Cort Hiram Bullock
SeriesCort Hiram Bullock

Series belonging to the Signature series from Cort

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Cort Hiram Bullock user reviews

  • Cort HBS-II

    Cort HBS-II - onkelhans's review


    The Cort Hiram Bullock Signature II Guitar is made in Indonesia. It is a Strat-Style guitar with a very interesting pickup-configuration: two humbuckers and in the middle a singlecoil. They come from "Mighy-Mite" (I never heard before), but…

  • Cort HBS-I

    Cort HBS-I - "Cort Signature Series Hiram Bullock"


    I found my cort in a little used guitar store named Kitts Music in montreal and I fell in love with it. it has the combination of humbucking pickups and single coil pickups so you can have a gibson sound and a fender sound. I paid 350$ canadian for …

  • Cort HBS-II

    Cort HBS-II - Gimiz's review


    HBS-II, Signature Hiram Bullock, body ash handle and key "bird's eye", 2 doubles and 1 single Mighty-Mite, 1 volume, 1 tone, 5-way switch, bridge CFA III, fittings steel color, color "burnt- open pore ", 22 frets, mechanical self-locking, mounted…