is roughly 200 euros, that I hope I have been able to respond your questions and your doubt this micro