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  • Avid Mbox 3 Mini

    Avid Mbox 3 Mini - "Awesome & Durable Audio Interface" has images


    When I started recording and mixing music away from my main setup (at home) I got tired of unplugging my audio interface when leaving then plugging it in again when I got back home, so I thought the best thing would be to get a second interface. I n…

  • Avid Mbox 3 Mini

    Avid Mbox 3 Mini - "Amazing, worth every cent"


    The Mbox 3 Mini is a mid level, high quality 2x2 audio recording interface for musicians. It's got a very compact and accessible design, and is really easy to use. The computer I run this on is a current gen i7 3570k with an AsRock mother board, 16 g…

  • Avid Artist Control

    Avid Artist Control - "Loving this unit"


    The Avid Artist Control has 4 touch sensitive motorized faders and programmable buttons and knobs. There are transport controls on this unit which is one of the reasons I feel like it is so much better than the Artist Mix from Avid. The touch screen …

  • Avid Artist Mix

    Avid Artist Mix - "Not so good for Clubs"


    The Avid Artist Mix is a control surface that has 8 touch sensitive faders that are all motorized. There are also rotary encoders and all buttons can be programmed with your DAW software. This control surface is compatible with Mac and PC computers a…

  • Avid Mbox 3

    Avid Mbox 3 - "Similar to the older MBox as far as quality goes"


    I have been using the MBox 3 by Avid for a while now and it has never given us any issues. I have used it on about 3 different computers and on all systems it works great and it was easy to set up. All you have to do is install the drivers and get yo…

  • Avid Mbox 3

    Avid Mbox 3 - "solid quality "


    The Avid MBox 3 is a 4 channel USB interface that has 2 solid quality microphone preamps built into it and it comes with Pro Tools express . You can use the Avid MBox 3 almost any DAW that has come out over the years. The Avid MBox 3 is very versat…

  • Avid Mbox 3 Mini

    Avid Mbox 3 Mini - "difficulties when using with other programs"


    The Avid MBox Mini 3 is a 4 channel USB interface that has 2 built in mic preamps. It comes with Pro Tools software, but it is the express version and not the full version of Pro Tools. You can purchase the Avid MBox 3 Mini for 375 dollars which is a…

  • Avid Mbox 3 Pro

    Avid Mbox 3 Pro - "pro tools is a must"


    Mbox Pro with Pro Tools 8,What can you say,Avid went all out on this Bundel, pair it up with the MC Control and you have a professional Home Studio. The MC Control is sweet all the keys are maped for you right out of the box. I also use The Mbox Pro …

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  • Avid Artist Mix v2

    Avid Artist Mix v2 - " Not bad at all"


    I use it for two years. installed in my home studio to mix the pub, the doc and the TV series. I tested the Command8 a remote Behringer I forget the name, and the fader thing thing at Presonus. What I like about this remote is the overall quality…

  • Avid Artist Mix

    Avid Artist Mix - " Very good product"


    I use it for 1 year but not really often because I have a lot of other things to do but next to it is a good quality product, the feature is the touch screen and motorized fader, the less will it is not a console with input / output per preamp but go…