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  • Full Retail version

    Full Retail versionwith optionshas images

    04/20/19 - Netherlands

    I am selling my spare Cubase Pro 9.5 full RETAIL license, comes with the dongle and the software on an extra USB stick. Let me know if you want the PC or MAC version. Paypal possible, at 3.5 %…

  • Novation Launchpad Controller MKII

    Novation Launchpad Controller MKIIhas images


    Novation Launchpad MKII controller in great condition. No issues, everything functions as it should. Original usb cable and box included.

  • Novation LaunchKey Mini MkII

    Novation LaunchKey Mini MkIIhas images


    Quality midi controller. Small . Light. Integration with ableton. The knobs work very well with tweaking parameters of synthesizers and samples in ableton software. It plugs into your computer v…

  • Novation Remote Zero SL

    Novation Remote Zero SLhas images


    Novation Remote Zero SL midi controller. Everything functions as it should, but there is some physical wear. There is a little resistance on some of the buttons on the top row of the lef…

  • Native Instruments Maschine Mikro MKIII

    Native Instruments Maschine Mikro MKIIIhas images


    Brand new never used, only opened the box to find out it is not compatible with both my mac and macbook. I was terribly disappointed as this is a great piece of musical instrumentation.

  • Ableton Push

    Ableton Pushhas images


    Ableton Push 1 In very good shape has seen light use, a couple of very minor fingernail type marks Includes brand new power supply and USB cable Ships in ori…

  • MOTU Midi Express 128

    MOTU Midi Express 128has images


    This item comes with no box, manual or cables.  It's just the midi interface itself.Unfortunately, I scratched it getting it in and out of my rack which was tight.  All the scratches are…

  • Universal Audio Apollo Twin Duo Thunderbolt MKII

    Universal Audio Apollo Twin Duo Thunderbolt MKIIhas images


    Looks and works great. Minor wear and tear. Money back guarantee. Any questions please feel free to ask. Thanks. Blessings!

  • Digidesign Command 8

    Digidesign Command 8has images


    Great controller, stop using that mouse to move faders and tweak plugins ! Works with protools and also works as stand alone.  Works also as Midi interface and has monitor secti…

  • Roli Live Block / Touch Block

    Roli Live Block / Touch Block

    03/28/19 - Paris, Ile-de-France France

    Hello, I sell two Roli in perfect condition never used because I already have them! Both are sold new for 99€ each, I sell them for 65€/unit or 110€ both. Possibility of sending, count a…

  • Vends Roli Live Block

    Vends Roli Live Block Product pack or software add-onhas images

    02/19/19 - Paris, Ile-de-France France

    Bonjour, Je vends deux Roli en parfait état jamais utilisé car je les ai déjà ! Les deux sont vendus neufs 99€ chacun, je les cède à 70€/unité ou 120€ les deux. Possibilité d'envoi, comp…

  • Buy NI Komplete Audio 6

    Buy NI Komplete Audio 6

    02/08/19 - Prague Czech Republic

    Looking for a Komplete Audio 6, must be complete with Cubase 9 LE or later, with the virtual instruments, complete, with box and all accessories, in excellent condition. Or for any other simi…

  • Nuendo 3 License Cle USB,Modes D,Emploi Emballage Originelle

    Nuendo 3 License Cle USB,Modes D,Emploi Emballage Origi…with options

    02/01/19 - Bruxelles, Région de Bruxelles-Capitale Belgium

    Logiciel Nuendo 3 de Steinberg,,,(ne fonctionne pas sur les Apple Mac Intel,,),,et non plus possibilite de l'upgrader.....Par contre,,,il m,a coutais +1200e,(= qualite DAW program!,),,donc ci vo…

  • Avid Artist Mix

    Avid Artist Mixwith optionshas images

    01/30/19 - Bruxelles, Région de Bruxelles-Capitale Belgium

    Artist Mix Control Surface For Pro Tools In Mint Condition, barley used. just like new! Serial number : DFDJT44207287J