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BST Cleving user reviews

  • BST Cleving 156

    BST Cleving 156 - matgalac 15's review


    Len som sa to páčilo, pretože to nikdy marcher.Acheter deväť 2000-250 € noc izba je dole!. Späť z predajcovia na opravu 15 dní po esayent s predávajúcim spadne po 1 minútu chôdze imposible prerobiť cd preskočiť. Obchod môj životopis za rovnakú …

  • BST Cleving 146 ASM

    BST Cleving 146 ASM - oliv.numark's review


    I have two turntables Clevinger ASM 146 for 5 years, their effectiveness has t last long. Indeed, the pickup lens dropped after a few months. Premire Repair Tool of the two decks. Can be used again for a few months! Yet I n'tais effects but not the…

  • BST Cleving 148

    BST Cleving 148 - x-rated's review


    This CD player is flat not quite so bad as the previous posts seem to say. Material is quite correct, designed for DJs who start the mix. No problem noticed. Just know to take care of his equipment and not to go as a "nag" no less. This plate is ma…

  • BST Cleving 148

    BST Cleving 148 - bbros1's review


    I totally disagree with postsprécédents .. I have these plates since I started. after .. it depends not be the series but I guarantee you that I have never created problems for once. This is a product that is correct and the effects are nice (filter …

  • BST Cleving 128

    BST Cleving 128 - terry83's review


    I use this product then two years with no problems. The + is the simplicity of use, - it is the severe lack of precision of CUE and the fact that it does not read CD-RW. I think this is one of the best value of the entry level. Nevertheless, the …

  • BST Cleving 128

    BST Cleving 128 - buccho07's review


    These are my main sources with a table vestax I find them easy to handle good quality sound and reliable because apparently it's been 2 years + that I use. Careful they are in a fly. the cue is a little difficiele a stall. I buy on a site for which t…

  • BST Cleving 150

    BST Cleving 150 - kheman's review


    - How long have you use it? I used it for 4 / 5 months, and compared to my new I'm as disappointed. - What is so special that you like most and least? I do not like when she jumps, the buffer is ridiculous, the effects that pre-recorded sounds…

  • BST Cleving 146 ASM

    BST Cleving 146 ASM - djmatt76's review


    Well I did two years I have and so far I have not had a problem with him sometimes find it difficult to take some serious, but I noticed cd q ' by burning them as fast it took them well I also have a numark axis 9cr it is not like this but this is no…

  • BST Cleving 200

    BST Cleving 200 - Jojo071288's review


    This is a request for an opinion (just a pti point precision ...) you got that previously di bpm storyteller did not exist on this board .. it's not what bst says in the manual ... (h…

  • BST Cleving 280

    BST Cleving 280 - locdog's review


    I tried the bst they are good and the bad effect pa especially the echo that is not bad, the sound from scratch is the same as other digital except the denon 3500 and the numark cdx or the sound of the scratch is near the vinyl. damage that it woul…