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Numark Computer Music for DJ user reviews

  • Numark Mixtrack Pro III

    Numark Mixtrack Pro III - "It rocks!"


    I bought the mixtrack pro 3 to replace my aging Vestax VCI-100. I intend to use it for mixing in bars and parties. I’ve owned it for a month now. I especially like the integrated audio interface and the total integration with Serato Dj. The jogs a…

  • Numark iDJ Pro

    Numark iDJ Pro - "Numark iDJ Pro"


    I purchased my iDj from It is still brand new, and after testing it a litte, i must say its really good audio quality, and has loads of great features. Its compatable with…

  • Numark V7

    Numark V7 - "I love it!"


    A few years ago I was looking for a flexible midi controller. I wanted something durable and flexible. Buying a unit with a built in mixer was not something I was looking for in a unit. The Numark V7 was a perfect choice. It is durable and profession…

  • Numark V7

    Numark V7 - "Awesome!"


    The Numark V7 is a high-res performing level digital turntable. It features a responsive, direct drive platter with high and low torque adjustments, so it will operate however you like. This deck is a completely digital midi controller, and allows yo…

  • Numark NDX900

    Numark NDX900 - "Great with software"


    The Numark NDX900 is a USB DJ CD controller, I was able to spin and scratch on it as well as use it has an interface for my DJ software. Using this controller was easy because it has a large backlit display that looks great in bad lighting situation…

  • Numark Mixdeck Quad

    Numark Mixdeck Quad - "This can do it all"


    I just had a chance to use the MixDeck Quad last week for the first time and at first glance I did not think that I was going to like it very much, but boy was I wrong. It has beat synced effects right on the unit without the need to sync with a com…

  • Numark 4trak

    Numark 4trak - "price drop"


    The Numark 4Trak can be purchased online now for an amazing price, I am actually a little upset that when I purchased it I had to pay the regular release price and now it is so low. This DJ controller will allow you to take complete control over you…

  • Numark V7

    Numark V7 - "real vinyl feel"


    The Numark V7 is a software controller for your computer, it will sync with it quickly and easily. Usually with software controllers you will notice how cheap they feel because they are just controllers and you cannot really do anything with just the…

  • Numark Mixdeck Express

    Numark Mixdeck Express - "Mix from CD or Hard Drives"


    The Numark MixDeck Express is a mixer control surface that you can plug up to your PC via USB. It has dual CD decks and a 3 channel mixer. It comes with Serato DJ software (which I cannot stand) and has 2 touch sensitive platters for spinning. Using…

  • Numark Mixtrack

    Numark Mixtrack - "Comes with Serato"


    The Numark Mixtrack is a DJ Controller that has 2 jog wheels and comes with Serato Dj Software. The Serato DJ Software that it comes with is not even close to being one of my favorite DJ software programs, but it will work great if you are a new user…