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Thread Comments about the feature article: The best freeware to make music

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1 Comments about the feature article: The best freeware to make music
The best freeware to make music
Making music with your computer when you don't have a penny is possible. And to prove our point here you have 150+ free software tools many of which don't have anything to envy their paid counterparts.

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Thanks for taking the trouble to compile this very useful list of freebies. Much appreciated.
Wow and Thank you very much....!! It is very useful especially if you are a music teacher in order to give some freeware prgms to your students.

Thanks for your posts! I'll let know the writer of this article that you appreciate it :)

Dear Audiofanzine.

You CAN get Garageband for PC, it's HERE....


Works well, too, I don't personally like it, but that's just me. Nothing wrong with it as a piece of kit, I'm simply weird!

Thought I'd put this correction here so PC users can have a go. I BELIEVE - might be wrong, stranger things have happened(!!) - you can actually import Mac-created Garageband files into the PC version, the same way you can import PC created MIDI files into MACS (Oh yes you can, done it!)

Hope this helps.

Yours respectfully