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Carvin V3M news

  • [NAMM] Carvin V3M Series 212S

    [NAMM] Carvin V3M Series 212S

    01/25/12 in Carvin 212S

    Designed as a slanted extension cabinet for the V3M Micro Head, the 212S comes with two GT12 12 inch speakers.

  • Carvin V3MC

    Carvin V3MC

    05/23/11 in Carvin V3MC

    Carvin has redesigned the Micro Series V3MC combo, with the same LED backlighting found on the V3M micro amp and the V3L head.

  • [NAMM] Carvin V3M Micro Head & Combo

    [NAMM] Carvin V3M Micro Head & Combo

    01/30/11 in Carvin V3M

    Carvin announced its V3 Series 3-channel tube amps, the V3M Micro Head and V3MC Micro Combo.