Kyser KGEBA Black Quick-Change Electric Capo
Kyser KGEBA Black Quick-Change Electric Capo

KGEBA Black Quick-Change Electric Capo, Capo from Kyser.

JeffTadashi 06/29/2012

Kyser KGEBA Black Quick-Change Electric Capo : JeffTadashi's user review

« The perfect quick capo »

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The Kyser Quick-Change Electric 6-string capo is the perfect little capo for electric guitars. It can be repositioned with just one hand, and it can be moved without altering your guitar's tuning. It comes in many colors, including Black, Red, White, Silver, Gold, and Blue. It has a single spring in the back, which is connected to both the handle and the portion that grabs the back of the guitar's neck. The section that pushes against the frets is stationary, along with the other side of the handle. This small device allows you to easily put the capo on your guitar with one hand, and it can be done very quickly. It can even be done in a middle of a song, which my band's other guitarist does do. I find it works great on both acoustic guitars and electric guitars, and I have yet to find a standard guitar that it doesn't seem to fit on. In other words, it is almost entirely universal, and the design is very iconic.

I find that for some instruments, mainly my acoustic guitars, I will need to slightly retune my strings after I put the capo on, as it sometimes shifts the tuning, and doesn't grab the strings perfectly. This nuisance is fairly common with capos of all types, however, and it is a necessary step to retune if you are a tuning freak. The Kyser capo is padded on both sections where it touches the guitar, and if used properly, will never come close to damaging your guitar, including more sensitive and fragile acoustic guitars. The spring has never wore down for me, and the capo have never broken. I've had my Kyser capo for several years, and there's absolutely no sign of year, even the black color hasn't faded, no wears whatsoever.

Overall, this is the perfect little tuner that every guitarist should have. In fact, I have three of them laying around my basement right now, and I use all of them almost constantly. Be sure to check this thing out, and you'll never research other capo's ever again.