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Kurzweil Computer Music user reviews

  • Kurzweil ExpressionMate XM-1

    Kurzweil ExpressionMate XM-1 - Docteur Frog's review


    The technical characteristics of the ExpressionMate Kurzweil XM-1 is already provided in the folder, you can explain what's the point. Expression Mate is dedicated to the K2500R and K2600R users or K2661 keyboard. Out of there, the use is averag…

  • Kurzweil MIDIBoard

    Kurzweil MIDIBoard - sjl's review


    "Simple but effective" ... UTILIZATION Could not be more pleasant ... OVERALL OPINION Beautiful machine, very rare, a rating of about 700 euros in verse. 3.03. Wooden keyboard keys nice and polyphonic aftertouch. excellent control of dyna…