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China Cymbals news

  • [NAMM] Zildjian Z3 Ultra Hammered Chinas

    [NAMM] Zildjian Z3 Ultra Hammered Chinas

    01/18/11 in Zildjian Z3 Ultra Hammered China 19"

    Zildjian presented the Zildjian Z3 Ultra Hammered Chinas and 22" A Zildjian Swish Knocker at NAMM 2011.

  • [NAMM] Sabian Holy China Cymbal

    [NAMM] Sabian Holy China Cymbal

    01/16/11 in Sabian Vault Holy China 19"

    Sabian introduces Holy China, the latest cymbal model added to the Sabian Vault collection.

  • TRX Cymbals T-Bells

    TRX Cymbals T-Bells

    04/01/09 in TRX Cymbals T-Bells

    The TRX Cymbal Co. has introduced five new effects cymbals including three China-Splash cymbals and two sizes of heavy bells, called "T-Bells".