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Cycling'74 user reviews

  • Cycling'74 Max For Live

    Cycling'74 Max For Live - " Mechanical MAO"


    No installation worries, M4L (Max 'four' Live) is integrated into Ableton Live, a kind of library. Since version 9 Live, M4L is integrated into the suite, the busiest bundle. Max loads in the Live set automatically as needed. No manual to spe…

  • Cycling'74 Pluggo 3.0

    Cycling'74 Pluggo 3.0 - edmond denfer's review


    Everything was perfect except the manual away. SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE Installed on my old G5 Pluggo runs smoothly and is relatively stable. OVERALL OPINION I use it for ten years. It is no longer possible to buy it and I think I'll keep my o…

  • Cycling'74 Max For Live

    Cycling'74 Max For Live - Maxlfo's review


    The instalation is done without problem. We download the update from the ableton site, 249 e if we live 8 79th if you have max msp + Live 8. No inconsistency is an adaptation of Max to work in Ableton Live. The manual is complete in English but unf…

  • Cycling'74 Max/MSP 5

    Cycling'74 Max/MSP 5 - Sal Carlos's review


    - Installation is hassle free. Just follow the instructions. - The manual is clear, but in English. For non-English speakers, it's still bad, but the totality of the documentation is so standard that I doubt the one day in French. My advice when w…

  • Cycling'74 Max/MSP

    Cycling'74 Max/MSP - zenonal's review


    The install of Max / MSP and Jitter (video plugin see below) poses no problem. For toolkits available on the web (and there are a flopped), there is not always install automatically but if you follow the instructions, all goes well. Setup is simple…

  • Cycling'74 Max/MSP

    Cycling'74 Max/MSP - slutaleta's review


    Max / MSP is a programming interface module to create yourself its own treatment system and Midi generations and / or audio (and video with jitter), it allows both to make tt an interactive installation for an exhibition so as to create even the sala…

  • Cycling'74 Hipno

    Cycling'74 Hipno - White O's review


    I use Mac OSX Tiger Hipno no problem with the installation, I go through the protection "challenge", the question is sent by email (linked to the computer) and receive a response within hours (allow the offset to San Francisco ...) One can make two…

  • Cycling'74 Pluggo 3.0

    Cycling'74 Pluggo 3.0 - Gouyousf's review


    Installation without problem .... I use for the authorization iLock anti-piracy ... Everything works fine ... Cliar manual but in English ... But it's not complicated ... trs I have WinXP 3.51 ... ... ... ca rolls SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE 2ord…

  • Cycling'74 Pluggo Jr [Freeware]

    Cycling'74 Pluggo Jr [Freeware] - Anonyme's review


    No installation is not hard trs, Heiniger the interface is also basic, no problem. SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE Stable, low fuel consumption, capacity outrageous (tour the pRSET just to see!) And a trs good quality. OVERALL OPINION In short it i…