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  • [NAMM][VIDEO] Cerwin Vega P1000X
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    [NAMM][VIDEO] Cerwin Vega P1000X

    07/19/14 in Cerwin Vega P1000X

    Discover the new P1000X powered loudspeaker at the Gibson/Cerwin Vega booth at Summer NAMM 2014.

  • [NAMM] Cerwin Vega P1000X powered speaker

    [NAMM] Cerwin Vega P1000X powered speaker

    07/18/14 in Cerwin Vega P1000X

    Cerwin Vega adds to its P Series the P1000X 10” powered speaker, which is showcased this weekend at Summer NAMM 2014.

  • [Musikmesse] Cerwin-Vega unveils the P-Series

    [Musikmesse] Cerwin-Vega unveils the P-Series

    04/12/13 in Cerwin Vega P1500X

    Newly acquired by Gibson, Cerwin-Vega is back at Musikmesse 2013 with its new P-Series loudspeakers, which features a full range and a subwoofer.

  • Cerwin Vega XD3

    Cerwin Vega XD3

    06/15/11 in Cerwin Vega XD3

    Cerwin-Vega announces the new XD3 Powered Desktop Speaker.

  • [NAMM] Cerwin Vega CVi Series

    [NAMM] Cerwin Vega CVi Series

    01/20/11 in Cerwin Vega CVi-122M

    Cerwin-Vega has introduced its CVi series.

  • Cerwin Vega Intense! V2

    Cerwin Vega Intense! V2

    09/16/10 in Cerwin Vega INT-118S V2

    Cerwin-Vega introduced its new Intense! V2 Passive Portable PA Speaker System.

  • Cerwin Vega - Erikson Consumer Deal

    Cerwin Vega - Erikson Consumer Deal

    01/21/09 in Cerwin Vega MV-15B

    Cerwin-Vega! announced the appointment of Erikson Consumer as the company’s representative for its home speaker products in Canada.

  • [NAMM] Cerwin Vega TS-42

    [NAMM] Cerwin Vega TS-42

    01/15/09 in Cerwin Vega TS-42

    Cerwin-Vega announced the Cerwin-Vega TS-42 folded horn subwoofer.

  • New Cerwin Vega Passive Pro Speakers

    New Cerwin Vega Passive Pro Speakers

    01/15/09 in Cerwin Vega CVP-2153

    Cerwin-Vega announced the Cerwin-Vega Passive (CVP) loudspeakers.

  • Cerwin Vega AB-36C subwoofer

    Cerwin Vega AB-36C subwoofer

    11/01/08 in Cerwin Vega AB-36C

    Cerwin-Vega!, a manufacturer of loudspeakers and audio products, announces the introduction of the C-Series of passive folded horn subwoofers. The new C-Series provides performance improvements over previous folded horns and incorporates a new design. The new C-Series is aimed at gigging musicians, nightclubs, live performance venues and sound co…