HBS-II, Other Shape Guitar from Cort in the Hiram Bullock series.

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onkelhans 03/01/2009

Cort HBS-II : onkelhans's user review


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The Cort Hiram Bullock Signature II Guitar is made in Indonesia. It is a Strat-Style guitar with a very interesting pickup-configuration: two humbuckers and in the middle a singlecoil. They come from "Mighy-Mite" (I never heard before), but they sound very good (with a fender hot rod deluxe). Fender Strat like there i a 5-way-selector. There is a cfa-3 bridge and self locking tuners. The neck is a very nice maple birdseye, with small frets(they call it "vintage") . This hardware is very good.


You can play this neck very easily. If you are a fast player with a soft touch this combination ( small frets, fine wood and good shape, not too thin)is ideal. There are 21 frets and the contour of the body allows to reach the hihgest frets easily.


I think this guitar is made pop-music,blues and rock. My style is more jazzy. When I play a longer time with my Yamaha AS 2200, I need a little time to get the right felling for the Cort. I use the Cort with a Behringer V-Amp. In this combination there are a lot of interesting and usefull sounds possible. But also without a sound modulation the Cort sound is very good.


I have this instrument since 1,5 years. I like it more, than my other Chery Strat or my ESP Telecaster. It sounds good, looks very nice and has a light weight. The price for this guitar is more than very good. It is fantastic. I would make the same decision. Perhaps I buy another Cort, the G 250, to compare the neck with the latge frets with my hiram model.