Lp compact conga giovanni hidalgo
Lp compact conga giovanni hidalgo

compact conga giovanni hidalgo, Conga from Lp.

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lkmi 12/26/2005

Lp compact conga giovanni hidalgo : lkmi's user review


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I have a compact conga quinto 11 "for 3 months and I am satisfied.
bought for a concert, it lands on a snare stand (watch not all are suited me, I bought a 9006 so no pb Gibraltar.

The strength, the portability qd I VAIT in RPET or concert held in a bag and mm if taken two (there are 11 "3 / 4) is more portable than tjs real congas .
Ct sound, treble, and it looks like the mdium are a real conga, c ct nickel and look people are often intrigued when he saw me playing the first time since learned not sure what 's is.

The weak point: the serious, in fact the absence of the Raisson ft is felt on the low frequencies.

There is no comparison MODEL because my knowledge these are the only congas in this style.

report quality / price nickel> pay off 127 + CC 200 it came back around and if it takes 2 turns 400 on what is reasonable to leave and let us not forget that moreover the LP sign Mr Hidalgo RAS so that cot l. for those who live in the RP, one can see Baguetterie Woodbrass and in particular, but I think other stores should have it also.

As a zicos moving bcp, I am based drummer, I play on svt kits (drumkit or perceived) that are not mine and I am sometimes due, so I m'quipe with the easily transportable instruments for quality). Right now I'm looking for a drumkit in that sense, the offer in France is limited because there is really only the Arbiter Flats and also I heard about the handle Trapsdrums, purchase any prvu cases for 2006.

I therefore recommend this LP compact conga because the sound was smooth, except ds bass, and not too expensive, I mm I am a student, and with the ending for Arbiter flats I could get my or my RPET concerts with my drumkit on my back and percussion in the hand ...