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White O 04/12/2006

Cycling'74 Hipno : White O's user review


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I use Mac OSX Tiger Hipno no problem with the installation, I go through the protection "challenge", the question is sent by email (linked to the computer) and receive a response within hours (allow the offset to San Francisco ...)
One can make two applications for use on two ordis therefore more convenient than the method where you have to lug around ilok its key ..

The particularity of this set of plugins like the circles of color that you see on the screenshots, they can interact with the settings for a walk one single point or by selecting different colors on the palette next door.
There are also a series of presets and of course the buttons settings .. The effects are excellent! Really original!


I use a Powerbook G4 1.67 Ghz with 1GB of memory, disk 7200 RPM, RME Multiface sound card.
They function smoothly, they are really leges! I have not set up interactions with a control surface.


I use them for a few months, this series of plugins used primarily to work the sound, they are driven to experiment and build original textures. Very intuitive, it is a pleasure to grind sound when walking the mouse over the color palettes!
For the price these are really great tools! As I said above, I have not tested the interaction through the afternoon, several plugins are developed for it.