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CD-Rom Burners user reviews

  • Yamaha 8824 SCSI

    Yamaha 8824 SCSI - " Perfect"


    I have over 10 years. Model at the time sold for 150 Euros, as expensive as SCSI I plugged on my Akai S50000 and today on my Akai Z4 with a ZIP drive 100 MB SCSI also. It burns in 8X and 24X bed. Recognized by my PC. No connection problem or recogn…

  • Sony RCD-W3

    Sony RCD-W3 - " Consumer CD recorder"


    Recorder CD-R and CD-RW public who only accepts CD "Audio" increasingly scarce and expensive. Purchased to save the music only shows I. Marrantz is the professional brand that accepts used CD usual computer. But too expensive at the time for my …

  • Philips CDR 600

    Philips CDR 600 - " Very average, very reliable."


    I used it since 2001 but very little, he had less than 500 hours work almost exclusively for reading. Failed and not repairable or cost more expensive than New ... I have an older one that has worked a lot, CDR 870, it is much better and more serious…

  • Philips CDR 600

    Philips CDR 600 - " very good, practical recording all sources"


    Very good CD recording device, not apply for registration as disk quality "audio" they seem like all burners cd stereo, If not read in other handy record easily from any source, the radio or CD, or other very happy, very satisfied …

  • Philips CDR 600

    Philips CDR 600 - cotto's review


    It's been 10 years of use without fail over time but now it's a little hassle to find audio cdr or rw very good quality items for almost 10 years ago 180 euros I use it very often state nikel …

  • Plextor Plexwriter 124Tse (12/4/32 SCSI)

    Plextor Plexwriter 124Tse (12/4/32 SCSI) - BleuAzur's review


    SCSI drive 2 (50 pin) compatible CD-R burner and CD-RW (CD rinscriptibles). <ul> Description: Burning CD-R: 12x. Burning CD-RW: 4x. CD Read: 32x. Size of the buffer memory 4 MB Audio Out L / R Power AC 100-240Volt 50/60 Hz 0.5 Amp Switch co…

  • Philips CDRW 2400

    Philips CDRW 2400 - flofanzine45's review


    Version 8MB of cache and supports the overburning ... What all headphone jack in facade I like not too good but the facade has not ca …

  • Asus 52X24X52 CRW5244A

    Asus 52X24X52 CRW5244A - Dj mod (mud-v)'s review


    I have 2 years it pretty serious it shut $ 1 more than the other, so almost the same price, I do not rearqu it went better than another. He does not like dmarque ASUS …

  • Plextor PLEXWRITER 48/24/48A

    Plextor PLEXWRITER 48/24/48A - wijzz :8)'s review


    I for 1 year. This is the top of the drive. Trs silent. Coupled Nero, it works wonders. APRS two unsuccessful years with Yamaha, I turned to Plextor with a reputable no longer do. The report qualitprix is ​​unbeatable. If you want to drive a reliable…

  • Hewlett-Packard LightScribe

    Hewlett-Packard LightScribe - Ap_sa27's review


    Thank you for your info is very interesting. As against a small precision. This technology does not work on the layer of the writeable MDIA but prsentation layer. The only technology for burning images and text on a layer recordable silent Yamaha …